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Vintage G-1

  • Another Satisfied Customer: Vintage G-1 Jacket


    “The Vintage G-1 jacket is a tough heavyweight goatskin leather that's already broken in, making it feel the same after four years of normal wear. It’s easy to move in and feels authentic - not a cheap replica. This one looks very close to the Vietnam era true vintage. Being a slim fitting garment, this jacket looks great on slender guys without giving that unwanted bulky waist line.”

    - Jimmy


  • Cockpit USA Construction: Vintage G-1 Jacket

    Earlier this week, we at Cockpit USA featured the Navy G1 in the ‘Story of the Jacket’ post. Now, we bring you an exclusive sneak look into how the legendary Vintage G-1 jacket is created. You would be forgiven for thinking that this vintage G-1 is a preserved gem from the 1940's. Initially hand treated to create the illusion of years of wear; this G-1 jacket also features a purposely-aged mouton shearling collar and is manufactured from specially made goatskin for its unique antique look. From the pattern cutting and meticulous sewing techniques of the high quality leather components to the final touches of construction, this video gives a never before seen insight into Cockpit USA factory and the unmatched quality of craftsmanship put into this jacket. Boasting the same type of main garment label on the interior as the pre-WWII original and the application of vintage embroidered squadron patches from the 40's, 50's and 60's for a father to son hand-me-down effect, this jacket is as authentic as it gets! Proudly made in the USA this jacket is currently available at!


  • Another Satisfied Customer: Vintage G-1

    "This jacket delivers the goods. I've wanted it for a while and finally took the plunge...! Awesome quality leather and really authentic details. Quality workmanship through and through. This is a Cockpit USA modern collector's edition of an era gone by and a vintage classic. I'm the only one on my block with this beauty!"

    - Tom

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