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  • 100 Years of The British Royal Air Force

    Today on this 100th anniversary of Great Britain’s Royal Air Force Cockpit USA commemorates the bravery and history our country’s strongest ally in Europe.  Our RAF sheepskin bomber jacket represents the epitome of English heroism during WWII. Worn over London skies in the summer of 1940 by English fighter pilots flying Spitfire and Hurricane fighters in air battles against Nazi air forces, this bomber jacket provided the warmth and freedom of movement needed during combat.

    Click here for 20% off on our RAF Fighter Weight Sheepskin Bomber Jacket. Offer valid from March 30-April 3rd 2018

    Pilots in the RAF tailored their jackets to shear down the wool to allow more freedom of movement. We at Cockpit USA have introduced a short sheared sheepskin version light enough to wear with a sweater or other layering pieces. We also commemorate the efforts of the RAF by showcasing a beautiful R.A.F belt buckle inspired by the British crown insignia.  On this anniversary Cockpit USA introduces our new "RAF Eagle Squadron Tee" which pays respect to the three fighter squadrons of the Royal Air Force formed with volunteer pilots from the United States. We honor the achievements of one of the most important military units ever assembled and focus on the its development by looking back at its early years of service during WWI and WWII.


    The British Royal Air Force was formed on April 1, 1918 as an integration of the Royal Flying Corps (RFC) and the Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS). The development of British flight engineering began years later after the American brothers Wilbur and Orville Wright made the fist ever flight of self-propelled heavier than air aircraft flight in 1903. This gave birth to the Royal Naval Flying School at Eastchurch, Kent on December 1911. The school was eventually integrated into the Royal Flying Corps forming a new airplane squadron. Soon after, the specifications of the navy introduced the RNAS.

    Montrose-Royal-Flying-Corps-officers-and-an-airmen-background-from-No-2-Squadron-pose-in-front-of-a-BE-2-biplane WWI Montrose-Royal-Flying-Corps-officers-and-an-airmen-background-from-No-2-Squadron-pose-in-front-of-a-BE-2-biplane WWI
    RAF Aircrew in front of a Hurricane Aircraft 1940 RAF Aircrew in front of a Hurricane Aircraft 1940
    RAF Pilots, 1940 somewhere in England RAF Pilots, 1940 somewhere in England

    On August 4th 1914 Britain declared war on Germany and entered WWI. The British RFC only had 84 aircraft while the RNAS had 71. Germany’s advance technologies gave it great advantage during air strikes, which crippled towns in England through damaging bombings. This disadvantage caused the British military to create a separate ministry, which could focus on the development of strategic air bombing against Germany.

    WRAF Servicewoman WWII WRAF Servicewoman WWI

    It was on April 1st, 1918 that the RAF was born incorporating a female group called the Women’s Royal Air Force. The WRAF came forth after the concern of the loss of specialized female workforce. The WRAF fell into two categories; one fell under “immobiles” as they stayed attached to their local station. The second category being “mobile” lived in quarters on or near the workplace and could be transferred elsewhere if needed. The WRAF held the reputation of becoming the most professional and disciplined of all women’s service due to the strict guidelines imposed by the RAF. The WRAF came to and end on August 1919 and became an individual asset to the RAF as a whole, their bravery and call to action to a country in need held these women as one of the most important service groups during WWI.

    By the end of the first World War on November 11,1918, the RAF had dropped 5,500 tons of bombs and claimed 2,953 enemy aircraft destroyed, gaining clear air superiority along the Western Front and contributing to the Allied victory over Germany and the other Central Powers. It had also become the largest air force in the world at the time, with some 300,000 officers and airmen—plus 25,000 members of the WRAF—and more than 22,000 aircraft.

    The RAF expanded quickly due to the outbreak of the Second World War. The men of the regular pre-war air force were joined by those from the Royal Auxiliary Air Force, formed in 1924 to provide a reserve of manpower, and the RAF Volunteer Reserve (RAFVR), who were put on the active list when war was imminent and who were vital to the RAF's performance, particularly during the Battle of Britain. During the Second World War the RAF fought in every major theatre, the Battle of Britain being the most famous campaign where Britain fought the superior German Air Forces, blocked the Luftwaffe air supremacy over southern England and therefore preventing the German invasion of England.

