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  • An Air Force Second-To-None

    USAF F16 and P51 Mustang Heritage Flight

    Today, September 18th, 2018 we celebrate the 71st birthday of the United States Air Force. The Air Force traces its history back to 1907 when it became a division of the U.S Army Signal Corps just 4 years after the first powered flight at Kitty Hawk, NC by the aviation pioneers the Wright Brothers. First tested in combat during WWI, matured during the years between the World Wars, and dominating the skies in combat during WWII and coming into its own as the U.S Army Air Corps, and in 1941 renamed the U.S Army Air Force during WWII the independent Air Force concept took shape.

    Mosquito FAC pilots Korean War1

    In the aftermath of World War Two, as aviation technology advanced rapidly into the jet age proponents of an independent service branch were heard loud and clear. As a function of the National Security of 1947 the U.S Air Force was born on September 18th of that year and would become what could be considered the first line of defense against the growing Soviet Threat of the post-war years, that would become known as the Cold War. Since its birth 71 years ago the USAF has dominated the skies over our adversaries and has held the edge of Air Superiority over our nations, and allies’ foes through its dedicated and skilled airmen, and it’s always evolving and ground-breaking technological advances.

    F-84 Pilots circa 1950

    On this occasion, we salute all the men and women who have served our nation as Airmen past and present as well as all those who have defended our nation through air dominance for 71 years. We are also very proud to have supported our airmen for over 35 years supplying high quality, made in the USA flight apparel including flight jackets, flight suits, and especially proud to have been a part of bringing back the A-2 flight jacket tradition to aircrews in 1987 on the occasion of the 40th birthday of the United States Air Force.


















    Happy 71st Birthday USAF!

    To learn more about our nation’s Air Force go to and see first-hand the amazing job our Airmen do every day, both at home and abroad.

    Hill AFB F-105D and F 1980s
  • Proudly Featured in M/LES

    Military style has been around for centuries, a look that is inspired by ones nationality and military pride. Hannah Miles from the blog, M/LES, wore our mens “Vintage Vietnam war era USMC” Embroidered Canvas Field Jacket and mens “Las Vegas lady” Pinup T-Shirt for her story on the military style trend. We like the way she styled everything and made the look her own.

    Check out the whole story on her site here.

    Hannah Miles wore our Vintage Vietnam Embroidered Canvas Field Jacket & Las Vegas Lady Pinup Tee for her latest blog post. Hannah Miles wore our Vintage Vietnam Embroidered Canvas Field Jacket & Las Vegas Lady Pinup Tee for her latest blog post.


  • Guest Post: Rothmans Store Opening @ 18th & Park

    The perfect find from your father’s closet can be hit or miss, unless your father is Ken Giddon that is.

    Originally located on 16th street, Rothmans- the well known men’s retailer has relocated just two blocks north to 18th and Park. Outfitting the local Washington Square alumni since 1986, owner Ken and brother Jim Giddon offered consumers quality discounted suiting and have since evolved alongside their customers.

    “This is NOT your fathers closet.” my good friend Syl Tang points out, with brands like Mr. Brown by Duckie Brown, Scotch & Soda, and Will Leather Goods she couldn’t be more accurate. Housing contemporary styles of shirting, denim and even t-shirts, Rothmans is the perfect source to dressing the NY gentleman in style.

    Suiting by Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, and Ted Baker can also be found on the basement level of the 11,00sq. foot flagship store.

    Please check out some photos of the store and debut event.


    Photos by Marcus Fiore & CB

    Band- Caveman

    via Rudy Gonzales

  • Boeing Plant 2 - Salvaged Wood Project

    Duluth Timber Company is pleased to again be involved in reclaiming timbers from an historic piece of American industrial infrastructure, this time Boeing Plant 2 in Seattle. Playing a crucial role in World War II, Boeing Plant 2 produced and let fly nearly 7,000 B-17 Flying Fortresses.  It built-out at 1.7 million square feet. It was one of the first modern assembly lines. “The plant employed as many as 30,000 people working three shifts to churn out bombers in staggering numbers — up to 362 a month.”  (“Wrecking Ball Looms...” Seattle Times 1/13/10) War SecretsSecrecy of the plant was so crucial during the war that Boeing built houses of plywood and fabric and installed fake streets to camouflage the roof. John Detlie, a Hollywood art director and first husband of actress Veronica Lake, helped blend the facility into the surrounding neighborhood. The fake housing development covered nearly 26 acres with netting, plywood and other material.

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