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  • Complex Magazine Oct.10 - C.P.T. Shirt

    CPT Complex Press Hit

    C.P.T. Mechanics Shirt $89 Style#Z42H021J

    Complex Magazine features C.P.T. Mechanics Shirt (sold for $89) in their spot on "Fall Essentials #2 Denim Shirts".

    Complex is a hipster/fashionisto men’s lifestyle magazine. Founded by Marc Ecko and Hugh McFall in 2002, this magazine features the latest trends into fashion subcultures; such as street wear, graffiti art, and graphic design. Centering its demographic around college guys and young men under 30, Complex offers a artistic and urban look on fashion.

    Visit Cockpit USA website to see more exciting C.P.T. merchandise.
    Mechanics shirt = Style#  Z42H021J

  • ABC's My Generation & C.P.T Shirting Cameo

    Kenneth Finley wearing C.P.T. Siesta Shirt

    Kenneth Finley wearing C.P.T. Siesta Shirt

    In the second episode of the new ABC's Hit series My Generation; Charcter Kenneth Finley (played by Keir O'Donnell) sports C.P.T. by Cockpit USA's Siesta Shirt.

    style: Z42H010B

  • Leonard Nimoy

    signed "Avirex" in the 80's while Avirex was under Cockpit's Wings


    Autographed photo gifted to Cockpit USA.
    Leonard is a consistent customer at Cockpit USA stores.

  • Cockpit CPT Drill Instructor Shirt

    The Cockpit USA, CPT branded D.I. style shirt will not only gain you respect, it is also the best fitting casual or official military looking shirt you will find anywhere.

    Inspired by shirts worn by officers and Drill Instructor Senior Sargeants in years gone by, the shirt gained the nick name "D.I." shirt.

    The D.I. shirt sports all the features of the originals dating back to World War II. Two chest button flap pockets and shoulder epaulets measured to original specifications.

    From the tailored rugged military poplin fabrics commanding authority to a variety of '60s "happy days" plaids, this is the one shirt your girlfriend or significant other will want to pry off you. By the end of the week after multiple wearings, it will really need to see the washer.

    Easily cared for in machine washable fine 100% cottons, you'll never want to take this puppy off. It feels and fits sooooo well.

    We decided to make the "D.I" in olives and blacks in a file weave cotton that shows age without wear. For Spring and Summer fun, we've put some stripes and plaids in the mix - a soft tender feeling but durable flat weave cotton that lets the shirt breath while giving the appearance of the original form fit without the restrictions of the actual Army or Marine Corps item. A long sleeved shirt  for all occasions, all states of mind...

    It took me a long time to find exactly the right contour and arm hole fit to match what the most fashion conscious would even consider in such a straight laced shirt. All this while also accomodating the customer who really wants to relive those early bonding days with the guys in his or her first training platoon.

    Don't get me wrong, these shirts in stiff vintage military fabrics were actually worn in combat so they are great for domestic spats! Just put one on and PEACE will regin.

    Enjoy the history blended into contemporary style!
    Find it at the Cockpit Store in NOHO at 652 Broadway or on our web site:
    Keep 'em flying!
    Jeff Clyman

  • 21st Century Authentic A-2

    Official USAF 21st century A-2 flight jacket

    Official USAF 21st century A-2 flight jacket

    I am such a fan of what Ralph Lauren has created in his vision of Double RL! The store has the perfect ambiance and the clothes are either really authentic vintage iconic pieces or designated to look really authentic!

    It was a pleasure to work with Ralph Lauren when he called me in 1978 to manufacture and design his first A-2 style leather jacket. We were both perfectionists sharing the same values about the significance of iconic clothing and its inspiration to clothing design around the world.

    Little did I know that eight years after my design and manufacturing experience with Ralph Lauren, I would end up producing the REAL  A-2 leather jackets for the United States Air Force. My company would be the prime mover in 1986 working with F-16 Thunderbird Pilot Lt. Colonel "Hoss" Jones, the lead contact to the Airforce Joint Chiefs and the Uniform Board, who would be instrumental in getting the U.S. Air Force to re-adopt the leather A-2 as regulation uniform wear as it had been from 1931 to the end of WWII.

    I was a perfectionist myself as well as a Warbird pilot who actually flew and flies WWII fighters (P51 Mustangs, P-40 Warhawks, Navy and Marine Corps F4U Corsairs and Airforce P-47's) in air shows.
    We are fortunate enough to be able to offer authentic versions MADE IN THE USA  to the General Public through our company, Cockpit USA Inc. website, our retail Cockpit General Store at 652 Broadway in New York City and in our printed mailorder Cockpit USA Catalog.

    Made of supple government specification seal brown goatskins, the authentic currect issue A-2 jacket is second to none - Style Z21V41 has all the features of the U.S. Air Force jacket except (unless specially requested) special Velcro patches which the Air Force pilots use to display their rating and their rank and unit identification or squadron insignias...and sometime just sport their "call sign" or nickname like: "Maverick", "Iceman", "Goose" or "Razor" on a custom embroidered name patch.

    Today's A-2 has side and top entry pockets so there is actually somewhere to put your hands instead of the top entry pockets of the WWII versions (see later blogs).

