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  • Movie Monday: MacArthur

    Amid the great abundance of war movies out there, MacArthur is one which holds a special place in the heart of Cockpit USA HQ. Directed by Joseph Sargent, the 1977 movie tells the biographical tale of the icon that is General Douglas MacArthur. Starring Gregory Peck as the title character, the film portrays a decade in MacArthur's military career from 1942 to 1952, but begins quite artfully at the very end, with his final address before his alma mater of West Point. Composed of flash backs, the movie then recounts episodes in the great American general's life, from his victories in the South Pacific, his endeavours to reestablish respect to postwar Japan and his eventual removal by President Truman for defying orders during the Korean conflict. Remarkable in its execution, the biopic succeeds in the portrayal of General MacArthur as the strategic, intensely patriotic and dignified military man that he was. It is even said that actor Gregory Peck began shooting with disdain for MacArthur but wrapped with a great sense of appreciation for the general.  Not alone in his respect, Cockpit USA also hold General MacArthur in high regards, so much so that we attributed our WWII Government Issue A-2 to the memory of the great man himself as it was his jacket of choice during the war! We'll be wearing ours when we settle down to watch this movie tonight!

  • Movie Monday: In Harm's Way

    Epic in ever sense of the word, In Harm's Way is a 1965 American film directed by Otto Preminger and based on a novel of the same name by James Bassett. The star studded cast includes all the greats from John Wayne to Kirk Douglas, Stanley Holloway, Patricia Neal, Paula Prentiss and Henry Fonda to name just a few. Known as the very last black and white WWII epic, the movie weaves a series of multi-layered tales following collection of US naval officers and their partners while based in Miami at the precipice of the war. Spectacular in its cinematography, the film is not only a visual treat but also imparts great lessons and examples in honor and valor making it a Cockpit USA favorite!



  • Father's Day Gift Guide: Gamesmen D.I. Shirt

    With Father's Day less than a week away, we at Cockpit USA want to lend a helping hand by inspiring a whole host of gift ideas for this Sunday's celebrations. Whether you're looking for contemporary clothing to update his wardrobe or a genuine vintage piece of history, Cockpit USA has something to suit all tastes!


    No matter what kind of style your father leans towards, Cockpit USA's Gamesmen D.I. Shirt covers all bases. Crafted based on D.I. shirts worn by WWII Air Corps, Navy and Marines, this shirt features two chest flap pockets, military specified epaulets and is  made from traditional light cotton poplin making it perfect for the summer months. Similar to the shirts issued to boat squadrons during WWII, as an added touch the inner yoke features a screen printed photograph of John F. Kennedy himself alongside the crew of P.T. 109 Torpedo boat! Available in brown, light blue, navy, white, black, light green and olive, there's a color for every taste and inclination so your father will not be disappointed!



  • This Day in WWII: D-Day

    On this very day in 1944, the Normandy Landings commenced. Known as the beginning of the end of WWII, it was on this momentous day that Britain, Canada and the United States of America joined forces in France to invade and conquer the Germans. Also known as Operation Overlord, the land, air and sea attacks were coordinated by the British Lt. General Frederick Morgan with the American General, Dwight D. Eisenhower chosen as the Supreme Allied Commander to lead the Allied forces into Normandy in an operation that would spread across Europe into Germany. An excess of 2,800,00 Allied soldiers boarded more than 10,000 planes and thousands of vessels, with each group assigned different points of invasion of which U.S. forces were to land and fight on the beaches of Omaha and Utah. Forever remembered as the day which began the end,  June 6 1944 is a date which Cockpit USA will always regard with respect and honor.

  • Movie Monday: The Thin Red Line


    Regarded as one of the greatest contemporary American war films of late, The Thin Red Line is a movie masterpiece directed by Terrence Malick. Shot in 1998 and based on the novel by James Jones with a title inspired by a line of from Rudyard Kipling's poem 'Tommy', the film tells a fictional tale of the Battle of Mount Austen during WWII. The stunning cinematography is matched by the movie's star studded ensemble cast of Hollywood glitterati including Sean Penn, Adrien Brody, George Clooney, John Cusack, Jared Leto, and John Travolta as soldiers of C Company, 2nd Battalion, 27th Infantry Regiment, 25th Infantry Division. A Cockpit USA favorite, The Thin Red Line is not only an exploration of the actions and trials of battle, this film shifts focus onto the nature of man and the material of life giving it greater depth than the average war movie.



