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amelia flight jacket

  • The Iconic Cockpit USA Collection, styles designed to withstand the Test of Time


    One could be forgiven for mistaking film classics such as “Top Gun” and “Pearl Harbor” as just box office hits that drove movie ticket sales sky-high! Fortunately, Cockpit USA is here to remind you there is more...

    Top Gun Movie and Cockpit USA's "Movie Heroes" Top Gun Jacket


    We remember stories of war and tales of loss. Moments of love, heroism, and redemption. A time when young men and women dressed in uniform fought for a country they called home-the United States of America.

    It’s there in the shield of armor we call American Style that we immortalize these historical events.

    Movie Pearl Harbor and Cockpit USA's "Remember Pearl Harbor A-2 Flight Jacket

    Eight decades have passed since Amelia Earhart’s ill-fated flight across the Pacific but it’s her courageous step into harm’s way as the first female pilot to fly over the Pacific that inspires the narrative. It’s Earhart’s legend that still encourages young women in aviation today and also inspires our Amelia Jacket and coat.

    Amelia Earhart in front of the Lockheed Electra Plane next to Cockpit USA's Amelia Jacket.


    100 Mission Bomber inspired by General George S. Patton

    “It’s better to fight for something than to live for nothing”, said General George S. Patton whose decisive command decisions took the lead in the great Battle of Bulge in 1944. Patton’s highly recognized image taken during that fateful battle gives historical meaning to our B-3 sheepskin styles launched back in 1977.

    As art imitates life, we recount the story of American Heroes on the silver screen. Actors such as Tom Hardy and Cuba Gooding Jr. recreate these events in renowned films such as “Dunkirk” and “Red Tails”. While some may be true and others “inspired by”, it is the people that wore them that give them iconic immortality…

    Tom Hardy Wearing Cockpit USA's R.A.F Bomber Jacket next to Cockpit USA's Dunkirk Hooded R.A.F Sheepskin Jacket
    Jeff Clyman wearing his "100 Mission B-3 Bomber Jacket, and Jacky Clyman wearing her "Women's Top Gun Flight Jacket". Photos by Jürgen Frank from WIC Interview "The Jacket of Heroes"

    Since 1975, our mission at Cockpit USA is to preserve and continue to share this history through quality garments that are timeless, classic and iconic.

    Women's B-15 Bomber Jacket inspired by Marilyn Monroe

    Iconic Photoshoot - Captured by Daniel D'ottavio

  • #CockpitGlobeTrotters: Chronicles of Kire

    In our last Globetrotters blog, I promised we would soon be meeting Luca’s mother, to follow along on her adventures as she field-tests classic Cockpit USA styles in Africa and around the world.

    Kire Godal wearing her Amelia Jacket at the African Heritage House. Photograph by Luca Piazzi Kire Godal wearing her Amelia Jacket at the African Heritage House. Photograph by Luca Piazzi

    Kire Godal has spent her career filming Africa’s vanishing cultures, and documenting wildlife conservation projects. Most recently she produced her first TV series, Minjiba Entertains. Her most recent adventure, Skypaths, brought her from the deserts of northern Kenya, to the steamy jungles of the Congo. During filming Kire even lived for weeks at a time in a tiny pup tent amid teeming herds of wildlife in the shadow of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

    Kire started her career in her teens as a Ford model, later making the transition to working behind the camera. She quickly made a name for herself as a brilliant filmmaker, writer and producer. One of the most endearing aspects of my friend Kire, is that despite such exciting and successful endeavors, her proudest accomplishment has been simultaneously raising her loving family.

    Kire Godal Filming Tribes: Archives - Behind the Scenes from Kire Godal on Vimeo.

    Kire was the first friend I contacted as soon as the Cockpit USA team approved my idea of having real people living adventurous lives field-test Cockpit USA products in Africa. Reaching out to Kire was the most natural thing in the world for me, as not only have we been friends for twenty years, but have worked together on film projects and on safari.

