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flight experience

  • AAM: Come rain or shine - the fun never stops!

    While it may be March and temperatures may be on the up, it still is an iffy month in terms of sunshine, fog, clouds and... sometimes even snow! However, at the Cockpit USA sponsored American Airpower Museum, no degree of bad weather gets in the way of the very best of what they offer. Whether in the air, soaring through beautiful blue skies or on the ground in our famous hangar, all visitors who desire it get to have the 'in flight experience'! For more information, click here to check out the website and get the low down on how you can get the chance to ride in a real life, historic aircraft!

  • AAM: The Ultimate Museum Tour

    Along with being preservationists of history and bold adventure seekers at heart, we at Cockpit USA are also proud sponsors of the American Airpower Museum - which makes combining our love for our American heritage and inkling for mid air escapades all the more possible - especially with the tours and flight experiences on offer at the museum! Be sure to check it out and reserve a spot for yourselves today!

  • AAM: Flight of the C-47

    As aviation aficionados and history hunters, we at Cockpit USA combine and indulge these two loves through proud sponsorship of the American Airpower Museum! Located at Republic Airport in Farmingdale, NY, the museum is home to an extensive array of operational World War II aircraft, including the Curtiss-Wright P40 Warhawk, P-51 Mustang and North American B25 Mitchell to name but a few. In addition to getting up close and personal with these war birds, the AAM even offers the unique opportunity to take to the skies in a selected few! Fresh off the press, it has just been announced that on September 1st, the iconic C-47 will be ready and available for flight experiences! Call 212 843-8010 to book your place today!

    1230 New Highway, Farmingdale, New York, 11735

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  • Come fly with us...

    In commemoration of Columbus Day, the Age of Exploration and discovering new and exciting encounters, Cockpit USA are going flying! While Christopher Columbus once braved blustery seas and the risk of scurvy, the Cockpit USA guys and girls are donning their Vintage Pearl Harbour and Amelia Flight jackets and heading down to the American Air Power Museum for an aviation adventure in the clouds. The "Mission to Normandy" themed flight experience and interactive history lesson offered at the museum in Long Island includes the chance to wear a World War II Airborne Trooper uniform and a unique opportunity to take flight in a C-47 craft that participated in D-Day over 60 years ago. Although the chances of discovering new lands up in the air may be narrow, the experience is one seeped in proud American history. Places are limited, so to get yours get in touch with the museum on 212-843-8010 or email them here. Bon voyage!

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