    Photo of French Pilot flying with original RAF Jacket Photo of French Pilot flying with original RAF Jacket. Click here for Cockpit USA's RAF Sheepskin Bomber Jacket

    The rapid expansion of the RAF came to life after the absorption of the men and planes of the air forces of the British Dominions of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. This also included European countries in exile fighting against the Nazis such as Poland, Czech Republic, France, and Belgium as well as British Indian colonials and British West Indian recruits. During World War II the RAF reached a total power of 1.2 million men and women, of whom 185,000 were aircrew. Unfortunately about 70 thousand personnel were killed. The British Royal Air Force will forever be known as one of the most significant professional groups ever assembled and a true ally to the United States of America.

    British bomber crews during a mission in 1942, North Africa British bomber crews during a mission in 1942, North Africa





  • Cockpit USA and Budweiser


    Amazing things can result from everyone being committed and passionate about the goal. This is what happened when a project that was originally intended to be a single limited edition commemorative jacket, turned into something much more exciting.

    Referencing our original art while working on one of the first of 10 jackets. Referencing our original art while working on one of the first of 10 jackets.

    Cockpit USA created a design to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the attacks on Pearl Harbor. Our intent, to donate the jacket for auction at the Pacific Aviation Museum gala held on December 3rd, 2016 held as part of the weeklong PH75 commemoration. All proceeds would go to the restoration of the Ford Island control tower, and historic Hangar 79, a building that still bears the bullet holes from the Japanese attacks on December 7th, 1941. The “Remember Pearl Harbor” Jacket would be created on our finest example of an original WWII horsehide US Army Air Corps A-2 flight jacket, being a true representation of a WWII nose art piece. That plan changed when representatives from Cockpit USA and Budweiser realized both companies would be supporting the event.

    Hand painting the back of our horsehide A-2. Hand painting the back of our horsehide A-2.

    When Budweiser learned more about the jacket, wheels began to turn, and a concept was created that offered far more breadth than a single jacket. Budweiser commissioned 9 additional jackets creating “the group of 10”. The group of 10 would become a list of people that go to great personal lengths to support our active military and to preserve and support the legacy of our veterans. A group of people whom we wanted to show our appreciation to, and who are all inspirational in their individual ways. The list represented the upper echelon influencers for military and veteran support across the entertainment industry, charitable groups, and industry leaders. All with the common thread of being committed to supporting our troops.

    Flying over Pearl Harbor Flying over Pearl Harbor

    We landed in Hawaii, and went directly to the gala, it was a wonderful event and a honor to have been able to attend. The original jacket donated for the Gala was sold for $4,000.00, 100% of the profits going to help preserve the historical Ford Island hangars and control tower. The people at the Pacific Aviation Museum are doing outstanding work to preserve such an historic site.

    Mike Kennedy, a partner at Cockpit USA, presents Gary Sinise with one of our limited edition hand painted Remember Pearl Harbor A-2s. Mike Kennedy, a partner at Cockpit USA, presents Gary Sinise with one of our limited edition hand painted Remember Pearl Harbor A-2s.

    That evening Cockpit USA and Budweiser were given the opportunity to present a jacket, and offer our appreciation to, Mr. Gary Sinise. Mr. Sinise, the Lt. Dan band, and the “Gary Sinise foundation” have been supporting our troops and veterans for over a decade. The foundation reported that 89.51% of every dollar raised went to support veterans, and got over $14M NET to our veterans in 2015 alone.

    Meeting with Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood Meeting with Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood

    Later that week we presented Mr. Garth Brooks with his very own hand painted 75th Anniversary jacket. Mr. Brooks and his wife, Trisha Yearwood agreed to perform a concert to support the Pearl Harbor 75th. After their shows sold out in a matter of minutes, they added 5 additional shows; they then announced that they would donate 100% of the proceeds to the Pearl Harbor memorials. This is just another example of how Garth Brooks has repeatedly stepped up to support our veterans and their legacy, throughout his career.

