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Leather aviation jacket

  • A Brief History of The Black Cats

    PBY 5As Aircraft, part of The Black Cats Missions PBY 5As Aircraft, part of The Black Cats Missions

    Imagine flying closely over the dangerous waters of the South Pacific during WWII, hiding in the darkness of the night from enemy ships. These nighttime operations referred to as “Black Cat” or “Nightmare” missions will soon become your specialty, earning you the nickname “Black Cat”. These nocturnal missions gave the PBY airmen their fame in the early years of the 1940’s. Painted matte black, effective and creative in its late night stealth missions, the PBY aircraft became the first of its kind.

    The name “Black Cats”, adopted on October 30TH 1942, by the PBY aircraft stealth missions over the waters of the South Pacific, became one of the most important squadron names in U.S history. The PBY is considered to be the savior, hunter, aggressor, and supplier of the Pacific theatre during World War II. Though this heavy and slow flying aircraft was considered to be an easy target, the black matte paint turned this giant into an invisible nighttime predator. Equipped with torpedoes weighing more than two thousand pounds each, the PBY had to be precise to hit their targets during the dead of night. Extremely dangerous, but highly effective, these missions lead to shipboard Catalina crews receiving scores of commendations.

    PBY Aircraft PBY Aircraft

    The first official Black Cat squadron was VP-12, which operated PBY-5As, an amphibious version of the PBY that could land on water or on a runway with conventional landing gear. Formerly VP-24, VP-12 was re-designated on August 1st 1941 and stationed at NAS Ford Island, Pearl Harbor. On December 7, 1941 most of the fleet were on a training exercise when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. A majority of their fleet managed to escape undamaged, but the hangars of VP-21 and VP-22 were ruined. Fueled by patriotism to defend their country, VP-12 was transferred to NAS Kaneohe and patrolled the waters around Hawaii as well as sending detachments to Midway Island. Their attacks and rescue missions patrolling the South Pacific waters around Guadalcanal would lead to their legacy.

    Cockpit USA's New Black Eagle G-1 Bomber Jacket Cockpit USA's New Black Eagle G-1 Bomber Jacket

    Cockpit USA is proud to commemorate the history of the Black Cat squadron by introducing six iconic items that pay homage to the bravery of the aircrew men that served during WWII. We are offering three Black Cats t-shirts that shine light on the incredible aircrew of the VPB-24, VPB-71, and the VP-44 using the squadron logos, as well as our VP-44 baseball cap. Our VP12 Black Cats N4 Aircrew Deck Jacket commemorates the VP12 squadron, the first squadron that ventured into New Guinea and the Solomon Island airspace. Lastly, our hand treated goatskin Black Eagle leather G-1 bomber jacket honoring the missions of the VPB-71. Legendary, powerful, and one of a kind; the Black Cats were at the forefront of ingenuity and precision.

  • 12 Days of Deals! Day Four

    Get geared up for the holidays with the Cockpit USA 12 days of Christmas event. 12 Days, 12 deals, each day offering 20% OFF that days look. Beginning December 10th, and running through December 21st, have everything you need for your holiday shopping.

    Day 4, December 13th: Use code DAYFOUR

    Take 20% off our R.A.F Fighter Weight Sheepskin Bomber, R.A.F. Leather Belt, and Mini Nylon Aviator's Kit Bag.

    Take 20% off our R.A.F. Fighter Weight Sheepskin, R.A.F. Leather Belt, & Mini Nylon Aviator's Kit Bag on Dec. 13 with code: DAYFOUR Take 20% off our R.A.F. Fighter Weight Sheepskin, R.A.F. Leather Belt, & Mini Nylon Aviator's Kit Bag on Dec. 13 with code: DAYFOUR

    R.A.F. Fighter Weight Sheepskin Bomber Jacket

    While the original R.A.F. Jacket was created with open cockpit trainers in mind, the jacket proved too cumbersome for the tight enclosed cockpit of the Spitfire. R.A.F. Pilots had tailors short shear their jackets to allow for more freedom of movement.

    R.A.F. Leather Belt

    Crafted from full grain cowhide featuring a carved silver-tone metal belt buckle of the Royal Air Force Queen's Crown. A great gift for the aviation enthusiast in your life.

    Mini Nylon Aviator's Kit Bag

    A current issue carry all to the U.S. military, this bag is made to go anywhere.

    Use code: DAYFOUR for 20% off these styles on December 13th only. Don't miss out!

