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  • Jimmie Kayana

    Born in Oregon in 1920 to Japanese immigrants, Army Medic Jimmie Kayana fulfilled his ambition of becoming a military man when he enlisted in the U.S. army in 1941. Following the attack on Pearl Harbor, Kayana was alienated within the army and his family was sent to an internment camp but undeterred, he valiantly joined America’s first all-Japanese Regiment in 1941. This very moving short documentary courtesy of tugged at Cockpit USA's heartstrings as it illustrates the dramatic twists and turns Kayana’s military life took along with the unceasing pride he felt to be fighting for the U.S. side, a side he regarded truly as his own.

  • Hitler's Military Blunders

    The entire world breathed a sigh of relief when Hitler and his blood stained dictatorship was defeated. Brought to its end by the proud, combined efforts of the USA, Great Britain, the Soviet Union and many other forces along with the unending bravery of their armies and citizens, it was a victory for the future when Nazi Germany and its allies were brought to a stop. However, also in play were Hitler’s own error riddled and bungled operations, from his confusing chain of command arrangement to his paranoia and ego driven leadership, these aspects all played significant roles in unraveling his radical plans to change the world order. Take a look at this fascinating video which delves into the hows and whys of Hitler’s slip ups.

  • D-Day Deception

    This short documentary courtesy of looks in greater depths at the trickery the Allied forces undertook in order to confuse the German military during D-Day. With commentary from experts including Bevin Alexander, the author of How Wars Are Won and Richard A. Gabriel of the Department of War Studies and footage of the fake army paraphernalia used to deceive the Nazi's, this video analysing "Operation Fortitude" is sure to make your jaw drop! It certainly made ours hit the ground!


  • Battle of Guam

    July 21st 1944 saw U.S. forces invade the island of Guam in a bid to reclaim from the Japanese what had been American territory. Take a look at this visually captivating video of the action of the day courtesy of It is with awe that Cockpit USA witnessed the bravery of the soldiers and the shock fact at the end is worth waiting for!

  • Vietnam War Tactics

    Aided by the United States, between 1954 and 1975, South Vietnam battled North Vietnam and its communist allies in the Vietnam War. This video courtesy of Cockpit USA favorite, articulates the guerilla warfare tactics employed by the North Vietnamese forces which in turn forced U.S. military leaders to modify their combat strategy and empower their troops to succeed. Yet another insightful short documentary, never fails to capture our interest and intrigue! Take a look for yourself here!

  • Women In The Cockpit

    While trawling through the fascinating short documentaries on, Cockpit USA came across this astonishing tale of Alberta Kenny. Born in 1919, the Montana native was an ambitious aviator, beginning her career in service as a secretary for the Navy then following her dreams to fly by joining WASP, the women's air force service pilot's program. Take a look at the video for a captivating glimpse at women in WWII.

  • A Soldier's Story

    Dropped in Khe Sanh in central Vietnam in 1968, marine medic Raymond Torres found himself in a world of chaos and fighting set against a picturesque setting. A heart wrenching story, here Torres tells his story, reliving the anguish and serving as a reminder of all that we as Americans have to be grateful for towards those who have fought and continue to fight for our freedom. Taken from the documentary archives, this is an official Cockpit USA must watch. Take a look here.


  • Flying in the South Pacific

    Among's vast archive of footage tracking yesteryear and beyond, Cockpit USA came across a video which warmed our hearts and left us brimming with pride in our American heritage. In the following short movie, Fred Linden talks of discovering two reels of film left behind his father, a PBY naval aviator during World War II in which he appears setting out on missions and adventures during his time in service in the South Pacific. This is truly a visual gem that will embed itself in your memory.

  • Rockie Blunt

    Of the documentaries we have featured on the Cockpit USA blog, this one about Army Infantryman Rockie Blunt is up there among the most moving. A self confessed lone soldier, Blunt carried out one of the most morally difficult tasks during his time within the army as he battled across Europe and into Hitler's Third Reich. His time during the war, sights he witnessed and experiences combined effectively changed his beliefs and life forever. Hear and see his story...

  • Trench Warfare

    While it may be most known for its huge role in battle in WWI, trench warfare was first established during the American Civil War. With improvements in weapon technology resulting in greater accuracy of rifles and cannons, soldiers no longer needed to be on the ground level to fight at their best. Along with their guns, men carried shovels digging miles of elaborate trenches in which they sheltered, lived and fought from. We at Cockpit USA recently came across this short film from on the evolution of trenches - check it out for an interesting look at the changing texture of warfare.

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