    Budweiser & Cockpit USA proudly present... Budweiser & Cockpit USA proudly present...

    In addition to “the group of 10” Budweiser encouraged us to agree to offer 65 additional jackets to the public. This would make the total 75, before we “break the mold”. After much discussion with our painters, we agreed, and are now happy to offer a limited run of this jacket to the public. The support and encouragement from Budweiser not only enabled us as a company to increase our support for the Pearl Harbor memorials, it gave us the opportunity to showcase our own personal commitment to supporting the legacy of the American veteran.

    Cockpit USA's hand-painted "Remember Pearl Harbor" Jacket Cockpit USA's hand-painted "Remember Pearl Harbor" Jacket

    We are happy to be able to offer this hand-painted limited edition "Remember Pearl Harbor" Jacket to you, and would like to thank the people at Budweiser, as well as the group of ten for all they do for our veterans and active military.

    “Budweiser Historical Efforts”

    Anheuser-Busch’s military support dates back to the company’s co-founders. Both Adolphus Busch, and his father-in-law, Eberhard Anheuser, served in the Union Army as members of the Missouri Volunteers during the Civil War.

    During World War I and World War II, the company produced diesel engines for Navy submarines and amphibious recon vehicles for the Army. More than 1,500 employees served and all had jobs when they returned. In addition, the company retooled factories to make gliders and wing assemblies, and donated freight cars for military transport.

    In 1944, employees raised $879,350 in war bonds, enough to purchase two B-17 bombers for the Army Air Corps. The Army named the planes “Miss Budweiser” and “Buschwacker.”

    Anheuser-Busch helped thousands of Americans show support for the troops in 2005 through the “Here’s to the Heroes Tour.” The 28-city national tour allowed visitors to record customized 10- to 30-second messages of support distributed to U.S. troops in more than 177 countries via the American Forces Radio and Television Service.

    More than 5,500 Anheuser-Busch employees have served in World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom and other military campaigns. Employees currently serving in the U.S. military may resume their jobs at Anheuser-Busch.

    Rick Nechio, Budweiser Director Transit, standing in front of the Ford Island Control Tower. Rick Nechio, Budweiser Director Transit, standing in front of the Ford Island Control Tower.

    “We are honored to have partner with Cockpit USA to commission this limited edition jacket” said Rick Nechio, Budweiser Director Transit |

    "Cockpit USA Historical efforts"

    Cockpit USA has been committed to supporting our active duty military and veteran community from day one. They have used their historical archives and design team to build awareness for extraordinary people such as the Women Air Service Pilots, the Tuskegee Airmen, the Doolittle Raiders, and the American Volunteer Group for over 40 years. We often have the pleasure of being able to replace or replicate veterans favorite issue jacket they no longer have, or even give people the chance to own the flight jacket they always wanted. Cockpit USA’s mission has always been one of education, and connection when it comes to the American Soldier.

    The American Airpower Museum in Farmingdale, Long Island The American Airpower Museum in Farmingdale, Long Island

    Simultaneously, the founders of Cockpit USA, Jeff and Jacky Clyman, set out to create a physical venue to continue that education. Committing an incredible amount of their time and financial support, they founded the American Airpower Museum in Farmingdale, Long Island. The museum hosts numerous events annually to honor historic military events, ceremonies, and remembrances.

    American Airpower Museum Mission:

    “The museum’s strategic mission is the preservation of the legacy of all Americans who have sacrificed themselves to defend our liberties and to educate a new generation regarding the courage, valor and heroism of our nation’s citizen soldiers by presenting the operational aircraft and armor in the museum’s collection and its related displays, exhibits and programs.”