  • AAM Archives

    Memorial Day weekend is almost upon us and to get excited, we at Cockpit USA have been rifling through the American Airpower Musuem's archives of cobweb covered footage for your viewing pleasure. Check out this amazing video of the AAM's B-29 Superfortress in action on Memorial Day in 2011. As the only B-29 fully functioning and in operation today after serving in the Pacific during WWII, it's safe to say this is something rather special! Expect more of the same at the American Airpower Museum this year!


  • Movie Monday: Letters from Iwo Jima

    Anything associated with Clint Eastwood, the movie legend and original silver screen tough guy is almost certainly guaranteed to attain the Cockpit favorite status and Letters from Iwo Jima is no exception. Rather than star in front of the camera, Eastwood took the reigns as director and co-producer of this 2006 movie which depicts the Battle of Iwo Jima in 1945 from the Japanese point of view. Gallantly shot, the film presents a uniquely thoughtful and profound portrayal of the human experience of war beyond allegiance and nationality. Serving as an accompanying piece to Flags of our Fathers, which conveys the American angle of the battle, Letters from Iwo Jima is a staggering insight into a lesser told story and an official addition to the Cockpit USA Movie Monday hall of fame.



  • On This Day... Winston Churchill


    On this day in 1940, Winston Churchill became the British Prime Minister. Revered as one of the greatest leaders of Great Britain, Churchill struck inspiration into the hearts of a nation under threat during the toils of WWII. Despite his warnings being overlooked, Churchill was among the first to realise the impending threat of Hitler far in advance of the war and therefore refused to consider an armistice with Hitler's Germany. Along with his role as PM, he created and took up the post as Minister of Defence, remedying public criticism for the lack of an authority in charge of the administration of the war. Renowned for his rhetoric and celebrated for his speeches, Churchill emboldened his nation with lines such as "I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat" and "we shall never surrender". And surrender he did not, seeing Britain through the hilt of the war and to victory, cementing him in history as a champion and hero.



  • History Class: WWII Today

    It is always an adventure of sorts when looking back and recalling events that occurred on the very same day in the past. While many may flick through journals they have kept to seek out where they personally were years ago, the archives of the internet has made it easy to find out what was happening in the world on each day throughout the decades.  As enthusiastic tweeters, here at Cockpit USA we avidly follow @WWIIToday, a twitter feed which continuously and accurately updates exactly what was going on during WWII as it was happening on this day, back then. So far we have discovered the entire NYC waterfront, comprising of Brooklyn, Queens and Richmond were ordered to extinguish all their lights for the ominous "duration". For fellow twitter addicts out there click the 'follow' button for @WWIIToday and of course, for us at @CockpitUSAinc!

  • History Class: Doolittle Raid


    To commemorate the success of the American Airpower Museum's 'Miss Hap' participation in the  Doolittle Raid Reunion event in Ohio last week, as proud sponsors, we at Cockpit USA want to give the history behind the WWII air raid. The historic day commenced on April 18 1942 as sixteen U.S. Army Air Force B-25 bombers took to the skies from the USN's aircraft carrier, USS Hornet in the Western Pacific Ocean on a mission towards Japan. Planned and pioneered by Lieutenant Colonel James 'Jimmy' Doolittle, the raid was the first of its kind by the Americans on Japan during WWII and despite the little material damage it caused, the venture succeeded in raising national morale in the in the wake of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7 1941, proving Japan to be vulnerable counterparts. For your visual pleasure, we rooted through the archives and dug up an iconic image of a B-25 taking flight on that very day 70 years ago along with a photograph of the flight and ground team in front of the AAM's 'Miss Hap' B-25 just days ago.

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