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Feast Friday

  • Friday Feast: Nieuport 17


    Named after a French hi-wing single seat fighter plane, Nieuport 17 is the perfect location for aviation and food enthusiasts alike. Established by Bill Bettis, a former naval aviator, the restaurant is a shrine to his flying career. Tastefully adorned with authentic photos, painting and artifacts, the decor reveals a deep seated passion for airplanes and aircrafts. The menu boasts an array of steak and seafood, from 28-day aged and hand-cut beef to lobster tails and charbroiled swordfish alongside an extensive choice of delicious cocktails. Whether for a languid brunch or a lavish dinner, Nieuport 17 ticks all the Cockpit USA boxes!

    13051 Newport Ave, Tustin, CA 92780

  • Friday Feast: NYC Restaurant Week

    It's an annual gastronomical festival and one of Cockpit USA's favorite few weeks - yes, we're talking about New York Restaurant week! Despite its name, the occasion lasts rather longer from July 16 through to August 10 during which the city's top eateries offer pre-fixe lunch and dinner menus at highly affordable prices of $24.07 or $35.00 respectively. Decadent indulgence need not come with a hefty price tag - we'll certainly be taking advantage! Find a full listing of the restaurants taking part here.

  • Friday Feast: The Crenshaw Farmer's Market

    Here at Cockpit USA, we make no bones about our love for food. Along with our allegiance to all things heritage, we also boast a secret addiction to all foods grown in the USA which is why our weekends are spent in great part at local farmer’s markets across whichever city we find ourselves in, sniffing apples and trying out home made preserves ready to feast on for brunch on Sundays! Located in Los Angeles, the Crenshaw Farmer’s market takes place every Saturday and offers a whole host of fresh fruits, vegetables, baked goods and sweets sourced entirely from the surrounding areas. With twelve farmers and seven food vendors in attendance every week, there is no end to the array of good old home made and home grown eats available. What’s more, once a month the market spices up proceedings with cooking demonstrations, tastings, contests and live entertainment for kids and adults alike. Open all year round; come rain or shine, the Crenshaw Farmer’s Market is a hub of community spirit and all American camaraderie that we at Cockpit USA cannot get enough of! If you’re in the area, be sure to check it out!

    Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza at 3650 Martin Luther King Jr. blvd, at Stocker St.


  • Friday Feast: How to Grill


    Tis the season to grill, get merry and eat a whole lot of meat! Around this time every Friday, we at Cockpit USA, we find ourselves counting down the hours and minutes until the weekend when we can break out our BBQing paraphenalia and throw some steaks on the fire! While we all think we're experts at cooking up a storm, we recently came across the ultimate in grilling guidebooks How to Grill: The Complete Illustrated Book of Barbecue Techniques. The greatest 'how-to' manual in varying techniques to get the results wanted, this book covers it all from how to create a 'three-zone fire', cooking up the best burger and over a 100 recipes and 1000 colorful images instructing and inspiring the way to a flawless grilled dinner! Only 12 more hours until we put those steps into action by making the perfect porterhouse...!




  • Friday Feast: Kentucky Bourbon Cookbook

    This week Cockpit USA HQ have indulged our appreciation for good whiskey by bringing you a feature on Four Roses Bourbon and a piece on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. In keeping with this boozy theme, today's Friday Feast combines the finest cuisine with all American whiskey in the form of the Kentucky Bourbon Cookbook! Penned by chef Albert W.A. Schmid, these bourbon infused recipes include Kentucky Bourbon pancakes, chicken with mustard honey Kentucky Bourbon sauce and even instructions on how to make a fruity Kentucky Bourbon cake! Perfect for whiskey lovers, foodies and Americana enthusiasts alike, this book mixes it all up and puts it on a plate ready to devour!

    Pork tenderloin with Kentucky Bourbon-Q sauce!

  • Friday Feast: Smorgasburg

    This week's Friday Feast is a veritable mixed plate of mouth watering treats. Although not available today, every Saturday the picturesque waterfront in Williamsburg, Brooklyn becomes swarmed with food vendors of the finest variety. Aptly named Smorgasburg, the al fresco dining experience brings together chow hounds from far and wide to indulge in a wide variety of sweet and savory eats courtesy of establishments such as Momofuku Milk BarFine & Raw ChocolateEmpire Mayonnaise Co.,  SlantShack Jerky and Asia Dog. With the Manhattan skyline as a backdrop and a decadent ice cream in hand, there's no better way we at Cockpit USA can think of to spend a summery Saturday afternoon than at Smorgasburg!

  • Friday Feast: The Barbeue America Cookbook

    Cockpit USA have officially sniffed out and showed you all the aviation themed restaurants in the vicinity. Instead of bringing you another eaterie, this week we've decided to celebrate the advent of summer and the sun's welcome return, we encourage you to rustle up your very own feast! What better way to cook up a mean meal than with a cook book?! Written by Rich Browne and Jack Bettridge, The Barbecue America Cookbook: America's Best Recipes from Coast to Coast is the only guide on grilling you'll need this year. Boasting recipes from all over the land, this is an endless source of the best barbeque styles and dishes America has to offer, complete with mouth watering photos! Now there's no excuse standing between you, a hunk of meat, marinade and a very satisfied stomach!

  • Friday Feast: Bomber Restaurant

    Located near the Willow Run bomber plant, the birth place of the B-24 during WWII, the Bomber Restaurant is a tribute and place of dedication to the iconic aircraft. Briefly known as Baldwin's Diner in 1936, the eaterie soon changed its name to the Bomber, proceeding to alter its moniker a few more times before settling in 1986 on its current (and previous!) title. Serving up good old American fare including the Cowboy Skillet, Bomber Dog and Philly Steak Hoagie, this diner is a safe bet on comfort food. Featured on the Food TV show 'Top Five Over Indulgences' and entirely decorated in model airplanes, historic photos and war memorabilia, The Bomber ticks every dining requirement we at Cockpit USA have!

    306 East Michigan Avenue Ypsilanti, MI 48198
    (734) 482-0550

  • Friday Feast: Gourmet Aviator

    In the past, we at Cockpit USA have presented you with the best aviation themed restaurants to go to after a long working week. From fine dining to all American cuisine, we have recommended it all. However, this week, we're bringing you something a little... mobile! Pioneer of the award winning Aviators Wing Sauce and owner of Gourmet Aviator Products, Alex Montanez has just launched his already acclaimed gourmet food truck. Although a trained pilot, Montanez has taken position behind the wheel of Gourmet Aviator, his vintage nose art decorated truck and is currently roaming around Jacksonville, Florida offering up hearty burgers laden with his prize hot sauces. Keep an eye out for the gourmand meal machine at farmers market, airshows and special events on the East coast!

  • Friday Feast: The Airplane Restaurant

    Every Friday at Cockpit USA we like to present you with unique dining experiences that combine aviation and food. However, this week we bring you something that raises the bar in the unique stakes. Located in Colorado Springs, is one of the largest piston aircraft ever to be created by Boeing - the Boeing KC-97. Built in 1953, the plane is not merely just a visual history lesson in aviation... it also happens to contain a very aptly named restaurant too! Entitled The Airplane Restaurant, this eaterie seats 42 and boasts a menu of all time favorites including their signature Steak Neptune, Salmon Neptune and Chicken Marsala. Decorated with hundreds of pieces of memorabilia and photographs, the Airplane Restaurant is an all encompassing and genuinely unparalleled aviation and dining experience!

    1665 N. Newport Rd.
    One block east of Powers on Fountain Blvd.

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