  • #CockpitGlobeTrotters: A Force of Nature

    Don Young, CEO of Newland, Tarlton & Co., wearing our Type 440 USN Carrier Jacket Don Young, CEO of Newland, Tarlton & Co., wearing our Type 440 USN Carrier Jacket

    Several months ago, at the famed Explorers club in NYC, a 30-year veteran safari guide and naturalist approached Cockpit USA founders Jeff and Jacky Clyman with a challenge. He asked us to put our product into the field to be tested, beaten, battered, and worn, and in return, he would provide the list of people to do the testing. The goal was to use a product field-testing initiative to not only show how our product could handle the real-life rigors of his world, but to use this test to introduce and spotlight the amazing personalities, places, and projects these incredible people of interest would bring. We accepted his challenge, and are happy to launch this campaign along with the true force of nature behind this concept Mr. Don Young. 

    Meet Don Young: A unique combination of outdoorsman, scholar, artist, designer, and adventurer. As CEO of the Newland, Tarlton & Co. luxury brands, Don has used his lifetime of safari experience to create an array of safari experiences from tented camps to lodges, from Africa to Indonesia. Having spent most of his career on tented safaris, Don took that experience to the design table. Don designed the tents and furnishings for his own safari camps, and has also created furniture collections for Ol Donyo Lodge, Kenya, Zarafa Camp, Botswana and Lukula Selous Camp, Tanzania. Eventually he launched his own line of safari furniture that is as focused on the ruggedness and functionality needed to be in the bush, as the style and romance needed to be present in quality luxury safari furniture. 

    Newland, Tarlton & Co.'s private campsite in the Masai Mara was presented to Don Young for his personal use by the Maasai more than 25 years ago. Newland, Tarlton & Co.'s private campsite in the Masai Mara was presented to Don Young for his personal use by the Maasai more than 25 years ago.

    As a naturalist and conservationist, Don has traveled widely in Africa and Asia, promoting education and conservation for endangered species. As a scholar, Don is regarded as one of the world’s authorities on African explorers and has published several academic works including “The Search for the Source of the Nile” published by the Roxburghe Club. Don is a trained forensic osteologist in the field of paleo-anthropology and is the discoverer of an important human pre-historic site in northern Kenya.

    As an author, Don is represented by the prestigious Inkwell Literary Agency and is currently writing his first novel: “The Spy, the Lover & the Devil’s Brother,” based on the story of Capt. Sir Richard Burton and his life in India at the time he ‘discovered’ the “Kama Sutra.”

    Don Young field testing our Weather Field Jacket in a downpour. Don Young field testing our Weather Field Jacket in a downpour.

    Don serves on the Board of Directors of Lion Guardians / Wildlife Guardians, and the Elephant Trust / Amboseli Trust for Elephants. Don is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, and a Member of the Explorer’s Club of New York.

    Don’s safaris, public lectures, and his famous fireside stories, have touched the lives of thousands of people. He has devoted his life to teaching about the natural world, and hopes that by sharing his knowledge and passion, he can help save wildlife and wilderness for the next generation.

    Newland, Tarlton & Co. safari experience. Newland, Tarlton & Co. safari experience.

    Stay tuned for more shots and adventurers to come!

  • History of the Souvenir Jacket

    Detail of the embroidery on Cockpit USA's 7th Air Force Souvenir Jacket Detail of the embroidery on Cockpit USA's 7th Air Force Souvenir Jacket

    The souvenir jacket originated shortly after World War II in occupied Japan. American soldiers who served in the Pacific Theater commissioned these beautifully hand embroidered jackets as a memento of their travels and time abroad. The souvenir jacket reached the height of popularity during and after the Korean War (1950-1953).

    The popularity of souvenir jackets grew in both Japan and South Korea, following the Korean War. During the Cold War, U.S. military base exchanges around the world, imported souvenir jackets from Asia to sell at their kiosks to meet the demand. These jackets featured “Local maps” combined with some of the more popular Asian motifs. More unique custom graphics also increased over time. Not surprisingly, as souvenir jackets gained popularity with servicemen, these decorative jackets sparked a trend with friends, family, and eventually the general civilian population.

