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  • American Airpower Museum: Preserving American Aviation

    The American Airpower Museum's Curtiss P-40 Warhawk The American Airpower Museum's Curtiss P-40 Warhawk

    Since it’s inception in 2000, Cockpit USA has stood side by side with the American Airpower Museum in its mission to preserve the legacy of all Americans who have served to defend our liberties, and to educate our newest generations regarding the courage, valor and heroism of our nation’s citizen soldiers.

    The American Airpower Museum's North American AT-6D “Texan”. The American Airpower Museum's North American AT-6D “Texan”.

    The American Airpower Museum is a New York Chartered 501c3 not-for-Profit museum at the historic Republic Field in Farmingdale long Island. Operating out of an original WWII hangar, the museum uses the sounds, smells, and experience of fully operational aircraft and vehicles to provide the complete educational experience to its visitors. Cockpit USA is proud to support such a long-standing and committed organization, and encourage you to visit and support AAM as well.

    One of AAM's pilots flying over Long Island. One of AAM's pilots flying over Long Island.

    Cockpit USA will be donating 10% of our net sales to the American Airpower Museum from May 25 to May 29, for Memorial Day weekend.

  • 75th Anniversary AVG Reunion

    Thom Richard P-40 Thom Richard P-40

    Atlanta GA, September 21-25, 2016, Cockpit USA, and the American Airpower museum had the honor of participating in the 75th Anniversary commemoration of the American Volunteer Group (AVG). Two of the three surviving members of the AVG were in attendance, and five P-40’s from around the country gathered to honor the group. With the help of Sponsors Cockpit USA, The American Airpower Museum was able to send their P-40 “Jacky C” from its base In Farmingdale N.Y. to Peachtree DeKalb airport in Georgia.

    Cockpit USA has made it part of it’s core mission to honor the Americans who volunteered to assist China during WWII. Their 23rd Fighter Group Jacket is a tribute to the group deigned to be as close to the original jackets used as possible. Additional Jacket designs have also been used as a way to continue to educate people on the groups fascinating history.

    American Airpower Museum's P-40 American Airpower Museum's P-40

    The American Airpower Museum, maintains their P-40 Warhawk in the original paint scheme of the 23rd AVG Fighter group. The aircraft is seen my school groups, museum visitors, and airshow fans across the Northeast United States.

    For more Cockpit USA styles honoring the American Volunteer Group please see our:

    Flying Tigers Souvenir Trucker JacketAVG Flying Tigers Souvenir Jacket23rd Fighter Group A-2 Flight Jacket

    Thom Richard wearing Cockpit USA's 23rd Fighter Squadron A-2 Thom Richard wearing Cockpit USA's 23rd Fighter Squadron A-2
  • Congratulations to pilot Thom Richard

    As you may or may not know, Cockpit USA is a proud Sponsor of Reno Air Race Gold Unlimited Class P-51 Team, "Precious Metal". Cockpit USA would like to take the time to congratulate pilot Thom Richard for successfully becoming the first World Champion in the international F1 World Cup Series. Thom is not only a supporter of our brand, a pilot for our museum, and a dear friend, he also moonlights as one of our models! Way to go Thom, and all of the members of the "Precious Metal" and "Hot Stuff" teams!

    Thom Richard at the American Airpower Museum Thom Richard at the American Airpower Museum
  • AAM: Save the Cat!

    As proud Americans and purveyors of USA Made products, we at Cockpit USA see it as our responsibility and duty to champion and maintain our heritage. One way we achieve this is as sponsors of the American Airpower Museum located in Farmingdale, New York - home to an entire squadron of operational WWII aircraft and armored vehicles. Currently, the AAM's Consolidated Aircraft PBY 6A Catalina is undergoing restoration but we want this air bird back in her rightful place in the skies asap! Take a look at the flyer below and become part of the effort to maintain our history here!

