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behind the scenes

  • Movie Monday: Battleground

    Set during WWII's Battle of Bulge, Battleground is an award winning box office hit that delves beneath the gritty surface action of guns and bombs, portraying the story of the true human experience  and shedding light on under told aspects of war. The focus of the film lies on the soldiers of a company in the 327th Glider Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division as they toil through the Siege of Bastogne, depicting their courage in battle along with their doubts, fears and vulnerability as human beings, setting this movie apart from the rest because of its grim honesty. Directed by William Wellman, Battleground stars John Hodiak, George Murphy, James Whitmore, Van Johnson, Ricardo Montalban and won two Oscars for Cinematography and Best Writing, Story and Screenplay along with two Golden Globes for Best Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor to James Whitmore. Considered the first eminent film to be released after the end of the war, Battleground fuses an honest portrayal of American soldiers with spectacular wartime reenactments making it a Cockpit USA favorite and Movie Monday pick of the week!

  • Behind The Scenes: Making Of A B-3

    At Cockpit USA the creation of each and every one of our jackets is a dedicated labor of love. Our production ethics have never changed; an allegiance to quality craftsmanship, authenticity and painstaking precision in order to create jackets far superior to their mass manufactured counterparts. Take a look at this behind the scenes video of the making of the B-3 featuring Cockpit USA founder Jeff Clyman discussing the history of the shearling flyer's jacket.

  • Behind the Scenes: Craftsmanship of an A-2

    Here at Cockpit USA we take pride in the skill and artistry put into each and every single one of our A-2 jackets. Hand cut, stitched, constructed and finished by our seasoned craftsmen and women, these leather jackets are made to impeccable standards. The thorough and individual expert attention given to each piece upholds the signature superior quality of our brand, and only when this is fulfilled does a jacket qualify as a Cockpit USA product. Have a look at this ‘Behind the Scenes’ video we made to give you a peak into the craftsmanship put into our iconic A-2 jackets. Proudly made in the USA.

  • Behind the Scenes of Fall 2010 Photo Shoot

    Behind the Scenes of Fall 2010 Photo Shoot 

    Cockpit - Originated in 1975 as the first mail order catalog to offer
    military leather and textile goods and official supplier to the U.S.
    air-force. Launching CPT (Civilian Pilot Training) the fashion
    contemporary brand stemming from the military and american lifestyle
    of Cockpit.
    Take a sneak peek in the behind the scenes of the Cockpit
    fall 2010 photo shoot where the models are friends and the work is
    Follow the Shoot Process:
    Photo #1: Setting up the studio
    Photo #2: Detailing the models
    Photo #3: Application in Ads and Promotions
    Director: Rudy Gonzales
    Photographer- Matthew Powell
    Stylist- Barret Wertz
    Hair & Makeup-Joelle Troisi
    Hair & Make Up- Adora Rae Ramos
    Assistant- Marc Gamerio
    Assistant- Nicholas Fancyface Harris
    Model- Jen Waite
    Model- Patrick Crough
    Model- Ray Testa
    Model- A.J. Ojeda Pons
    Model Phillip Konig
    Edits: Zachary A.  Martz


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