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  • #CockpitGlobeTrotters: A Force of Nature

    Don Young, CEO of Newland, Tarlton & Co., wearing our Type 440 USN Carrier Jacket Don Young, CEO of Newland, Tarlton & Co., wearing our Type 440 USN Carrier Jacket

    Several months ago, at the famed Explorers club in NYC, a 30-year veteran safari guide and naturalist approached Cockpit USA founders Jeff and Jacky Clyman with a challenge. He asked us to put our product into the field to be tested, beaten, battered, and worn, and in return, he would provide the list of people to do the testing. The goal was to use a product field-testing initiative to not only show how our product could handle the real-life rigors of his world, but to use this test to introduce and spotlight the amazing personalities, places, and projects these incredible people of interest would bring. We accepted his challenge, and are happy to launch this campaign along with the true force of nature behind this concept Mr. Don Young. 

    Meet Don Young: A unique combination of outdoorsman, scholar, artist, designer, and adventurer. As CEO of the Newland, Tarlton & Co. luxury brands, Don has used his lifetime of safari experience to create an array of safari experiences from tented camps to lodges, from Africa to Indonesia. Having spent most of his career on tented safaris, Don took that experience to the design table. Don designed the tents and furnishings for his own safari camps, and has also created furniture collections for Ol Donyo Lodge, Kenya, Zarafa Camp, Botswana and Lukula Selous Camp, Tanzania. Eventually he launched his own line of safari furniture that is as focused on the ruggedness and functionality needed to be in the bush, as the style and romance needed to be present in quality luxury safari furniture. 

    Newland, Tarlton & Co.'s private campsite in the Masai Mara was presented to Don Young for his personal use by the Maasai more than 25 years ago. Newland, Tarlton & Co.'s private campsite in the Masai Mara was presented to Don Young for his personal use by the Maasai more than 25 years ago.

    As a naturalist and conservationist, Don has traveled widely in Africa and Asia, promoting education and conservation for endangered species. As a scholar, Don is regarded as one of the world’s authorities on African explorers and has published several academic works including “The Search for the Source of the Nile” published by the Roxburghe Club. Don is a trained forensic osteologist in the field of paleo-anthropology and is the discoverer of an important human pre-historic site in northern Kenya.

    As an author, Don is represented by the prestigious Inkwell Literary Agency and is currently writing his first novel: “The Spy, the Lover & the Devil’s Brother,” based on the story of Capt. Sir Richard Burton and his life in India at the time he ‘discovered’ the “Kama Sutra.”

    Don Young field testing our Weather Field Jacket in a downpour. Don Young field testing our Weather Field Jacket in a downpour.

    Don serves on the Board of Directors of Lion Guardians / Wildlife Guardians, and the Elephant Trust / Amboseli Trust for Elephants. Don is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, and a Member of the Explorer’s Club of New York.

    Don’s safaris, public lectures, and his famous fireside stories, have touched the lives of thousands of people. He has devoted his life to teaching about the natural world, and hopes that by sharing his knowledge and passion, he can help save wildlife and wilderness for the next generation.

    Newland, Tarlton & Co. safari experience. Newland, Tarlton & Co. safari experience.

    Stay tuned for more shots and adventurers to come!

  • 23rd Fighter Group Patch by Cockpit USA

    Cockpit USA's handmade Flying Tiger Patches

    Cockpit USA's handmade Flying Tiger Patches

    The U.S. Army Air Force 23rd Fighter Group, the successor unit to the 1st American Volunteer Group – otherwise known as “The Flying Tigers”, was activated on July 4, 1942, when the AVG group was absorbed by the U.S. Army. Known for defending China against the Japanese during WWII in their P-40 fighter planes, these brave pilots gave hope to the American people in defeating the Japanese during these campaigns overseas. The insignia of the 23rd Fighter Group features a tiger with wings and a lightning bolt going down the center of a shield. These patches were worn proudly by pilots and aircrew alike, indicating their corresponding groups or squadrons.

    Cockpit USA’s dedication to making authentic items spares no expense in making sure every detail is correct. Our “23rd Fighter Group” Patch, as seen on our Flying Tigers 23rd Fighter Group Jacket, is handmade according to the traditional way it was crafted during the 1940s. The leather is hand-printed and die cut. Each patch is then inspected and finalized by an artist who hand paints any remaining details. Every detail is important in ensuring each jacket we design and produce, is authentic and as handsome as the original.

    Members of the Flying Tigers standing around one of their P-40 shark-faced fighter planes. Members of the Flying Tigers standing around one of their P-40 shark-faced fighter planes.
  • TBT: Mickey Rooney Entertaining Troops WWII

    Mickey Rooney entertains US troops in Germany during WWII. He was later awarded a Bronze Star for his effort in keep up troop spirits.

