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Jeff Clyman

  • Artisans Of Freedom Films

    "Born in America, raised in the skies" Fall 2018 saw the launch of Cockpit USA's collaboration with Allen Edmonds and the "Artisans of Freedom" project. Shot at the American Airpower Museum, watch The Cockpit USA story.

  • Jacky Clyman on International Women's Day

    This month we observe International Women's Day on March 8th and we would like to spotlight someone near and dear to us, our Vice President Jacky Clyman. Jacky is an inspiration to many that work at Cockpit USA and a role model to women who are veterans in the workforce as well as those starting their journey. We recently asked Jacky a couple of questions during her never ending day, and found her story to be one of passion, focus, and defiance.

    Photo Taken by Jürgen Frank Image of Jacky Clyman Photographed by Jürgen Frank while wearing the Vintage Walking Out Coat


    Jacky Clyman is known to her family and colleagues not only as a devoted mother and EVP of Cockpit USA but most importantly a strong businesswoman who is a true force to be reckoned with. Prior to joining her husband’s vision of launching a brand that would replicate historical flight and military styles, Jacky worked as an Executive Director of Pro Musicis, a not-for profit foundation sponsoring outstanding classical soloists and bringing their talents to those who would have very little chance to hear them. “While I was working as the Executive Director of Pro Musicis, my husband Jeff decided to launch a brand that would recreate all of the iconic flight and military styles that were only available at that time in surplus stores. Remember that the A-2 jacket, for example, had not been issued since 1943. It was also during the turmoil of the Vietnam War, when Americans were feeling that the whole world thought poorly of them, that Jeff wanted to create “real American icons” and remember those who fought and wore these pieces. Thus was born the first mail order catalog for the brand”. Jacky decided to leave the non for profit world, joining forces with Jeff Clyman to fulfill their vision of what is now Cockpit USA, quoting that she would be the “administrative” arm of the business.



    Jacky Clyman’s venture into the apparel business began out of passion for aviation. Being an “Air Force brat”, Jacky understood the pilot and military lifestyle that ultimately became the business module that is Cockpit USA. Throughout the years Jacky confronted challenges of being an entrepreneur, especially as a woman. “Learning how to work with foreign customers whose language I did not master was one of my fondest memories” said the multi-lingual woman who’s first job was as an interpreter for the U.S. State Department. “While in negotiations with a Japanese company for a whole day thinking we were on the verge of signing an agreement, only to realize that what I had been interpreting as acceptance of “terms” was just an acknowledgement that they had understood what I had been saying, not formally agreeing to it”. These are just some of experiences that shaped Jacky’s career.


    For Jacky, the apparel business is no different than any other sector as it always involves politics and egos. “Telling men what to do especially when I was in my 30’s, realizing that a woman in a position of power was considered a ‘bitch on wheels’ while a man would simply be considered assertive” became one of the obstacles Jacky had to face in 42 years in the industry. According to Jacky through many changes have advanced women in the work place, the one thing that has not changed has been the perception of others while entering the room with Cockpit USA’s president Jeff Clyman; and still being considered the designer and not the administrative arm. Today Jacky remains a strong figure in the business aspects of Cockpit USA, providing her employees with support and feedback in design, sales, and marketing, as well as superb customer service. When asking Jacky what she would say to young women joining the workforce today she simply said “I wouldn’t just give advise to young women but to all women joining the business: it’s a tough business and a real roller coaster, so be prepared for it”.



  • Cockpit USA celebrates our 40th Anniversary in 2015

    Cockpit USA is celebrating it’s 40th Anniversary of made in the USA fashion, replicated or inspired from the military & aviation. A brand synonymous with authenticity & timeless American tradition, we celebrate our expert craftsmanship and extraordinary attention to detail.

    Cockpit USA 40th Anniversary Cockpit USA 40th Anniversary

    To celebrate our 40th Anniversary, we bring you a Limited Edition collection that pays tribute to some of the iconic jackets of the past 40 years, hand selected by founders Jeff & Jacky Clyman. Some of our favorite jackets from this limited edition collection include replica hand-painted horsehide A2 flight jackets, which will be available in the beginning of February. Stay tuned for more updates and limited edition styles!

  • Introducing the NEW Cockpit USA Catalog!

    After months of dedication and hard work, it is with pride that we at Cockpit USA introduce the 4th edition of our acclaimed army, air force, and fashion catalog. Designed to embody Cockpit's signature heritage influences and reflect our title as the official suppliers to the U.S. Air Force, the new catalog presents our iconic A-2 and G-1 bombers along with the sleek motocross, textile M-43 and luxury shearling and sheepskin styles in a fresh and easy to access way. Be sure to have a peek and look out for the ‘USS Forrestal Carrier’ which pays homage to the Vietnam war and the capsule of women’s jackets inspired by the famous ‘First Lady of Aviation’ Amelia Earhart!

    Photographed by the talented Theodore Samuels
    Styled and directed by Rudy Gonzales alongside Jeff and Jacky Clyman
  • Cowboys of the Sky

    Written by Jeff Clyman, the founder and President of Cockpit USA, Cowboys of the Sky is an awe inspiring chronicle of different eras of aviation past along with iconic military jackets and those who wore them, woven within a historical context and presented in this legendary hardback book. From Charles Lindbergh to Jimmy Doolittle, Herbert Fisher, Charles "Chuck" Yaeger, General Patton, Claire Chennault and his Flying Tigers, these colorfully illustrated pages leave no remarkable airman or his leather bomber jacket unturned. Studded with 800 color and black and white photographs,  along with a combination of original, historical and modern documents, backed up by the first hand knowledge of Jeff Clyman, a leading authority on leather, technical advisor and a highly regarded specialist on U.S. flight jackets, this book is the only worthy source of information on the market for anyone interested in flight jackets and 20th century aviation history. Grab your copy of Cowboys of the Sky today!