    But don't just read this, SEE this 20th century piece of "Revival"TM clothing in our catalogs or on our website:  Once you put it on you will be scouring the streets of Tribeca in NYC, the Vista in Columbia South Carolina or the slopes in Colorado looking for that P-51 Mustang fighter to strap on and take to the skies. This is the jacket our fighter pilots wear today! It's living history...

    Jeff Clyman

    Check Six and Keep 'em Flyin'

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  • A-2 antique lamb leather -Z2567- modeled after the iconic pilot's leather "second skin"

    Cockpit antique lamb Z2567 made in the USA

    Cockpit antique lamb Z2567 made in the USA

    No one remembers that in the 1970s, when Jacky and I founded Avirex to replicate WWII apparel leather jackets, most leather jackets were considered "bad boy" motorcycle clothing.....Marlon Brando....Fast and the Furious, James Dean, Steve McQueen...etc...

    I had grown up with my father's A-2 he used while flying combat in China during WWII  and then graduated to wearing my uncle's A-2 leather flight jacket which he wore flying P-47 Thunderbolt fighter planes over Germany in 1944.

    Apparently I was not alone. A lot of people were attracted to my jacket with its squadron patches and insignias as they commented to me while I was wearing these "artifacts" as flying kit while performing stunts at airshows in my Stearman vintage WWII Bi-plane... et voila Avirex and Cockpit USA were born!

    The first jackets I had made for Cockpit USA were so stiff they stood up by themselves. This led to my quest to soften the product and create an aged "100 mision worn in used look" to the jackets and ultimately to my developing what became known as "Distressed Leather" and "Distressed Sheepskin" to simulate years of wear.

    The end result is the iconic Cockpit style  Z2567 antique lambskin A-2 pilot's jacket  created by us in the 1980's. It has a luxurious satin lining  with an embroidered, appliqued and hand printed decorated patriotic lining design adorned with American Flags, a salutation from the Gerneral of the Armed Forces and a pin-up inllustration sewn into one side of the jacket featuring a 1940's beauty and the by line "For the Boys in the Cockpit." A lot of visual surprise on the interior of an otherwise utilitarian flight jacket -  Cockpit created a first in the world of flight fashion.

    Why do I call this leather "antique?" Because as you wear this jacket, the leather changes tone and shows signs of use but without damage, and lightens in areas of friction normally occasioned by normal wear ultimately becoming the personalized creation of the wearer. Each jacket ends up its own unique icon with looks slightly different between wearers. 

    And your Cockpit A-2 style Z2567 is MADE IN THE USA!!!

    You can't get homegrown quality like this anywhere but at the Cockpit.

    Choose an Air Corps brown or black color in this very comfortable all year round wearable pilot's original authentic flight suit clothing gear modeled after the jacket  Jacky and I actually redeveloped in 1986  for the United States Airforce combat pilots.

    Read about the 21st Century USAF flight jacket  in my next blog. You will want to sleep in it is so cool.

    Check Six and Keep'em Flying

    Jeff C.

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  • Cockpit USA - The Maiden Voyage

    front_11_revised2I get a thrill every time I walk into my store. (Cockpit USA between Bleecker and Bond in Noho).  But this is a second store.....I remember back in the early 1980s-yes, we've been around a while-when I wanted to make a "museum inside a store" and a "store inside a museum". The first store was at 595 Broadway and had a full size AT-6 WWII airplane and an aircraft carrier motif. The first theme store in the New York area! And the first fashion store on Broadway in 1986. Seems difficult to believe today when you walk down Broadway.

    But the store today still remains unique. I would be hard pressed to find any store in New York City like it. Now we have a real WWII C-45 airplane cockpit section as you walk in.

    Just North of Houston at 652 Broadway this place is a vintage time capsule with the oldest as well as the coolest contemporary fashion mixed with antiques, vintage flight jackets, giant size airplane models of World War II,  Jet Age Aircraft, a Tuskegee Airman P51 Mustang - all flying off the sides of the walls or coming straight at you as you walk in. We have been making and make in the USA -actually in the tristate area -the greatest goatskin, antique lamb and horse hide A-2 , G-1 flight jackets and a collection of WWII replica American sheepskin jackets for men and women.  You can even special order your personalized version if money is no object although, compared to designer versions, ours are a bargain.

    Add tees featuring the  authentic or funny graphics, khakis, jeans, antique furniture for sale including a kitchen hutch from the 1700’s ,this place is an old fashioned General Store!  But we don't stop at carrying just our branded merchandise......WESC jeans, Mosley Tribes and Randolph sunglasses, Fortis, Torgoen and G-Shock watches, Canterbury of New Zealand for men, women and children, Tretorn boots, PF FLyers sneakers, Corcoran, Belleville and Bates authentic  military pilot and Army parachute boots...We even feature the latest bakeries who supply us with brownies or cookies.

    The upstairs attic and garage sale areas give the shopper a great choice of crazy stuff to buy from beautiful fashion samples to World War II Russian leather flyers helmets complete with real flyers goggles and a  book library FOR SALE explaining all the things you never wanted to know.

    So join us at 652 Broadway in Manhattan cause there’s really neat stuff with wonderful sales people who will cater to your every whim or leave you alone if you say “Don’t bother me I’m just looking.”

    And if you don't find something "right" or you want to suggest improvements, by all means, send an email ( or comment on the blog. Criticism helps us get better.

    Jeff Clyman President (founder Avirex and Cockpit)

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