  • The Best Of America: AAM Aircrafts

    This video may be an oldie, and pardon the cliche, but it's certainly a goldie! As proud sponsors of the American Airpower Museum, all at Cockpit USA HQ are permanent fixtures at the Farmingdale, Long Island location - checking out the breathtaking air shows and dazzling fleet of air birds. Check out this breathtaking video of an array of the AAM's aircrafts zipping through the skies. Expect more of this type of up in the air festivities over the course of the year! Keep up to date with all happenings at


  • We Survived Sandy

    Following the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy last week, we are thankful to report that all at Cockpit USA HQ and the American Airpower Museum are safe, well and back in operation. Although our head office in Manhattan was left in the dark and without power for a week, Sandy’s 80-90 mph gusts and relentless showers did not manage to cause any major damage to the Farmingdale area, leaving the AAM relatively unscathed. Although closed in the interest of safety and with only minor electrical issues, the WWII fleet of aircraft and hangar were all accounted for and unaffected. Grateful for the minimal damage caused, our thoughts at this time are with all those left less fortunate in the wake of the storm and the first responders and volunteers hard at work to get the East Coast back on track.


  • AAM: Labor Day Weekend Roundup

    This year's Labor Day Weekend celebrations at the Cockpit USA sponsored American Airpower Museum was an event not to be missed! From the B-17 and B-24, to the P-51, Skyraider and the rest of the collection including the P-47, the Wings, Wheels, and Tracks themed proceedings comprised of a mixture of the Collings Foundation and the AAM's very best, genuine air birds taking flight as part of the air show and ride experiences. Take a look at some of the weekend's photos for a peek into all the action that went down!

  • AAM: Labor Day Weekend Update

    As proud sponsors of the American Airpower Museum in Farmingdale, NY, Cockpit USA has the inside scoop on all the goings on happening at the historic site. We have already told you about the ‘Wings, Wheels and Tracks Weekend’ to celebrate Labor Day, which include a B-17, B-24 Liberator and P-51 Mustang fighter as well as a replica ME-262 as the last aircraft to be added to the bill! It may be a few weeks away, but this Labor Day weekend just keeps getting better and better and we can’t wait! Join in helping the museum by getting your tickets in advance at!

  • The Friday Getaway: Bethpage State Park


    A perfect getaway for golfing fanatics, pros and amateurs, Bethpage State Park is a playground of five public 18-hole regulation golf courses each suited to a range of handicaps. Rated among the best golfing facilities in the country, the course boasts soft white sands and pristine green grass which is kept in immaculate condition for a second to none experience. Designed by respected golf architects A.W. Tillinghast and Alfred Tull, each course demands precise accuracy and schematic shots up until the very last hole. As two time hosts of the US Open and with an estimated annual 300,000 rounds played on all the courses, it seems along with Cockpit USA's American Air Power Museum, there is now another reason to visit Farmingdale, New York!

  • Father's Day Gift Guide: Day Out at the AAM

    While material gifts are all good, well and greatly appreciated, there's nothing quite like a shared experience. If your father is a fan of aviation, history or is the adrenalin and adventure seeking sort, then a day spent at the American Airpower Museum would be one never to be forgotten. Established by Jeff Clyman and proudly sponsored by Cockpit USA, the museum boasts a wide variety of genuine, fully functioning WWII armored vehicles and aircrafts including a M8 Greyhound Tank, a “Meat Chopper” Quad .50 WWII machine gun, a WWII P40 fighter, a P47 Thunderbolt fighter, a 1935 Curtiss-Wright P40 Warhawk, a 1940 P-51 Mustang and many, many more! Alongside the exhibitions and displays, the museum also throw air shows and offer unforgettable in flight experiences. Located in a hangar in Farmingdale, Long Island and surrounded by runways, the historical landmark is run by volunteers composed mainly of story wielding veterans, giving meaning to the intention of the museum as a living, breathing tribute to those who have served the country. Guaranteed to intrigue and entertain whether you stay firmly rooted to the ground or decide to take flight, a day at the AAM is one gift that can be shared and remembered with your father forever.

    Adult - $10
    Seniors (65+) - $8
    Veterans - $5
    Children 3-12 (children 12+ are adults) - free

    Days & Hours:
    Thursday- Sunday: 10:30 AM - 4:00 PM
    (Squadron of vintage aircraft operate weather permitting)

    Location and Contact:
    1230 New Highway, Farmingdale, New York, 11735



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