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american air power museum

  • Artisans Of Freedom Films

    "Born in America, raised in the skies" Fall 2018 saw the launch of Cockpit USA's collaboration with Allen Edmonds and the "Artisans of Freedom" project. Shot at the American Airpower Museum, watch The Cockpit USA story.

  • Made In USA: Guillow's Model Airplane Company


    At Cockpit USA our passion for all things aviation runs so deep that we are not only the official suppliers to the USAF but we also happen to proudly sponsor the American Air Power Museum, which is home to an impressive squadron of operational World War II aircrafts! In addition, we have a somewhat decorative penchant for airplanes in the form of balsa wood... Yes, we are talking about model airplanes! Guillow's, the original and best suppliers of model kits are our 'go to' store because of the quality of their goods, vintage packaging and also the history which permeates the company. Founded by Paul K. Guillow, a World War I U. S. Navy Aviator and fellow flying enthusiast, it would be wrong to shop anywhere else!



  • The Friday Getaway: Bethpage State Park


    A perfect getaway for golfing fanatics, pros and amateurs, Bethpage State Park is a playground of five public 18-hole regulation golf courses each suited to a range of handicaps. Rated among the best golfing facilities in the country, the course boasts soft white sands and pristine green grass which is kept in immaculate condition for a second to none experience. Designed by respected golf architects A.W. Tillinghast and Alfred Tull, each course demands precise accuracy and schematic shots up until the very last hole. As two time hosts of the US Open and with an estimated annual 300,000 rounds played on all the courses, it seems along with Cockpit USA's American Air Power Museum, there is now another reason to visit Farmingdale, New York!

  • AAM Archive: Glamorous Gal

    As proud sponsors of the American Air Power Museum, we at Cockpit USA must admit we are self confessed aircraft nerds. After much rummaging through reams of footage taken at the hangars and runways in Farmingdale, Long Island, we have unearthed this little gem of a video of P-51 'Glamorous Gal'. It is definitely for the most enthusiastic of airplane lovers... Listen the the whir of the engine!




  • AAM on NBC NYC

    Early this month, the American Air Power Museum of which Cockpit USA is sponsors of, welcomed Holocaust survivors, veterans and high school students to honor and commemorate the very first concentration camp liberation at Buchenwald in April 1945. The moving day comprised of a parade of M4 Sherman tanks, the very tanks which saved countless lives, along with heartfelt talks by those effected. Among those who took to the podium to speak was Thea Rumstein, once a prisoner of the camps and freed at 15 years old. This video report by News4's Greg Cergol gives insight into the proceedings of the day including interviews with Thea Rumstein herself.

  • AAM Event: Honoring the Doolittle Raiders

    To commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the Doolittle Raid, on Thursday 12th until Monday 16th April, the American Air Power Museum's B-25 'Miss Hap' and its crew will retreat once again to Dayton Ohio. Named after General James Doolittle, a lieutenant general of the USAF at the time, he devised an operation to strike the Japanese mainland in response to the attack on Pearl Harbor which went on to become American's first major counter attack in the pacific in April 1942.  Made popular by the novel and movie, 30 Seconds Over Tokyo, the onslaught involved the launch of land based B-25 Bombers from an aircraft carrier for which General Doolittle received a Medal of Honor for his bravery and leadership.

    A fly by will accompany this year's event which is to be held at the USAF Museum. In addition, surviving raiders and original members of the USS Hornet Crew that transported and launched them on their courageous mission, Chinese rescuers that aided the landed crews in mainland China afterwards will be in attendance. An excess of 20 B-25s are due to make the historic journey alongside 'Miss Hap' and crew, making what is to be the last public gathering for the Doolittle Raiders as they toast their departed in a final public Goblet ceremony, ever the more memorable. As proud sponsors of AAM, Cockpit USA will be there!

  • The AAM In Motion

    Created by Frederick Miller, a supporter of the American Air Power Museum, this spectacular montage of aircraft images is testament to true aircraft workmanship. Set against the glittering lights of Long Island, dramatic lightening bolts and the sun dipping into dusk, the video also showcases the beautiful grounds on which the AAM is located.

  • American Air Power Museum Educational Program

    It was on April 4, 1945 that American army units discovered and liberated the first slave labor camp at Ohrdruf, in Thuringia, Germany. In the following week, American forces went on to free the camps at Buchenwald, near Weimar, and the V2 rocket slave-labor camp at Nordhausen in the Harz Mountains. On the 67th anniversary of the liberation of these camps, the American Air Power Museum, of which Cockpit USA are proud sponsors, will host a number of US armored vehicles, similar to those that broke down the gates to free the Holocaust survivors. The exhibit is part of an educational program which will be held at the museum next month through the sponsorship of Morrell Caterers. Mauthausen concentration camp survivors Thea and Jack Rumstein and students from the surrounding areas will gather for the program in order to maintain the story of Holocaust and of the liberation.

  • Come fly with us...

    In commemoration of Columbus Day, the Age of Exploration and discovering new and exciting encounters, Cockpit USA are going flying! While Christopher Columbus once braved blustery seas and the risk of scurvy, the Cockpit USA guys and girls are donning their Vintage Pearl Harbour and Amelia Flight jackets and heading down to the American Air Power Museum for an aviation adventure in the clouds. The "Mission to Normandy" themed flight experience and interactive history lesson offered at the museum in Long Island includes the chance to wear a World War II Airborne Trooper uniform and a unique opportunity to take flight in a C-47 craft that participated in D-Day over 60 years ago. Although the chances of discovering new lands up in the air may be narrow, the experience is one seeped in proud American history. Places are limited, so to get yours get in touch with the museum on 212-843-8010 or email them here. Bon voyage!

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