    Kire has that rare ability to look stylish and beautiful while doing physically demanding work in some of the world’s harshest climates, most rugged landscapes, and primitive condition. Over our 20 year friendship, I have come to know some very reliable facts about Kire’s packing necessities.

    Kire Godal wearing her Amelia Jacket. Photographed by Paulo Ares Kire Godal wearing her Amelia Jacket. Photographed by Paulo Ares

    Kire’s specialty is taking her film cameras, including a RED Dragon, into remote locations and all that camera gear doesn’t leave much room for trendy clothes.

    Whatever clothes Kire choses to pack into her trusty old Land Cruiser must provide protection from the elements, be comfortable, low-maintenance and long-wearing – and of course should look amazing. Those are the qualities that exactly describe American made Cockpit USA jackets, and that is why Kire fell instantly in love with the Cockpit USA Amelia Jacket.

    Kire Godal wearing her Amelia Jacket at the African Heritage House. Photograph by Luca Piazzi Kire Godal wearing her Amelia Jacket at the African Heritage House. Photograph by Luca Piazzi

    When I first presented Kire with her new Amelia Jacket, she and her son Luca were in the midst of filming her new Africa Channel TV series “Minjiba Entertains” so the Amelia jacket instantly became part of Kire’s uniform on location. As Second Camera Operator on the shoot, Luca was able to take some still photographs of Kire and Amelia at work. 

    Immediately after wrapping the TV episode, Kire packed up to travel with her boyfriend and collaborator in their production companyPaulo Ares to Portugal for work on one of her documentary films ‘Skypaths. Paulo was the photographer for this shoot, capturing Kire on her travels with Amelia. We are delighted to share the first chapters of what we know will prove to be a long and happy association between Kire Godal and her Cockpit USA Amelia Jacket!

    Kire Godal wearing her Amelia Jacket. Photographed by Paulo Ares Kire Godal wearing her Amelia Jacket. Photographed by Paulo Ares

    -- Don Young, Brand Ambassador for Cockpit USA   •   Newland Tarlton & Co.

    Follow Kire on social to see her latest adventures.

    Facebook: Kire Godal Filmmaker   •   Instagram: @kiregodal  •   Vimeo: Kire Godal Films

  • History Class: Amelia Earheart

    After over 70 years since her disappearance, Amelia Earheart recently made headlines once again as a new search in her interests was conducted over the past couple of months. Although the renewed quest into the mystery of her vanishing brought no results, Miss Earheart still remains the first female to conquer the skies and capture the heart of the nation. Boasting a revolutionary tale of bravery and achievement, at the peak of her flying career, Earheart was dubbed, 'one of the best women pilots in the United States' and was the first woman to be awarded the U.S. Distinguished Flying Cross for her heroic solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean in 1932. Her determination and zeal paved the way for aspiring female pilots and inspired the creation of Cockpit USA's beautiful WWII Amelia Jacket and Amelia Flight Jacket. A Hollywood movie entitled 'Amelia' which illustrated her moving story and starred Hilary Swank, Richard Gere and Ewan McGregor was released in 2009 to much acclaim. A true legend of her time, Amelia Earheart is iconic of groundbreaking aviation and female courage.

  • Come fly with us...

    In commemoration of Columbus Day, the Age of Exploration and discovering new and exciting encounters, Cockpit USA are going flying! While Christopher Columbus once braved blustery seas and the risk of scurvy, the Cockpit USA guys and girls are donning their Vintage Pearl Harbour and Amelia Flight jackets and heading down to the American Air Power Museum for an aviation adventure in the clouds. The "Mission to Normandy" themed flight experience and interactive history lesson offered at the museum in Long Island includes the chance to wear a World War II Airborne Trooper uniform and a unique opportunity to take flight in a C-47 craft that participated in D-Day over 60 years ago. Although the chances of discovering new lands up in the air may be narrow, the experience is one seeped in proud American history. Places are limited, so to get yours get in touch with the museum on 212-843-8010 or email them here. Bon voyage!

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