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  • The Motorcycle Jacket


    Cockpit USA Motorcycle Jackets

    The Motorcycle Jacket has reigned the “go-to” uniform for the rugged and the rebel since we can remember. Whether its the effortless style or the durable functionality, the notable look has become a must-have staple for any person who understands fashion, let me tell you why.

    Inspired by the rebels of yesterday, Cockpit USA has introduced a collection of unique and simplistic motocross designs. Most notable is our recent addition, “The Bullet Racer”named after the longest living motorcycle design in history, The Royal Enfield Bullet.

    Our Bullet Racer jacket (shown below), is a perfect complement to jeans and boots or just a white t-shirt and slim fit casuals. At home, on the street, or on the race track this windproof racer look dominated both the fashion runways and motorcycle riders alike for its flexible bi-swing feature and chic embellishments offer a polished yet tough look.

    The Dirt Track Racer, shown below, is patterned after the jackets worn by leather suited dirt bike racers of the 1950s. This racer shows modern features with a nod to a vintage moto racer designed in a contemporary fit.

    Finally, our innovative hybrid of a motorcycle jacket meets bomber flight jacket is aptly named, the “Motobomber”. Made of the softest lambskin leather for comfort and mobility, it is versatile enough to wear on a bike or donned on a night out with friends. Boasting shoulder details inspired by those worn by motorcycle racers; we also added an elastic waistband and cuffs, a typical flight bomber jacket detail that is also functional in keeping wind out.

    US Army Air Force 1944 in front of B-17. Tuskegee Airmen 1943 wearing sheepskin and A-2 Pilot Jackets. US Army Air Force 1944 in front of B-17. Tuskegee Airmen 1943 wearing sheepskin and A-2 Pilot Jackets.

    The motorcycle jacket became one of the items preferred by the rebels in music who became inspired by the iconic character of Johnny Strabler played by Marlon Brando in the film “The Wild One” in 1953. Brando’s ultra-masculine rendition gave bands like “The Beatles”, King of Rock n' Roll “Elvis Presley”, the Sex Pistols, and eventually Brooklyn’s own “The Ramones”, a passion to utilize this fashion trendsetter as a sleek and young statement. The motorcycle look represented the new generation’s desire to stand apart from the norm. The image of rebellion became a focus of people’s at a time when the younger generation fought the conservative upbringing of their parents.

    Marlon Brandon as Johnny Strabler from the film "The Wild One". Second the band "The Ramones" Marlon Brando as Johnny Strabler from the film "The Wild One". Second the band "The Ramones"

    Many other brands have their own take on the motorcycle jacket, from ultra sleek classic styles to ultra trendy interpretations with bright colors and intricate details. Nevertheless, the motorcycle jacket will forever be a contemporary item suited for almost every palate. Cockpit USA proudly adds to the design by using the most durable leather manufactured in the USA. The style will never stop being an iconic landmark of the transitional “item of cool”. No matter the decade, the motorcycle jacket is a must-have item in everyone’s closet.

  • Vintage football for before the 2014 Super Bowl

    Burdick 325, R331.36

    Before heading over to MetLife Stadium for the 2014 Super Bowl, we’re stopping by the Metropolitan Museum of Art for some old school football. In honor first Super Bowl to be held in the New York Area, the Met is displaying a selection from the 303,000 vintage football cards donated by Jefferson R. Burdick in 1947. With cards dating back to 1894, this collection helps express the importance of football in America’s history. Along with the cards, photos dating all the way back to the varsity teams who played before the national league was founded are on display. If you are as obsessed with American history as we are, you will love this exhibit.

    Check out the Gridiron Greats: Vintage Football Cards exhibit at the Met, on display until February 10th.

    Need something to keep you warm for the game? We’ve got you covered.

  • Brooklyn Flea Market

    Last week, we at Cockpit USA let you in on NYC's greatest culinary experience outside of Manhattan - the Smorgasburg food bonanza every Saturday at the Williamsburg waterfront. Now we want to tell you all about the Brooklyn Flea Market. Located in the same place, but every Sunday, the sprawling bazaar combines a select few of the food vendors of Smorgasburg (so worry not if you require refuelling!) but also offers up endless amazing vintage finds and antiques. As collector's of pieces of history ourselves, we love this treasure trove of pieces of yesteryear and suggest you get down there for a piece of the action yourselves!


  • Cockpit does California

    The store professes to being an ‘agent for quality’, and with Cockpit USA on the bill we must agree! Located on La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles, General Quarters is a men’s clothing and lifestyle store boasting an abundance of goods loaded with authentic American influence, design and hardwearing workmanship. Frequented by celebrities, stylists and the average Joe alike, General Quarters is heralded as one of the best menswear stores in all of LA. Owned by Blair Lucio, an eager enthusiast of all things aviation, automotive and heritage inspired, the store stocks a constantly changing collection of unique vintage finds along with high calibre labels. With brands like Cockpit USA, Topo Designs, GANT Rugger, Life After Denim and Bridge and Burn on the racks, Lucio proudly displays his appreciation and commitment to American-made apparel in his Californian oasis of home turf manufactured merchandise.

    153 S La Brea Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90036

  • FADER TV : Shop talk at Cockpit USA

    Formerly known as Avirex, Cockpit USA is an establishment in downtown NYC that we have passed probably about a hundred times. At first glance, it might look like any other megastore on Broadway, but as our own Mobolaji Dawodu discovered last week, a closer look reveals much more than that. Cockpit has a long history with the US military Continue reading

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