  • Father's Day Gift Guide: Day Out at the AAM

    While material gifts are all good, well and greatly appreciated, there's nothing quite like a shared experience. If your father is a fan of aviation, history or is the adrenalin and adventure seeking sort, then a day spent at the American Airpower Museum would be one never to be forgotten. Established by Jeff Clyman and proudly sponsored by Cockpit USA, the museum boasts a wide variety of genuine, fully functioning WWII armored vehicles and aircrafts including a M8 Greyhound Tank, a “Meat Chopper” Quad .50 WWII machine gun, a WWII P40 fighter, a P47 Thunderbolt fighter, a 1935 Curtiss-Wright P40 Warhawk, a 1940 P-51 Mustang and many, many more! Alongside the exhibitions and displays, the museum also throw air shows and offer unforgettable in flight experiences. Located in a hangar in Farmingdale, Long Island and surrounded by runways, the historical landmark is run by volunteers composed mainly of story wielding veterans, giving meaning to the intention of the museum as a living, breathing tribute to those who have served the country. Guaranteed to intrigue and entertain whether you stay firmly rooted to the ground or decide to take flight, a day at the AAM is one gift that can be shared and remembered with your father forever.

    Adult - $10
    Seniors (65+) - $8
    Veterans - $5
    Children 3-12 (children 12+ are adults) - free

    Days & Hours:
    Thursday- Sunday: 10:30 AM - 4:00 PM
    (Squadron of vintage aircraft operate weather permitting)

    Location and Contact:
    1230 New Highway, Farmingdale, New York, 11735



  • Clyman Archives: A story of friendship and reunion at the AAM

    The American Airpower Museum of which Cockpit USA are proud sponsors is a platform on which Jeff Clyman intended American heritage be maintained, history taught and servicemen and women throughout the ages honored. Maintained entirely by volunteers composed mainly of veterans, it was perhaps inevitable that one day an unexpected reunion would occur... but we think this particular case was something rather special! We won't ruin the surprise and tell you all the details, but we will tell you it involves a 12 year old German school boy, an 18 year old American B-17 Bomber crew member and a lucky twist of fate. To find out the whole story go to the Clyman Archives - this is one tale you need to know!


  • The Clyman Archives

    Jeff Clyman, the president of Cockpit USA has recently launched his own website giving a rare insight into the foundations of his authentic heritage aviation leather jacket company and the passion which drives it. Each week, The Clyman Archives will exhibit a piece from Jeff's vast collection of used service clothing artifacts. A fascinating read and a delve into the past straight from the boss's perspective, the website is already an online historical hit!

  • IWC NYC Launch

    Earlier this week, Swiss time piece artisans, IWC Schaffhausen launched their new NYC flagship store, marking the event with a celebrity studded grand opening. Following the IWC and Cockpit USA Top Gun collection collaboration, of course our very own President Jeff Clyman, EVP Jacky Clyman and Rudy Gonzales were in attendance. Take a look at coverage of the evening on

    IWC Schaffhausen NYC Launch

    It was a night of celebration when the Swiss based IWC Schaffhausen watch company launched their much anticipated first flagship boutique in New York City.

    Known for their time piece expertise, the IWC’s 3,000 square foot, bi-level boutique is designed to a gentlemen’s lounge aerial. Located on 535 Madison Avenue, the Portuguese inspired entrance pays homage to the great seafarers of Portugal, while the Ingenuity and Underwater installments serve as a canvas to their beautifully designed chronograph and pressure-resistant pieces.

    The World of Aviation stood out particularly as the recent collaboration between Cockpit USA and IWC’s leather A-2 hung heroically in the modernly designed pilot hangar. The Top Gun and Pilot watch collections were shown alongside an interactive flight experience.

    IWC’s CEO Georges Kern and North American President Gianfranco D’Attis hosted the launch party to celebrate the architectural efforts of Nicholas Kaeser. The event was filled with celebrities such as Adriana Lima, Chris Hemsworth, the handsome Joe Manganillo and Channing Tatum  and yes, Evander Holyfield and Larry Holmes. Alongside the stars of the evening were a few renowned fashion journalists including Michael Williams of, publisher of GQ, and Matt Reicky of Men’s Threads. One of my stlye favorites Pedro Andrade looked ever so dapper.

    Please take a peak at some sneaky images captured during last night’s event…



  • It’s Watch International Magazine time!

    To mark the exciting new collaboration between Cockpit USA and IWC, Watch International Magazine recently featured founders Jeff and Jacky Clyman within their prestigious and beautifully executed pages. Photographed in front of the looming Empire State Building wearing an iconic shearling jacket, Jeff Clyman epitomizes the heritage heart and soul of Cockpit USA. Shot by Jürgen Frank and written by Dirk Rheker, a few of our favorite lines from the article include, 'it is possible he was born with kerosene in his blood' and 'I think it's important to keep awake the memories of all those pilots who have put their lives on the line fighting for our country." We couldn't agree more. 

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