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  • AAM on Facebook!

    Cockpit USA proudly sponsor the American Airpower Museum in Farmingdale, Long Island. As well as helping to maintain, celebrate and embrace our history and heritage as Americans, we're not ashamed to admit we do it because there's nothing quite as pleasing as the whirr of a genuine WWII plane! From one era to the next, be sure to 'Like' the AAM on Facebook to receive updates and invites from the museum! We'd also love to hear from you too - post on the wall like one of our avid museum goers did...

    "I always love coming to the American Airpower Museum & Republic Airport everytime an event comes up. Among all the aircraft there & flying during the airshows, one of my favorites to see, is the GEICO Skytypers....they are incredible."




  • Hidden Treasures courtesy of AAM Facebook

    This week we've been stalking the American Airpower Museum facebook page and are happy to announce they have reached a magnificent 2500 likes! Be sure to check the page out for yourself and hit the 'LIKE' button for timely updates on all news, activities and events going on at the AAM here. We at Cockpit USA HQ have been taken by this amazing black and white movie made by Republic Aviation based on the production of the F-105 in Farmingdale, NY as shared on the page. There is even a blast from the past with footage of the Thunderchief, Republic airport and the hangers which house the AAM today! Take a look!


  • We 'LIKE' the American Airpower Museum

    As proud sponsors, we at Cockpit USA not only like the American Airpower Museum... we kind of love it too! This week the AAM hit the 2200 'likes' count on Facebook and we want to invite Cockpit USA fans to get in on the action too. If you enjoy aviation and our flight jackets, then the AAM is just the ticket! Go the the AAM Facebook page and click 'LIKE' for timely updates on what's going on at the Long Island hub of flying and fun!

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