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military inspired

  • Proudly Featured in M/LES

    Military style has been around for centuries, a look that is inspired by ones nationality and military pride. Hannah Miles from the blog, M/LES, wore our mens “Vintage Vietnam war era USMC” Embroidered Canvas Field Jacket and mens “Las Vegas lady” Pinup T-Shirt for her story on the military style trend. We like the way she styled everything and made the look her own.

    Check out the whole story on her site here.

    Hannah Miles wore our Vintage Vietnam Embroidered Canvas Field Jacket & Las Vegas Lady Pinup Tee for her latest blog post. Hannah Miles wore our Vintage Vietnam Embroidered Canvas Field Jacket & Las Vegas Lady Pinup Tee for her latest blog post.


  • Chaplain G.I.

    In the same way that we at Cockpit USA preserve history through the creation of WWII leather aviation jackets, Film Corps is an outreach program that collects, maintains and presents pieces of aged film which captures unseen moments of the war. From his beginnings as a minister in Iowa, Bob Marken's father went on to become a chaplain in the National Guard. His interest in photography and relentless bravery on the front line, which awarded him a deserved record, with time resulted in reels of film capturing his time in service in Europe. While maintaining spiritual morale among the troops, conducting church services and providing prayer for the wounded and dying G.I.'s, Marken's father managed to film Eisenhower, Winston Churchill and even a young Queen Elizabeth. Discovered by his son many years later, these many hours of moving image have been transferred from their disintegrating reels onto video, where they have been edited and narrated, creating unique pieces of film specifically preserved in his memory. Take a look at this interesting video taken by

  • Cowboys of the Sky

    Written by Jeff Clyman, the founder and President of Cockpit USA, Cowboys of the Sky is an awe inspiring chronicle of different eras of aviation past along with iconic military jackets and those who wore them, woven within a historical context and presented in this legendary hardback book. From Charles Lindbergh to Jimmy Doolittle, Herbert Fisher, Charles "Chuck" Yaeger, General Patton, Claire Chennault and his Flying Tigers, these colorfully illustrated pages leave no remarkable airman or his leather bomber jacket unturned. Studded with 800 color and black and white photographs,  along with a combination of original, historical and modern documents, backed up by the first hand knowledge of Jeff Clyman, a leading authority on leather, technical advisor and a highly regarded specialist on U.S. flight jackets, this book is the only worthy source of information on the market for anyone interested in flight jackets and 20th century aviation history. Grab your copy of Cowboys of the Sky today!

  • Summer Sale: Air OPs Shirt

    With only a few weeks of the Cockpit USA Summer Sale left, now is the time to grab yourself a bargain! Among the well cut button downs in the offer is this eye catching, red, pin striped Air OPs shirt. Loosely tailored with two front chest pockets, this shirt looks perfectly casual when teamed with a pair of jeans or equally smart when worn with dress trousers. At 50% off the original price, adding this piece to your wardrobe can only be a good thing!

  • Summer Sale: Olive Air to Ground Jacket

    The Cockpit USA summer sale is officially in full swing! With offerings of smart and casual shirts, plaid button downs and easy breezy jackets, now is the time to bag yourself a bargain! Last week we featured the wardrobe must have Air to Ground jacket in black. However, while noir may be suitable for all and every occasion, sometimes it's fun to mix it up a bit with an injection of color! Fear not, we're not advising you to start wearing yellows or purples! We mean color, Cockpit USA style. Staying true to the military inspired palette we are known for, the light weight Air to Ground jacket is also available in olive! Put some green into your closet scene, and at 50% off the regular price? It would be silly not to!

  • Summer Sale: Throttle Shirt

    As summer tumbles on, so does the Cockpit USA sale! With at least two months of sun left, there's plenty of time to wear your tees, shorts and lightweight jackets, so be sure to take advantage of the amazing 50% off discounts on our wide range of garments. The Throttle shirt is a fresh take on the classic henley. Available in earthy tones of black, dark gray and olive, the shirt boasts brass buttons with two front chest pockets. Great for every day wear but with just the right amount of extra detailing to make for a casual evening shirt too! Grab yours today!

  • Cockpit USA at PROJECT

    Last month Cockpit USA set up temporary home in the City of Lights for the bi-annual Las Vegas PROJECT trade show. With the merchandising expertise of Rudy G and the VP of Sales Jeff Block, our military inspired booth stood handsomely primed and to attention amongst the many other brands in attendance. Have a look at some photos we took for your viewing pleasure...!

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