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Cockpit USA

  • North Africa Campaign

    Beginning on June 10 1940 until May 13 1943 and traversing deserts in Libya, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, the North Africa Campaign was a battle between the Allied and Axis Forces. Two years in, the U.S. joined British forces in the campaign. Take a look at these fascinating images compiled and connected by - as history fanatics and endorsers, we at Cockpit USA were enthralled!

  • Stories of the Jacket: Cotton ‘100 Mission’ A-2

    With Spring around the corner, here at Cockpit USA we are beginning to think less about leather and more about lighter weight outerwear. This is why we came up with yet another classic! Cousin to the battered ‘battle worn’ antique lambskin ‘100 Mission’ aviation jacket, this cotton version is the perfect alternative for the summer seasons. While the days may swelter, there’s sometimes a cold chill in the air at night – cue the cotton A-2! Crafted from cotton twill and boasting a whole host of features including snap close top and side entry pockets, epaulets, an interior chest pocket and a sleek leather snap down collar along with knit cuffs and waistband, this Cockpit USA creation ticks all the boxes for everything and anything a warm weather jacket needs! What’s more, for added authenticity, the cotton lining boasts a silk screened patriotic citation design and a Cockpit USA I.D. leather bar tab on the left chest. Don’t say we don’t think of it all…!


  • AAM: Come rain or shine - the fun never stops!

    While it may be March and temperatures may be on the up, it still is an iffy month in terms of sunshine, fog, clouds and... sometimes even snow! However, at the Cockpit USA sponsored American Airpower Museum, no degree of bad weather gets in the way of the very best of what they offer. Whether in the air, soaring through beautiful blue skies or on the ground in our famous hangar, all visitors who desire it get to have the 'in flight experience'! For more information, click here to check out the website and get the low down on how you can get the chance to ride in a real life, historic aircraft!

  • Movie Monday: Battleground

    Set during WWII's Battle of Bulge, Battleground is an award winning box office hit that delves beneath the gritty surface action of guns and bombs, portraying the story of the true human experience  and shedding light on under told aspects of war. The focus of the film lies on the soldiers of a company in the 327th Glider Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division as they toil through the Siege of Bastogne, depicting their courage in battle along with their doubts, fears and vulnerability as human beings, setting this movie apart from the rest because of its grim honesty. Directed by William Wellman, Battleground stars John Hodiak, George Murphy, James Whitmore, Van Johnson, Ricardo Montalban and won two Oscars for Cinematography and Best Writing, Story and Screenplay along with two Golden Globes for Best Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor to James Whitmore. Considered the first eminent film to be released after the end of the war, Battleground fuses an honest portrayal of American soldiers with spectacular wartime reenactments making it a Cockpit USA favorite and Movie Monday pick of the week!

  • Another Satisfied Customer: Top Gun G-1 Jacket

    "I recently received my Top Gun Jacket and I must say it is perfect. The quality is outstanding and the service I recieved from Cockpit USA  from Jacky Clyman was excellent. My biggist worry was whether the jacket would fit properly if ordering it online, but it fits perfectly!"

    - Henk


  • Jimmie Kayana

    Born in Oregon in 1920 to Japanese immigrants, Army Medic Jimmie Kayana fulfilled his ambition of becoming a military man when he enlisted in the U.S. army in 1941. Following the attack on Pearl Harbor, Kayana was alienated within the army and his family was sent to an internment camp but undeterred, he valiantly joined America’s first all-Japanese Regiment in 1941. This very moving short documentary courtesy of tugged at Cockpit USA's heartstrings as it illustrates the dramatic twists and turns Kayana’s military life took along with the unceasing pride he felt to be fighting for the U.S. side, a side he regarded truly as his own.

  • Stories of the Jacket: Top Gun G-1

    Steeped in a proud sense of achievement and success, the Top Gun G-1 aviation jacket was designed by Cockpit USA with the Navy’s top fighters in mind. Decorated with an assortment of authentic embroidered squadron patches and a magnificent naval aviator blood chit on the back, this G-1 bomber jacket acknowledges the service history of the USN’s most elite fighter jocks. Adorned with statement making prowess and crafted from 100% antique lamb, this iconic bomber also boasts a copyrighted and intricate adaptation of a WWII pilot’s escape evasion map lining making it luxurious both on the inside and out. If you want a jacket that will turn heads and kick start conversations, this is the jacket for the job!

  • AAM Archives: 1940S!

    As proud sponsors of the American Airpower Museum in Farmingdale, Long Island home to a great fleet of operational and soaring historic aircraft, we at Cockpit USA love having a rummage through the photo and video archives to see what gems we can unearth. This week's throwback comes courtesy of our friends at Cradle of Aviation who sent this wonderful photo of the Airpower's hangar in the late 1940s! Take a look for yourself and be sure to check out the website here!

  • Movie Monday: Midway

    Directed by Jack Smight and starring a glittering cast including Henry Fonda, Charlton Heston, Robert Wagner and Christina Kokubo, Midway is an action packed WWII film that checks all the boxes. Centered around the Battle of Midway against the Imperial Japanese Navy in the Pacific, the film simultaneously follows both sides from chief strategist Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto and Captain Matt Garth of the American forces in the planning and execution of the pivotal encounter. With a dash of romance and a generous dose of combat action, this is the perfect war film for a chilly Monday evening! Cockpit USA approved.

  • Another Satisfied Customer: Tuskegee Airmen Jacket

    At Cockpit USA, we strive to excel as much in the quality of our leathers and craftsmanship as in the quality of our customer services. There is no request too large or question too trying. The care of our customers is imperative to the mission of our brand and we endeavor to continually go over and beyond what is asked of us. Comments left on our website by our faithful customers are testament to excellence of our garments and assistance. We'll let them speak for us...

    "This jacket is perfection. Fit and quality is amazing. The dark brown color is so much better in person and colors of the stitching are eye-grabbing. This is a real attention getter, and it fits me as if custom made. The size description is accurate, and the Cockpit USA rep I spoke to was excellent. Did I mention I love this jacket?"

    - Kevin

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