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civilian pilot training

  • Cockpit USA celebrates our 40th Anniversary in 2015

    Cockpit USA is celebrating it’s 40th Anniversary of made in the USA fashion, replicated or inspired from the military & aviation. A brand synonymous with authenticity & timeless American tradition, we celebrate our expert craftsmanship and extraordinary attention to detail.

    Cockpit USA 40th Anniversary Cockpit USA 40th Anniversary

    To celebrate our 40th Anniversary, we bring you a Limited Edition collection that pays tribute to some of the iconic jackets of the past 40 years, hand selected by founders Jeff & Jacky Clyman. Some of our favorite jackets from this limited edition collection include replica hand-painted horsehide A2 flight jackets, which will be available in the beginning of February. Stay tuned for more updates and limited edition styles!

  • 12 Days of Cockpit Christmas

    Cockpit USA is here to help you find the perfect gift for the special people in your life. With 12 Days of Cockpit Christmas. We have the ideal gift for him, her, the kids, or yourself this holiday season. Give them a gift that will last decades, and memories that will last a lifetime.

    A-2 Sweater Jacket Inspired by the iconic US Army Air Force jacket, the A-2, this military inspired wool knit has rugged distressed goatskin leather sleeves and pocket detail with the body fashioned from black Italian sweater knit for cozy and comfortable wearing on those cool fall and early winter days and nights.

    First Day: A-2 Sweater Jacket (Style # Z28S004)
    The iconic US Army Air Force jacket with a cozy twist; a sweater knit body & rugged leather details. The ideal gift for a modern man who wants to stand out from the crowd while looking classic and clean cut. It’s perfect for riding down the road on your motorcycle or reading a book outside at your favorite park.

    Harriet Hooded Jacket It’s heather, it’s sweater, it’s tradition, it’s Italian knitted wool with vintage soft leather sleeves.

    Second Day: Harriet Hooded Jacket (Style # W28S001B)
    It’s hooded, it’s snuggly, it’s hip, and it fits like a glove. Made for her to layer and to wear in the fall and winter, this warm hooded sweater is ideal for lounging around the house or going out for a stroll. Crafted from Italian knitted wool with vintage soft leather sleeves for that extra soft feeling that those chilly days need.

    Maverick Varsity Jacket Join the Cockpit USA Top Gun Varsity Award Squad in our cool movie hero varsity. This limited edition jacket is crafted of black melton wool with rich glove touch leather sleeves giving this jacket a military feel with an athletic twist.

    Third Day: Maverick Varsity Jacket (Style # Z28P018)
    Join the Cockpit USA Top Gun Varsity Award Squad in our cool movie hero varsity. This limited edition jacket is crafted of black melton wool with rich glove touch leather sleeves giving this jacket a military feel with an athletic twist. The Maverick Varsity Jacket is perfect for the guy who is on the look out for adventure and not afraid to go the distance.

    Kids Top Gun G-1 Jacket ollowing its years of success with the adult top gun, Cockpit USA is launching an exclusive children's version of the G-1. With miniature sized patches making this such a gem in real leather with a poly filled Cockpit USA "map" lining.

    Fourth Day: Kids Top Gun Navy G-1 Jacket (Style # K201036I)
    Now your little co-pilot can be the hero of the playground. Our Kids Top Gun Navy G-1 Jacket is a miniature version of the classic jacket from the movie Top Gun. All your little flyer will need is a pair of aviators to go with his jacket and they’ll be the coolest kid in school.

    Distressed B-3 Bag Our Distressed B-3 Bag is inspired by the B-3 Shearling jackets wore by pilots in cold temperatures.

    Fifth Day: Distressed B-3 Bag (Style # Z91S001)
    Luxury meets classic style with the Distressed B-3 Bag. Crafted from distressed shearling leather with the wool inside, to make it nice and cozy, and a removable leather iPad case.

    Elite Knit Hooded Sweater This great alternative to your everyday hoodie is a great layer piece made of using a 2 tones cotton-wool knit. The contrasting colors come through the knit and features exposed seams, raw edges on the two front pockets, and elbow patches.

    Sixth Day: Elite Knit Hooded Sweater (Style # Z66M002)
    Watching the game has never been warmer. A great alternative to your everyday hoodie, the Elite Knit Hooded Sweater features raw edges and contrasting colors for a rugged, rustic look. Be warned, your girlfriend will steal this from your closet.

    Barnstormers Hat Originally created by WWI aces such as Red Baron, our Barnstormers Hat is patterned after the original flight helmets worn by open cockpit pilots in during the1920’s and 1930’s.