    Cockpit USA's R.A.F. Fighter Weight Sheepskin Bomber Jacket Cockpit USA's R.A.F. Fighter Weight Sheepskin Bomber Jacket
  • TBT: 1979/1980 Catalog

    Check out our very first "Cockpit Catalog" from our initial mail order days circa 1979/80. The first to bring then long dormant aviation fashion back into the world and been keeping up this tradition for 40 years now!

    Check out our very first "Cockpit Catalog" from our initial mail order days circa 1979/80. The first to bring then long dormant aviation fashion back into the world and been keeping up this tradition for 40 years now! The first Cockpit Catalog cover from 1979/1980
  • Cockpit USA Promotion!

    With the new year well and truly here, Cockpit USA would like to take the opportunity to gift all our customers a 100% cotton sweater with every purchase of a regular priced jacket! Valid until January 7th with the input of the code: Newyear13

    Grab your jacket and sweater at our online store here!

  • Stories of the Jacket: AN-J-4 Cold Weather Shearling

    If a jacket was ever to be known to epitomize wartime trials and adventure, the AN-J-4 Cold Weather Shearling is certainly a contender! Employed by USN crews piloting patrol bombers in the hunt for U-boats in the Atlantic and worn by Army Air Force crews too, the AN-J-4 is a jacket that has seen its fair share of action! Effectively the Navy’s version the Army’s B-3 Bomber, this grand piece of Cockpit USA outerwear features all the same design aspects as the original, including knit cuffs within the sleeve openings, a button close throat latch and button close front pockets along with the modern incorporation of side entry pockets added for contemporary wear. Proudly made in the USA and guaranteed to do exactly what it does on the label, this jacket is sure to make a statement and keep the chills at bay!

  • Another Satisfied Customer: B-15 Jacket

    "Just received the B-15 jacket yesterday - it is excellent throughout! Very quick shipping as well." 

    - K. Leman

    Modeled after the leather 1944 flight jackets worn by WWII Army Air Force Pilots, this B-15 jacket is an impressive recreation of a timeless classic. Crafted from 100% oiled deer tanned cowhide, the leather is magnificently supple and hard wearing. This jacket boasts a range of luxurious details including a real mouton shearling collar which can be removed, an authentic oxygen mask tab and a zip-out quilted vest lining insulated with polyester fiberfill for added warmth. The jacket also features two snap close side entry front pockets, interior pocket, a full zipper over a front wind flap, a pen pocket in the sleeve along with knit cuffs and waistband. Available in black and brown. Proudly made in the USA.

  • Cockpit USA hearts Japan!

    We may be an all American, heritage entrenched company with roots firmly in New York, however, as an internationally celebrated company the Cockpit USA flag just so happens to fly with pride in Japan too! Whether or not you understand the language or lingo, we think it’s really cool to have Japanese representation – check out the shop here and be sure to take a look at the newly translated blog!


  • Stories of the Jacket: ‘Movie Heroes’ Top Gun Navy G-1 Jacket

    This jacket is a Hollywood legend. Originally made in 1985, this unique vintage bomber has starred in the iconic Top Gun movie alongside Tom Cruise and is rightly called the 'Movie Heroes' G-1. Crafted from specially prepared veg tanned goatskin, the jacket is hand cut, sewn and aged to perfection. Based on early 60s specifications, the jacket features a light russet colored antiquated mouton collar, knitted waistband and cuffs, one interior snap close pocket, two outside button patch pockets and a stationary pocket. For added authenticity, the leather has been treated with a special vintage treatment, giving it a worn in, patina effect. Proudly made in the U.S.A. Decorated with all 17 patches and the USN Anchor pin, the G-1 Jacket is an unsurpassed piece of naval, movie and Cockpit USA history.


  • Made In USA: General Knot & Co.

    Born in New York City, the General Knot & Co. is the brainchild of a design director and a technology engineer who happened to cross paths, fall into conversation and discover a shared a love of colors, patterns and dapper adornments. Handmade in the U.S.A. by the best craftsmen in the U.S.A. (much like Cockpit U.S.A!) the General Knot & Co. range of neck and bow ties and pocket squares utilize found vintage fabrics and breathe new life into them. Dandy in style and dressy in design, these pieces provide the perfect finishing touch to outfits this festive season!

  • Another Satisfied Customer: Official USAF 21st Century A-2

    "I recently took delivery of one of your Official USAF 21st Century A-2 Jackets. All I can say is AWESOME! Your jacket is solid in just about every way.  I love this jacket. I looked at every major brand out there - not only is this Cockpit USA jacket of the best quality but your website and customer service representatives are truthful, and very helpful. Keep up the good work and great products!"

    - Mitch

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