    7th Air Force Souvenir Jacket 

    Cockpit USA 7th Air Force Souvenir Jacket Cockpit USA 7th Air Force Souvenir Jacket

    Established on 19 October 1940 as the Hawaiian Air Force it was part of an expansion program of the U.S. Army Air Corps, activated at Fort Shafter, Territory of Hawaii. After the attack on Pearl Harbor and suffering a considerable loss of aircraft and personnel, the HAF was re-equipped and re-designated in 1942 as the Seventh Air Force based at Hickam Field. During WWII the 7AF retained the mission of providing air defense for the Hawaiian Islands and also engaged in combat operations primarily in the Central Pacific AOR. It was assigned units engaging enemy forces in the Gilbert IslandsMarshall IslandsCaroline IslandsMariana Islands, and in the last major battle of the Pacific War, the Battle of Okinawa.

    During the Korean War the 7AF was based at Osan and Kunsan Air Bases in South Korea and have remained there till this day. A combat ready Air Command and serving as a deterrent to North Korean aggression.


    Aloha Hawaii Souvenir Jacket (Coming Soon)

    Cockpit USA's Aloha Hawaii Souvenir Jacket Cockpit USA's Aloha Hawaii Souvenir Jacket

    World War II dramatically changed the Hawaiian Islands forever. In the aftermath of the attacks on Pearl Harbor in 1941, the Naval bases and surrounding Air Fields became the hub of US Pacific Theater Operations for all services. The beauty of the islands were also now seen for the first time by hundreds of thousands of servicemen and women who transited on their way to and from the battlefields of the Pacific. This new exposure would bring more Americans both in and out of uniform to the Hawaiian Islands beginning in the 1950s. Once again Hawaii played an important role during the Korean War from 1950-53, and then again during the Vietnam War. Since then the islands have been home to generations of servicemen and women and still play a vital role for the US Pacific Fleet, and Air Forces.

    Our souvenir jacket is inspired by the mementos purchased for off duty wear in the 1950’s and 60’s by Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen alike. These jackets were often customized based on where one traveled, or was stationed. Often adorned with maps, and local symbols the jackets were eye catching as they were finely tailored from silk, nylon or rayon. Our jacket features a beautifully embroidered map of the Hawaiian Islands, hibiscus blooms and palm trees with references to the famed landmark Diamond Head volcano and Pearl Harbor on the island of Oahu. The Cockpit USA Aloha Souvenir jacket is a great piece that celebrates the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands, and its rich history.

    Flying Tiger Souvenir

    Cockpit USA's Women's Flying Tigers Tour Jacket Cockpit USA's Women's Flying Tigers Tour Jacket

    Prior to the United States declaring war on Japan in December 1941, a group of American volunteer pilots and ground crew, joined the Chinese in the fight against the Empire of Japan. Nicknamed the Flying Tigers, the American Volunteer Group (AVG) was eventually absorbed into the US Army Air Forces on July 4th 1942, the 23rd Fighter Group was the official new name for the AVG, but kept their nom de gar “The Flying Tigers”.  The Cockpit USA Flying Tigers Souvenir jacket was created to honor the bravery and commitment of the AVG.

    Our Flying Tigers Souvenir Jacket is available for men and women.

  • WCW: Bessie Coleman

    A true pioneer of her time, Bessie Coleman was the first female African American pilot and the first African American to hold an international pilot license.

    Bessie Coleman Bessie Coleman

    Coleman was born in Atlanta, TX in 1892 to a large family. Growing up in poverty, she worked hard to make a living and accomplished all 8 grade of schooling, excelling in math. At 23, she moved to Chicago to live with two of her older brothers. There, she heard tales of flights from pilots who were returning from WWI. Motivated by these stories, her brother’s taunting her and the lack of belief that African American women could fly she set out to find a school that would teach her. After repeated rejects from flight schools in the United States, Coleman began to look else where to achieve her dream.

    In 1920, she set off to Paris to learn to fly at a school that would teach her. After seven months of training in a 27-foot unreliable biplane, the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale awarded Coleman her international pilot’s license in June of 1921. She trained further in France, specializing in stunt flying and parachuting.

