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  • The Fishtail Parka

    Korea 1950, the U.S was at war defending South Korea from an invasion by North Korea and Communist China!

    Roads leaving to the Chosin Reservoir Roads leaving to the Chosin Reservoir

    On 14 November 1950, a cold front from Siberia descended over the Chosin Reservoir in the Korean peninsula, and the temperature plunged to as low as −35 °F. The cold weather was accompanied by frozen ground, creating considerable danger of frostbite casualties, icy roads, and weapon malfunctions. Medical supplies froze; morphine syrettes had to be defrosted in a medic's mouth before they could be injected; frozen blood plasma was useless on the battlefield. Even cutting off clothing to deal with a wound risked gangrene and frostbite. Batteries used for the Jeeps and radios did not function properly in the temperature and quickly ran down. The lubrication in the guns gelled and rendered them useless in battle. Likewise, the springs on the firing pins would not strike hard enough to fire the round, or would jam. In fact, it was the brutal Korean weather that gave birth to the fishtail parka.

    Rigorous Winter over the Chosin Reservoir Rigorous Winter over the Chosin Reservoir

    The M-51 fishtail parka hails its history from the US Army in Korea during the tough wet winters of the early 1950’s during the Korean War.   Like many iconic pieces of outerwear, “the fishtail” has roots in the military. The old M-43 field jacket and liner of WWII as well as the wool great coat were the standard outerwear provided to the military, but the notoriously wet and cold climate of the Korean peninsula necessitated a warmer coat for American troops in the Korean War.

    Cockpit USA M51 DMZ Fishtail Shell Cockpit USA M51 DMZ Fishtail Shell

    The Army designers first developed the M-1949 (Military 1949) and then the M-51 Cold Weather Parka as a result. The main concern for the US military during the Korean War was to keep the soldiers warm and mobile without wearing a robust and clumsy piece of outwear. The fishtail parka accomplished these needs with a three-quarter length, so it could keep someone’s entire body warm without hindering their movement, and constructed the coat out of waterproof cotton and then a nylon cotton blend, so the material would shed snow and freezing rain.

    In the 1960’s, the army surplus fishtail parka became a fashion staple on the streets of London, protecting the suits of working men that needed shield from the city’s elements. While fashionistas would have you believe the tail is intended to hang down like the back end of a fish, it’s actually function is to be tied around the wearer’s legs, from the back to the front, in order to seal things off from any unexpected wind gusts.

    London 1960's The Fishtail Parka becomes a fashion staple in the streets of London during the 1960's

    Our made in the USA M51 DMZ Fishtail with liner has adopted the architecture of the G1 issue shell and liner, and has now been modified to fit a zip in/zip out soft merino shearling hoody, which acts as a fur liner that can also be used as a beautiful and comfortable stand-alone piece. With its authentic water repellent military specification tight weave canvas, the 100% Mil. Spec cotton gives the wearer perfect cold or wet weather protection. Cockpit USA also offers an M51 DMZ fishtail shell and a U.S Army Airborne Parachute Wing insignia fishtail version that heralds the bravery of the military parachutist. Authentic, historic, and unique; the M51 Fishtail Parka is designed for those who demand the best.

    On The Left: M51 DMZ Fishtail W. Liner On The Right: Airborne Embroidered Fishtail On The Left: M51 DMZ Fishtail W. Liner
    On The Right: Airborne Embroidered Fishtail






  • Customer Review: "100 Mission" Cotton A-2 Jacket

    "100 Mission" Cotton A-2 Jacket "100 Mission" Cotton A-2 Jacket

    "I just received my 3rd A2 jacket from Cockpit. The same good quality & fit. My previous 2 jackets had literally worn out, being usually worn 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Always pleased, never disappointed." - Tony

    We're glad to be of service, Tony. Let us know when you are want for a 4th jacket and we'll be happy to help.

