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  • Glenn Miller and America's Big Band

    Glenn Miller Lining Apliqué Glenn Miller Lining Appliqué

    Glenn Miller, band leader, musician, arranger, and composer during the swing era of the 1940's became one of the most iconic names in music. In 1942 with patriotic intention of entertaining the Allied Forces to boost morale overseas, Glenn Miller joined the war effort and was given rank as Army Captain and leader of the Army Band. He would soon transfer to the U.S Army Air Force, playing at air fields and bases across the nation and finally shipping out to England during the Summer of 1944.


    Miller's most famous recordings include "In The Mood", and "Moonlight Serenade".

    Miller was missing in action in 1944 on a flight from England to France over the English channel, but will forever be remembered as a hero and music star of the era.


    Before Miller's disappearance, his music was used by World War II AFN radio broadcasting for entertainment and morale as well as counter-propaganda to denounce fascist oppression in Europe with even Miller once stating on radio "America means freedom and there's no expression of freedom quite so sincere as music."


    Today Cockpit USA immortalizes Glenn Miller on our new lambskin A2 jacket reminiscent of the World War II years and swing music. Lined with a beautiful silk screened Glenn Miller Appliqué and a hand printed image of Glenn Miller playing his trombone on the back of the jacket; Cockpit USA’s Glenn Miller lambskin A-2 is designed for those who appreciate the great musicians who defined a whole era of popular culture.

  • LTB Album Funding Campaign!

    LTB Album Funding Campaign!

    Hey Kickstarters!! We're Lawrence Trailer Band and we need your support to help record our debut album "The Declaration"! We're a trio based out of NYC and have been on the musical grind since the end of 2010.

    It's never an easy task for an up and coming band to record their first album. Nonetheless, we are motivated to bring our fresh new sound to your ears. Like any new band, we're broke! But with it being the 21st century and all, being broke doesn't mean all is lost. Kickstarter is making it possible for bands like us to reach our goals by offering you, the family, friends, fans, and listeners, a chance to be apart of our music.

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  • Lawrence Trailer Band

    A local NY, Brooklyn band "Lawerence Trailer Band" rocks the Cockpit & CPT

    Formed in the winter of 2010, Lawrence Trailer Band is steadily paving their own musical path. A blend of dynamic song writing and powerful acoustic rhythms. Lawrence Trailer is accompanied by the musical genius of both Ricky Flynn on bass and Harry Keithline on drums. The sound created fits every mood, and the memories induced are undeniable. That is why all music is ALWAYS free, and you can download it at If you enjoy what they do contribute by coming to a show or donate to their cause.

  • Nick Jonas Shops Cockpit USA in NYC!

    Nick Jonas Wearing Cockpit Cardigan #z66g011

    Nick Jonas Wearing Cockpit USA Cardigan with hidden hood. Style # z66goo1

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