    Seventh Day: Barnstormers Hat (Style # Z99E002)
    Keep your ears warm while having a snowball fight or flying your plane in our Barnstormers Hat. Worn by WWI aces like the Red Baron and the hippest dog, Snoopy, this hat is the classic look for your adventurer. This gift will keep him warm and stylish in the cold winter months.

    Authentic MA-1 Jacket Worn by various armed forces and originally adapted by the U.S. Air Force in 1960s. This iconic nylon jacket was also used in the 1980’s by U.S. Army helicopter crews and is known as the “Nylon Pilot’s Jacket”.

    Eighth Day: Authentic MA-1 Jacket (Style # Z24J011D)
    For the rebel in your life, we suggest our Authentic MA-1 Jacket. Designed in nylon flight satin boasting a bright orange lining for survival purposes; pilots would turn the jacket inside out to make them visible to rescue crews. Your explorer will be warm and prepared for whatever journeys they take on.

    Big Plans Tuskegee Tee Our Big Plans Tuskegee Tee is a salute to the Tuskegee Airmen for their bravery and skills in battle. Screen printed on 100% ring spun cotton.

    Ninth Day: T-Shirts (Style # Z12S017D pictured)
    Perfect for him or her, our t-shirts make a great stocking stuffer. Any aviation fan will rave over these super soft, sleek tees. Great for the history buff and the flying fanatics in your life, these tees are a guaranteed hit.

    "B-26" Shearling Jacket Due to popular demand, Cockpit USA has officially brought back the ultimate in shearling flight jackets, the B-26 originally created in the 1970’s by Jeff Clyman.

    Tenth Day: “B-26” Shearling Jacket (Style # Z2126)
    Keep your loved one warm for many winters to come. The “B-26” Shearling Jacket is perfect for those who want military style and fashion driven outerwear that is completely functional.

    Betty Motorcycle Jacket Our Betty Motorcycle jacket has all the style and hype you've been looking for. This stunning jacket features zip off sleeves to convert into a fitted vest.

    Eleventh Day: Betty Motorcycle Jacket (Style # W21S001)
    Your sweetheart will never wear another jacket once she gets our Betty Motorcycle Jacket. With zip off sleeves that convert this style into a fitted vest, for added flair for the woman who has it all. This is the jacket you ride off on your motorcycles into the sunset.

    "Movie Heroes" Top Gun Navy G-1 Jacket This jacket is a Hollywood legend. Originally created in 1985, this unique vintage flight jacket starred in the iconic "Top Gun" movie.

    Twelfth Day: “Movie Heroes” Top Gun Navy G-1 Jacket (Style # Z201036T)
    Your hero won’t ever want another thing once he owns the classic “Movie Heroes” Top Gun Navy G-1 Jacket. Hand cut, sewn and aged to perfection, this jacket will make him feel like a Hollywood legend.

  • Cockpit's ANJ-4 Jacket

    The ANJ-4/AN-6552 was a late WW2 development of a sheepskin jacket designed to be more accommodating in a cockpit in lieu of the bulkier B-3 sheepskin, which was used by all aircrew but was not as comfortable in a tight confine. Experimental test samples were developed of this same jacket in leather with various types of linings for warmth and flexibility to accommodate those crewmembers that needed a lighter less bulky material. So a leather version of the ANJ-4 was drawn up and sampled but never produced.

    ANJ-4 Jacket ANJ-4 Jacket

    Cockpit has taken this concept and created our own engineered version of this universally useful jacket, as it permits the wearer to use its two-way zip to sit in a cockpit or a vehicle and loosen the waist as well as side buckles to tighten it to keep the wind out, with added zip sleeves, similar to the British flight jackets, to allow gloves to fit under the sleeves; great for motorcycling as well. The leather is a supple but durable vintage lamb and carries the features of its sheepskin predecessor with USN style patch pockets and a large real shearling collar with throat latch to keep wind out and warmth in. The modern lining is our WW2 parachute pattern nylon quilted to trademark Primaloft for extra warmth, softness and flexibility and two added inside pockets for modern convenience. A truly unique, contemporary jacket with a vintage configuration that sits slightly lower than the sheepskin jackets of the same era for additional weather protection. Proudly made in the USA.

    Get the ANJ-4 Jacket here.

  • Match Racer Jacket

    From riding your motorcycle to flying a plane to going to the movies, our Match Racer Jacket is a great fit for your summer wardrobe. Crafted from a flexible, water repellent textile fabric with perforated leather detailing, this jacket can be worn comfortably all year. Proudly made in the USA.