    Photograph from the US National Archives

    1945 April 13, Mickey Rooney Entertaining US Troops 1945 April 13, Mickey Rooney Entertaining US Troops
  • Friday Feast: The Barbeue America Cookbook

    Cockpit USA have officially sniffed out and showed you all the aviation themed restaurants in the vicinity. Instead of bringing you another eaterie, this week we've decided to celebrate the advent of summer and the sun's welcome return, we encourage you to rustle up your very own feast! What better way to cook up a mean meal than with a cook book?! Written by Rich Browne and Jack Bettridge, The Barbecue America Cookbook: America's Best Recipes from Coast to Coast is the only guide on grilling you'll need this year. Boasting recipes from all over the land, this is an endless source of the best barbeque styles and dishes America has to offer, complete with mouth watering photos! Now there's no excuse standing between you, a hunk of meat, marinade and a very satisfied stomach!

  • Boeing Plant 2 - Salvaged Wood Project

    Duluth Timber Company is pleased to again be involved in reclaiming timbers from an historic piece of American industrial infrastructure, this time Boeing Plant 2 in Seattle. Playing a crucial role in World War II, Boeing Plant 2 produced and let fly nearly 7,000 B-17 Flying Fortresses.  It built-out at 1.7 million square feet. It was one of the first modern assembly lines. “The plant employed as many as 30,000 people working three shifts to churn out bombers in staggering numbers — up to 362 a month.”  (“Wrecking Ball Looms...” Seattle Times 1/13/10) War SecretsSecrecy of the plant was so crucial during the war that Boeing built houses of plywood and fabric and installed fake streets to camouflage the roof. John Detlie, a Hollywood art director and first husband of actress Veronica Lake, helped blend the facility into the surrounding neighborhood. The fake housing development covered nearly 26 acres with netting, plywood and other material.

  • Freaky Friday

    Being that Cockpit USA is an authentic heritage brand and official supplier to the U.S. Air Force we have quite the customer range. On a recent trip to the American Airpower Museum, I sat down with the son of founder Jeff Clyman who we will refer to as "Goose" (for privacy matters, Top Gun movie reference and well... my own personal humor) to discuss the difference between men's fashion and military out-fitting.
    Goose is currently serving our country as an F-16 fighter pilot, and is also a New York based bachelor. Dressed to impress as always we begin to talk "photo shoots" and "brand direction", and just as Goose begins to inform me that my models are "too pretty" and was looking at a pair of skinny jeans like I was asking him to put on with a doubtful look- we realized there was some work to be done… I had the best project in mind :)
    The goal at Cockpit is to capture the fashionable and the "Guy's-guy" men of the world and I apparently missed a swag in my skip. So for fun we switched it up, each of us styled and posed the other. Without further a do...
    I present:
    Rudy Gonzales- Fighter Pilot a.k.a Fashion Buyer & Publicist
    Goose- Stylish New Yorker  a.k.a F-16 Fighter Pilot & Stud
    Please visit
  • Z2129A : The Classic "Raider" Jacket

    Z2129A : The Classic "Raider" Jacket

    When The Cockpit catalog first introduced this jacket in 1982, it immediately became a best seller because of the superb components and leathers used. Made with 100% vintage lambskin and created with military styling. This jacket includes details such as zip top and side entry two way corded pockets, inside chest pocket, biswing back for ease of movement, knit cuffs and waist band and a luxurious WWII pilot'saviation map lining. Available in regular and long sizes. Proudly made in the U.S.A. and imported.

    Currently Starting at $425 - BUY NOW! Prices go up starting 4/15/2011


  • Cockpit USA featured in Kenton Magazine

    Style # z2102

    KENTON magazine is an online publication for stylish, young, professional men and women. Bringing readers to the forefront of fashion, culture and society, KENTON magazine delivers original content from an industry insider’s perspective.

    Featuring high-end and emerging talent, we strive to showcase the most innovative creations produced in the world of design. Curators of style, we show you the chicest travel destinations and satisfy your lifestyle cravings.

    via(KENTON magazineIt’s more than fashion.

  • Lawrence Trailer Band

    A local NY, Brooklyn band "Lawerence Trailer Band" rocks the Cockpit & CPT

    Formed in the winter of 2010, Lawrence Trailer Band is steadily paving their own musical path. A blend of dynamic song writing and powerful acoustic rhythms. Lawrence Trailer is accompanied by the musical genius of both Ricky Flynn on bass and Harry Keithline on drums. The sound created fits every mood, and the memories induced are undeniable. That is why all music is ALWAYS free, and you can download it at If you enjoy what they do contribute by coming to a show or donate to their cause.

  • Cockpit in Complex

    suppliers to the U.S. Government

    Favored by bomber crews during WWll, the B-3 was brought into service around 1934. Made specifically for open cockpit and high altitude flying, the B-3 did its job admirably.  Using American Shearling, our B-3 jacket has leather welted seams, a heavy duty front zipper over a wind flap, custom authentic metal buckles and hard wear, and side entry hand warmer pockets first added by our company in 1978.  Proudly made in the U.S.A.  Available in regular and long sizes.

    via(Complex Magazine)

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