  • TBT: 1979/1980 Catalog

    Check out our very first "Cockpit Catalog" from our initial mail order days circa 1979/80. The first to bring then long dormant aviation fashion back into the world and been keeping up this tradition for 40 years now!

    Check out our very first "Cockpit Catalog" from our initial mail order days circa 1979/80. The first to bring then long dormant aviation fashion back into the world and been keeping up this tradition for 40 years now! The first Cockpit Catalog cover from 1979/1980
  • History.com: Jack Yusen

    Being faced with disaster is always a catastrophe. Being faced with disaster while at sea is an entirely different beast. Navy Seaman 1st Class Jack Yusen had been enlisted in the forces for only a year when he was confronted with the calamity of his ship sinking off the coast of the Philippines. While over 500 lives were lost on that harrowing day, Yusen escaped by the skin of his teeth and lived to tell his tale in this captivating short video taken for History.com. Be sure to check it out - we at Cockpit USA have!


  • Personal Shopping at Cockpit USA

    Get your hands on our new arrivals before anyone else!

    Here at Cockpit USA we are excited to announce that we have just launched a luxurious personal shopping service! Customers are welcomed to the Cockpit USA showroom located in Manhattan's Garment District for a consultation tailored, fitted and unique to each individual. In true hospitable American style, clients will be greeted with a mug of hot tea, a personal tour of the entire leather collection and an exclusive look at the newest additions to the contemporary CPT menswear line by the EVP, Jacky Clyman, wife of founder Jeff Clyman. Whether there to put together a single outfit or for an entire wardrobe overhaul, our Cockpit consultant will be on hand to help and advise. Shopping just got smart, easy and incredibly enjoyable at Cockpit USA!

    Opening times: 10am - 5.30pm
    Located on 15 West 39th St. 12th Fl.  (212) 575-1616

  • Memorial Day Weekend :: 25% off all T-Shirts

    Memorial Day Weekend Sale


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  • Cockpit USA - Last Chance Sale - Fall 2010


    SALE : Last Chance to grab Fall 2010 Merchandise!

    Z42I005C: Red L.Sleeve Btn Down Flannel

    Z66E002A: 1940's Shawl Collar Cardigan

    This shawl collar pullover is knitted in a soft washed cotton replicating the original right down to the two hole vintage style buttons and front hand warmer patch pockets.


  • z2107H WWII Gov't Issue A-2


    WWII Gov't Issue A-2 Jacket





    This is the jacket General MacArthur chose to wear. In 1930 it was approved to issue to pilots. The original specs. called for horsehide.
    Today, we are able to supply military grade horsehide. It's as tough as nails. You'll notice the natural creases, folds and surface graining; these are natural conditions and not flaws in the processing of the garment. Details include top entry pockets with snap close flap, knit cuffs and waistbands, brass zipper under front storm flap, snap down collar with hook and eye closure, leather epaulets, underarm grommets for ventilation and an authentic russet brown cotton lining.
    If you want your jacket true to size order your regular size. If you want a roomier fit, order one size larger. Proudly made in the U.S.A. Available in regular and long sizes. Color is made as 1942 Russet Brown Horsehide.

    Currently Starting at $440 - BUY NOW! Prices go up starting 4/15/2011

  • Z2129A : The Classic "Raider" Jacket

    Z2129A : The Classic "Raider" Jacket

    When The Cockpit catalog first introduced this jacket in 1982, it immediately became a best seller because of the superb components and leathers used. Made with 100% vintage lambskin and created with military styling. This jacket includes details such as zip top and side entry two way corded pockets, inside chest pocket, biswing back for ease of movement, knit cuffs and waist band and a luxurious WWII pilot'saviation map lining. Available in regular and long sizes. Proudly made in the U.S.A. and imported.

    Currently Starting at $425 - BUY NOW! Prices go up starting 4/15/2011


  • COCKPIT USA SALE $30 Flannels

    Flannel Sale$30.00 Flannels *while supplies last

    $30.00 Flannels

    *while supplies last

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