    Bessie Coleman standing near a plane. Bessie Coleman standing near a plane.

    Returning to the United States, she spent the next five years performing at countless air shows. Defending her and others’ rights and equality, she took a stand against locations that wouldn’t admit members of her race and would refuse to perform there. Coleman used her fame to encourage other African Americans to fly by speaking at schools and churches. She also raised money to found a school for African American aviators, wanting to spread the right of flight to other women and men of her race.

    Bessie Coleman standing on her plane in 1922. Bessie Coleman standing on her plane in 1922.

    Tragically, Coleman and her mechanic, William Wills, took their last flight on April 30, 1926. Preparing for an air show the following day, the plane unexpectedly plummeted, and this brave aviator fell to her death.

    Her spirit and accomplishments have not been forgotten. As a revolutionary figure in history, Bessie Coleman has continued to inspire women and men alike to follow their passions and take flight no matter what may stand in their way.

    “I refused to take no for an answer.” – Bessie Coleman

  • Cockpit USA celebrates our 40th Anniversary in 2015

    Cockpit USA is celebrating it’s 40th Anniversary of made in the USA fashion, replicated or inspired from the military & aviation. A brand synonymous with authenticity & timeless American tradition, we celebrate our expert craftsmanship and extraordinary attention to detail.

    Cockpit USA 40th Anniversary Cockpit USA 40th Anniversary

    To celebrate our 40th Anniversary, we bring you a Limited Edition collection that pays tribute to some of the iconic jackets of the past 40 years, hand selected by founders Jeff & Jacky Clyman. Some of our favorite jackets from this limited edition collection include replica hand-painted horsehide A2 flight jackets, which will be available in the beginning of February. Stay tuned for more updates and limited edition styles!

  • 12 Days of Cockpit Christmas

    Cockpit USA is here to help you find the perfect gift for the special people in your life. With 12 Days of Cockpit Christmas. We have the ideal gift for him, her, the kids, or yourself this holiday season. Give them a gift that will last decades, and memories that will last a lifetime.

    A-2 Sweater Jacket Inspired by the iconic US Army Air Force jacket, the A-2, this military inspired wool knit has rugged distressed goatskin leather sleeves and pocket detail with the body fashioned from black Italian sweater knit for cozy and comfortable wearing on those cool fall and early winter days and nights.

    First Day: A-2 Sweater Jacket (Style # Z28S004)
    The iconic US Army Air Force jacket with a cozy twist; a sweater knit body & rugged leather details. The ideal gift for a modern man who wants to stand out from the crowd while looking classic and clean cut. It’s perfect for riding down the road on your motorcycle or reading a book outside at your favorite park.

    Harriet Hooded Jacket It’s heather, it’s sweater, it’s tradition, it’s Italian knitted wool with vintage soft leather sleeves.

    Second Day: Harriet Hooded Jacket (Style # W28S001B)
    It’s hooded, it’s snuggly, it’s hip, and it fits like a glove. Made for her to layer and to wear in the fall and winter, this warm hooded sweater is ideal for lounging around the house or going out for a stroll. Crafted from Italian knitted wool with vintage soft leather sleeves for that extra soft feeling that those chilly days need.

    Maverick Varsity Jacket Join the Cockpit USA Top Gun Varsity Award Squad in our cool movie hero varsity. This limited edition jacket is crafted of black melton wool with rich glove touch leather sleeves giving this jacket a military feel with an athletic twist.

    Third Day: Maverick Varsity Jacket (Style # Z28P018)
    Join the Cockpit USA Top Gun Varsity Award Squad in our cool movie hero varsity. This limited edition jacket is crafted of black melton wool with rich glove touch leather sleeves giving this jacket a military feel with an athletic twist. The Maverick Varsity Jacket is perfect for the guy who is on the look out for adventure and not afraid to go the distance.

    Kids Top Gun G-1 Jacket ollowing its years of success with the adult top gun, Cockpit USA is launching an exclusive children's version of the G-1. With miniature sized patches making this such a gem in real leather with a poly filled Cockpit USA "map" lining.