    Match Racer Jacket from the Civilian Pilot Training Spring 2014 Collection. Match Racer Jacket from the Civilian Pilot Training Spring 2014 Collection.
  • Sharp the Man Event: Presented by Esquire

    Sharp the Man Event, Saturday May 17 to Sunday May 18 in NYC Sharp the Man Event, Saturday May 17 to Sunday May 18 in NYC
  • Visit the Cockpit USA Store!

    With Christmas only weeks away, shopping fever is reaching its peak! Whether doing it online or hitting the pavement, we know retail preparation for the holiday season can be a stressful, time-consuming ordeal. However, this is not the case with Cockpit USA! Away from the shopping crowds bustling down below, the Cockpit USA store is a haven located at our HQ in the fashion district of New York City. Customers are invited to come and browse and try on our iconic leather aviation jackets, luxurious knits, fitted shirts and the contemporary Civilian Pilot Training collection in peace. A retail experience unlike any other, our customers are greeted in true hospitable, American style with a cup of tea or joe (or even eggnog!), given a tour of the entire leather collection and given an exclusive first look at our newest offerings. With no elbowing crowds and no lines for the cashier, the Cockpit USA store is the only stress free way to shop for Christmas!

    Opening times: 10am - 5.30pm

    Located on 15 West 39th St. 12th Fl.  (212) 575-1616


  • Cockpit USA for Hurricane Sandy Relief


    To all our customers,


    We are thrilled to inform you all that as of today, November 5th, we are open and back in operation. Due to the effects of Hurricane Sandy last week, we were without electricity and internet for a week leaving us unable to get into our building on 39th street in Manhattan, NY.


    To all those affected and still affected by Hurricane Sandy, we want you to know that Cockpit USA is with you not only in thought but we are also ready to help in whatever small way we can. For the remainder of this month, November 2012, we will donate $5 for every retail order shipped over $100 (not a % of profits but a $5 bill) to New York's leading volunteer organization, New York Cares. In addition, when we send the check on November 30th, we intend to send with it a list of everyone who made the donation possible through their orders with Cockpit USA.


    For those of you who have directly suffered from Hurricane Sandy, we would like to extend a 20% discount off all Cockpit or Civilian Pilot Training branded products purchased through November 30, 2012.*



    Jeff and Jacky Clyman and


    *we will ask that you supply a copy of an insurance claim or a FEMA report showing the claim as well as an ID with your name and address. Cannot be combined with any other offer.



    Jacky Clyman

    proud sponsors of


  • Made In USA: Agave Denim

    Founded in 2002 by denim maven Jeff Shafer, Agave Denim is as American as it gets. Designed in Portland and hand constructed in California, Agave is regarded as a pillar in the world of denim. Using only fabrics of the highest quality and talented crafts men and women with years of experience, the end product never falls below their established bar of soaring heights. We at Cockpit USA are such avid fans of Agave Denim and supporters of fellow Made in USA brands that we used a range of their jeans for the Civilian Pilot Training Fall/Winter 12 look book! Take a look at some of our shots in collaboration...

  • Bag Yourself a Cockpit USA Bag

    Over the years, Cockpit USA have come to be known as connoisseurs for leather heritage jackets in the outerwear world. We have since evolved and extended our reach into the contemporary world of men's fashion with a contemporary inspired collection of shirts, knits and coats. However, there is more to Cockpit USA than just garments. With summer around the corner and vacations penned in the diary, travel bags will be needed and of those we have an array! Keeping in line with our signature military influences, we have sourced authentic materials from the army to craft carry-alls and kit bags. Our stand out piece is the City Flyers' Helmet Bag, made in accordance to military specifications using 10 oZ. canvas and a sumptuous top grain leather trim, perfect for far flung adventures or even just a trip to the gym!

  • Sneak Peek at Civilian Pilot Training F/W 2012

    It was on an uncharacteristically warm March morning in New York City, that the Cockpit USA team congregated in a sun drenched studio in midtown to shoot the Civilian Pilot Training Fall/Winter 2012 look book. Shot by the up and coming talents of photographer Benjamin Stelly with direction by our creative genius, Rudy Gonzales and his partner in crime, stylist extraordinaire Barret Wertz, the look book captures the contemporary yet heritage imbued elements of the next season's collection. Our suave models, Don Hood and Grey Barreda were made all the more striking by the magical hair and make up prowess of Kayle Williams while myself, Rosa Kaftan formed an ever lasting bond with Jiffy the steamer. Although among a team of stars, the limelight was firmly fixed on the collection, composed of modernized iconic flight jackets, hooded duffle parkas and an array of denim, plaid and checked shirting created according to influences from military tactical systems. All the jeans are by Agave Denim and footwear by Bed|Stü. Here's a sneak peek...

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