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  • America On The Move

    Who knew getting from 'A' to 'B' would be this interesting? An ongoing exhibition entitled 'America On The Move'  delves into the country's transportation archives, unearthing impressive artefacts and exploring the way modes of travel have changed life as we know it today. Housed at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History in Washington D.C., the exhibit itself takes visitors on a scenic journey which features the first car driven across the U.S., a 92-foot-long Southern Railway locomotive and a 40-foot belt of the famous Route 66 amongst many other sights through the 19 historic settings which map the evolution of transit history. This captivating look at how business, society and cultural history has changed in accordance to the nation's ever changing transportation system is certainly a sight not to be missed for automobile fanatics.

  • Pop-Up Archive Exhibit: Military’s Influence on Fashion

    Pop-Up Archive Exhibit

    View From Fashion Night Out Pop-Up Exhibit 

    Cockpit USA- transforms its NY General Store into a Military Fashion archive; paying homage to American history and its impact on fashion from yester years to today. With 35 years in the business, founder Jeff Clyman of Cockpit USA, is offering a sneak peek into his personal closet- a collection of memorabilia, vintage clothing, and utilitarian garments.

    September 10th (FASHION NIGHT OUT) – September 24th 2010

    Before entering the exhibit each visitor receives a pilot’s license experience a pilot’s perspective of military apparel. After an exciting walk through military fashion each visitor is given a brief biography on the historic endeavors of the pilot they assumed the role of.

    Special Thanks to Paul Zansler for gallery concept design.

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