    Fourth Day: Kids Top Gun Navy G-1 Jacket (Style # K201036I)
    Now your little co-pilot can be the hero of the playground. Our Kids Top Gun Navy G-1 Jacket is a miniature version of the classic jacket from the movie Top Gun. All your little flyer will need is a pair of aviators to go with his jacket and they’ll be the coolest kid in school.

    Distressed B-3 Bag Our Distressed B-3 Bag is inspired by the B-3 Shearling jackets wore by pilots in cold temperatures.

    Fifth Day: Distressed B-3 Bag (Style # Z91S001)
    Luxury meets classic style with the Distressed B-3 Bag. Crafted from distressed shearling leather with the wool inside, to make it nice and cozy, and a removable leather iPad case.

    Elite Knit Hooded Sweater This great alternative to your everyday hoodie is a great layer piece made of using a 2 tones cotton-wool knit. The contrasting colors come through the knit and features exposed seams, raw edges on the two front pockets, and elbow patches.

    Sixth Day: Elite Knit Hooded Sweater (Style # Z66M002)
    Watching the game has never been warmer. A great alternative to your everyday hoodie, the Elite Knit Hooded Sweater features raw edges and contrasting colors for a rugged, rustic look. Be warned, your girlfriend will steal this from your closet.

    Barnstormers Hat Originally created by WWI aces such as Red Baron, our Barnstormers Hat is patterned after the original flight helmets worn by open cockpit pilots in during the1920’s and 1930’s.

    Seventh Day: Barnstormers Hat (Style # Z99E002)
    Keep your ears warm while having a snowball fight or flying your plane in our Barnstormers Hat. Worn by WWI aces like the Red Baron and the hippest dog, Snoopy, this hat is the classic look for your adventurer. This gift will keep him warm and stylish in the cold winter months.

    Authentic MA-1 Jacket Worn by various armed forces and originally adapted by the U.S. Air Force in 1960s. This iconic nylon jacket was also used in the 1980’s by U.S. Army helicopter crews and is known as the “Nylon Pilot’s Jacket”.

    Eighth Day: Authentic MA-1 Jacket (Style # Z24J011D)
    For the rebel in your life, we suggest our Authentic MA-1 Jacket. Designed in nylon flight satin boasting a bright orange lining for survival purposes; pilots would turn the jacket inside out to make them visible to rescue crews. Your explorer will be warm and prepared for whatever journeys they take on.

    Big Plans Tuskegee Tee Our Big Plans Tuskegee Tee is a salute to the Tuskegee Airmen for their bravery and skills in battle. Screen printed on 100% ring spun cotton.

    Ninth Day: T-Shirts (Style # Z12S017D pictured)
    Perfect for him or her, our t-shirts make a great stocking stuffer. Any aviation fan will rave over these super soft, sleek tees. Great for the history buff and the flying fanatics in your life, these tees are a guaranteed hit.

    "B-26" Shearling Jacket Due to popular demand, Cockpit USA has officially brought back the ultimate in shearling flight jackets, the B-26 originally created in the 1970’s by Jeff Clyman.

    Tenth Day: “B-26” Shearling Jacket (Style # Z2126)
    Keep your loved one warm for many winters to come. The “B-26” Shearling Jacket is perfect for those who want military style and fashion driven outerwear that is completely functional.

    Betty Motorcycle Jacket Our Betty Motorcycle jacket has all the style and hype you've been looking for. This stunning jacket features zip off sleeves to convert into a fitted vest.

    Eleventh Day: Betty Motorcycle Jacket (Style # W21S001)
    Your sweetheart will never wear another jacket once she gets our Betty Motorcycle Jacket. With zip off sleeves that convert this style into a fitted vest, for added flair for the woman who has it all. This is the jacket you ride off on your motorcycles into the sunset.

    "Movie Heroes" Top Gun Navy G-1 Jacket This jacket is a Hollywood legend. Originally created in 1985, this unique vintage flight jacket starred in the iconic "Top Gun" movie.

