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Father's Day Gift Guide

  • Father's Day Gift Guide: Summer Flyers' Helmet

    If this year a unique present is what you seek to gift your dad, Cockpit USA may have just the thing for you. Ornate and intricate in every way, the Summer Flyers' Helmet is an authentic piece of recreated history both fully operational and perfect as a display piece. Originally designed by the Soviets and then imitated by the Chinese Peoples Liberation Air Force and Navy. Replete in genuine features, the helmet boasts a breathable mesh shell, chamois lined ear pieces with earphones and a communication cord. Only available in limited quantities, this helmet is a very rare collector's item, so snag one for your father today!


  • Father's Day Gift Guide: Cockpit USA Kamikaze Tee

    With summer here and the sun out in full force, what better way to treat your pops this father's day with none other than the iconic and heat friendly Cockpit USA Kamikaze tee. A classic crew neck made from 100% cotton jersey, this tee is one of the most popular pieces in the collection, printed with eye catching artwork of a Kamikaze pilot designed by and unique specifically to Cockpit USA.





  • Father's Day Gift Guide: Day Out at the AAM

    While material gifts are all good, well and greatly appreciated, there's nothing quite like a shared experience. If your father is a fan of aviation, history or is the adrenalin and adventure seeking sort, then a day spent at the American Airpower Museum would be one never to be forgotten. Established by Jeff Clyman and proudly sponsored by Cockpit USA, the museum boasts a wide variety of genuine, fully functioning WWII armored vehicles and aircrafts including a M8 Greyhound Tank, a “Meat Chopper” Quad .50 WWII machine gun, a WWII P40 fighter, a P47 Thunderbolt fighter, a 1935 Curtiss-Wright P40 Warhawk, a 1940 P-51 Mustang and many, many more! Alongside the exhibitions and displays, the museum also throw air shows and offer unforgettable in flight experiences. Located in a hangar in Farmingdale, Long Island and surrounded by runways, the historical landmark is run by volunteers composed mainly of story wielding veterans, giving meaning to the intention of the museum as a living, breathing tribute to those who have served the country. Guaranteed to intrigue and entertain whether you stay firmly rooted to the ground or decide to take flight, a day at the AAM is one gift that can be shared and remembered with your father forever.

    Adult - $10
    Seniors (65+) - $8
    Veterans - $5
    Children 3-12 (children 12+ are adults) - free

    Days & Hours:
    Thursday- Sunday: 10:30 AM - 4:00 PM
    (Squadron of vintage aircraft operate weather permitting)

    Location and Contact:
    1230 New Highway, Farmingdale, New York, 11735



  • Father's Day Gift Guide: Bulleit '95' Rye

    All week, we at Cockpit USA will be guiding you along on your Father's Day gifting festivities. Yesterday we brought you the Gamesmen D.I. shirt as a welcome addition to any pops' wardrobe. Today we're going to suggest our favorite, good old American rye to aid some good old American R&R! There's no doubt every father deserves to kick back and relax and we can't think of a better way than with a bottle of Bulleit Rye. Although a new addition to the rye whiskey market, Bulleit has a highly regarded bourbon history which precedes it and their newest addition to the family adheres to the same high standards. Aged for a minimum of four years in brand new oak barrels charred to the highest level, the golden nectar has a whiff of exotic spices and cherries with woody undertones. Smooth to the taste, the rye has a complex richness of oak, maple syrup and cherries with a touch of spiciness and warmth. Just right on the nose and a pleasure on the palate, this whiskey also comes in a bottle so cool you won't even need to wrap it. Every father at Cockpit USA HQ wants one of these on Sunday!


  • Father's Day Gift Guide: Gamesmen D.I. Shirt

    With Father's Day less than a week away, we at Cockpit USA want to lend a helping hand by inspiring a whole host of gift ideas for this Sunday's celebrations. Whether you're looking for contemporary clothing to update his wardrobe or a genuine vintage piece of history, Cockpit USA has something to suit all tastes!


    No matter what kind of style your father leans towards, Cockpit USA's Gamesmen D.I. Shirt covers all bases. Crafted based on D.I. shirts worn by WWII Air Corps, Navy and Marines, this shirt features two chest flap pockets, military specified epaulets and is  made from traditional light cotton poplin making it perfect for the summer months. Similar to the shirts issued to boat squadrons during WWII, as an added touch the inner yoke features a screen printed photograph of John F. Kennedy himself alongside the crew of P.T. 109 Torpedo boat! Available in brown, light blue, navy, white, black, light green and olive, there's a color for every taste and inclination so your father will not be disappointed!



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