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Normandy Landings

  • 70th Anniversary of D-Day

    Today marks the 70th anniversary of the Allied soldiers landing on the beaches of Normandy. Without the sacrifice these brave men made, the world would not be where it is today.  Cockpit USA takes a moment of silence to remember the courage and sacrifice these incredible men made for their country and for the world.

    Into the Jaws of Death, Photo by Robert F. Sargent Into the Jaws of Death, Photo by Robert F. Sargent
  • D-Day Deception

    This short documentary courtesy of looks in greater depths at the trickery the Allied forces undertook in order to confuse the German military during D-Day. With commentary from experts including Bevin Alexander, the author of How Wars Are Won and Richard A. Gabriel of the Department of War Studies and footage of the fake army paraphernalia used to deceive the Nazi's, this video analysing "Operation Fortitude" is sure to make your jaw drop! It certainly made ours hit the ground!


  • This Day in WWII: D-Day

    On this very day in 1944, the Normandy Landings commenced. Known as the beginning of the end of WWII, it was on this momentous day that Britain, Canada and the United States of America joined forces in France to invade and conquer the Germans. Also known as Operation Overlord, the land, air and sea attacks were coordinated by the British Lt. General Frederick Morgan with the American General, Dwight D. Eisenhower chosen as the Supreme Allied Commander to lead the Allied forces into Normandy in an operation that would spread across Europe into Germany. An excess of 2,800,00 Allied soldiers boarded more than 10,000 planes and thousands of vessels, with each group assigned different points of invasion of which U.S. forces were to land and fight on the beaches of Omaha and Utah. Forever remembered as the day which began the end,  June 6 1944 is a date which Cockpit USA will always regard with respect and honor.

  • Movie Monday: The Longest Day

    A movie of epic proportions, The Longest Day recounts the WWII D-Day invasion of Normandy in June 1944 from all five invasion invasion sectors which constructed the gargantuan operation. Based on Cornelius Ryan's history book of the same moniker, it is the uncompromising authenticity of this star studded film that sets it apart from its counterparts. In place of modern day movie sentimentality and dramatic embellishment is a careful moment by moment build up to and execution of the day's momentous events from the interwoven viewpoints of Allied and Axis forces and the Free French Resistance. Alongside the big Hollywood names which appeared on screen, including Richard Burton, Sean Connery, John Wayne and Henry Fonda, were the behind the scenes military advisors who assisted in the production of the film and were actual participants in the Normandy Landings giving The Longest Day its much revered credibility. As devotees to maintaining the real McCoy in the production of our flight jackets, Cockpit USA are fans of the historical genuineness of this legendary movie making it a Movie Monday favorite!

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