    Twelfth Day: “Movie Heroes” Top Gun Navy G-1 Jacket (Style # Z201036T)
    Your hero won’t ever want another thing once he owns the classic “Movie Heroes” Top Gun Navy G-1 Jacket. Hand cut, sewn and aged to perfection, this jacket will make him feel like a Hollywood legend.

  • Cockpit's ANJ-4 Jacket

    The ANJ-4/AN-6552 was a late WW2 development of a sheepskin jacket designed to be more accommodating in a cockpit in lieu of the bulkier B-3 sheepskin, which was used by all aircrew but was not as comfortable in a tight confine. Experimental test samples were developed of this same jacket in leather with various types of linings for warmth and flexibility to accommodate those crewmembers that needed a lighter less bulky material. So a leather version of the ANJ-4 was drawn up and sampled but never produced.

    ANJ-4 Jacket ANJ-4 Jacket

    Cockpit has taken this concept and created our own engineered version of this universally useful jacket, as it permits the wearer to use its two-way zip to sit in a cockpit or a vehicle and loosen the waist as well as side buckles to tighten it to keep the wind out, with added zip sleeves, similar to the British flight jackets, to allow gloves to fit under the sleeves; great for motorcycling as well. The leather is a supple but durable vintage lamb and carries the features of its sheepskin predecessor with USN style patch pockets and a large real shearling collar with throat latch to keep wind out and warmth in. The modern lining is our WW2 parachute pattern nylon quilted to trademark Primaloft for extra warmth, softness and flexibility and two added inside pockets for modern convenience. A truly unique, contemporary jacket with a vintage configuration that sits slightly lower than the sheepskin jackets of the same era for additional weather protection. Proudly made in the USA.

    Get the ANJ-4 Jacket here.

  • Aviator: Harry Atwood

    Imagine after three months of your first flying lesson, you set a record breaking flight of 576 miles from Boston to Washington, DC, and land on the lawn of the White House. That's exactly what aviator, Harry N. Atwood did.

    Harry Atwood Harry Atwood

    Atwood began training to be a pilot at the Wright Brother's Flying School in Ohio. Soon after his flight to DC, he began flying across the U.S. from Chicago to Milwaukee and then St. Louis to New York. Wanting to get more involved with planes, Atwood, left exhibition flying to build planes. He managed to become a flight instructor for William Starling Burgess and then General Aviation Corporation. After a few years with he realized that he belonged else where in the skies and went back to exhibition flying. On May 31, 1912, he made the first airmail in delivery in Massachusetts from Atwood Park to Lynn.

  • 23rd Fighter Group Patch by Cockpit USA

    Cockpit USA's handmade Flying Tiger Patches

    Cockpit USA's handmade Flying Tiger Patches

    The U.S. Army Air Force 23rd Fighter Group, the successor unit to the 1st American Volunteer Group – otherwise known as “The Flying Tigers”, was activated on July 4, 1942, when the AVG group was absorbed by the U.S. Army. Known for defending China against the Japanese during WWII in their P-40 fighter planes, these brave pilots gave hope to the American people in defeating the Japanese during these campaigns overseas. The insignia of the 23rd Fighter Group features a tiger with wings and a lightning bolt going down the center of a shield. These patches were worn proudly by pilots and aircrew alike, indicating their corresponding groups or squadrons.

    Cockpit USA’s dedication to making authentic items spares no expense in making sure every detail is correct. Our “23rd Fighter Group” Patch, as seen on our Flying Tigers 23rd Fighter Group Jacket, is handmade according to the traditional way it was crafted during the 1940s. The leather is hand-printed and die cut. Each patch is then inspected and finalized by an artist who hand paints any remaining details. Every detail is important in ensuring each jacket we design and produce, is authentic and as handsome as the original.

    Members of the Flying Tigers standing around one of their P-40 shark-faced fighter planes. Members of the Flying Tigers standing around one of their P-40 shark-faced fighter planes.

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