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Monthly Archives: January 2013

  • AAM: Save the Cat!

    As proud Americans and purveyors of USA Made products, we at Cockpit USA see it as our responsibility and duty to champion and maintain our heritage. One way we achieve this is as sponsors of the American Airpower Museum located in Farmingdale, New York - home to an entire squadron of operational WWII aircraft and armored vehicles. Currently, the AAM's Consolidated Aircraft PBY 6A Catalina is undergoing restoration but we want this air bird back in her rightful place in the skies asap! Take a look at the flyer below and become part of the effort to maintain our history here!

  • The Best of America: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

    In a brand new Broadway production of Pulitzer Prize winning drama, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof by the great Tennessee Williams, Tony and Emmy winner Rob Ashford directs a stunning rendition of the American classic. Starring Hollywood's wonder girl Scarlett Johansson as “Maggie the Cat”, opposite Ciarán Hinds,  Benjamin Walker and Debra Monk, Williams' story of the secrets, passions and pitfalls of a wealthy Southern family is brought to life in a dazzling on stage feat of action. Dubbed 'Sultry and Sizzling!' by Bloomberg News and given the grand review as 'A boisterous production that taps into the play's power and poetry." by NY! this new Broadway hit has audiences and Cockpit USA gripped! Take a look at the play's commercial and be sure to grab yourselves tickets here before the show's end date on March 30!


  • Stories of the Jacket:

    Never out of style, never out of fashion - the Cockpit USA crafted US Navy Issue G-1 is undoubtedly a timeless classic. Made from  100% goatskin, manufactured according to the current military specified pattern and modelled on the G-1 design, which Cockpit USA currently supplies to the Navy and Coast Guard units, this jacket is authentic in every aspect. Featuring a bi-swing back for comfort and ease of movement, top entry front flap pockets, an interior chest pocket, a full frontal zipper with a USN seal stamped wind flap, underarm grommets for ventilation, nylon lining along with knit cuffs and waistband - this piece ticks all the boxes for historic credibility! However, unlike the current government specified synthetic acrylic collar, Cockpit USA has added a genuine silky lambswool shearling mouton collar like that of the WW11 era jackets for a more luxurious finish. As this jacket is sized according to military specifications, ordering one size larger is recommended for a looser fit or your regular size for a true to size fit. Available in regular and long sizes. Proudly made in the USA. Grab yours here!
  • Vietnam War Tactics

    Aided by the United States, between 1954 and 1975, South Vietnam battled North Vietnam and its communist allies in the Vietnam War. This video courtesy of Cockpit USA favorite, articulates the guerilla warfare tactics employed by the North Vietnamese forces which in turn forced U.S. military leaders to modify their combat strategy and empower their troops to succeed. Yet another insightful short documentary, never fails to capture our interest and intrigue! Take a look for yourself here!

  • Movie Monday: Good Morning, Vietnam

    With the snappy cold weather we've been having this week, we at Cockpit USA are in desperate need of a dose of warmth and what better way to turn up the temperature than with some belly tickling comedy? Set during the Vietnam war in Saigon in 1965, Good Morning, Vietnam is an American comedy war movie starring Robin Williams as a radio DJ on the Armed Forces Radio Service. While proving to be a huge hit with the listening masses, Airman First Class Adrian Cronauer (Williams) manages to annoy and rile the nerves of his superiors by divulging censored information and initiating confrontations, causing riots and mayhem. A natural comedian, funny man Williams' hilarious radio broadcasts were mainly improvised, earning him an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor in a Leading Role. So, lock your doors, bundle up and settle down with a mug of cocoa and this rip roaring Movie Monday pick!

  • Made In USA: Survival Solutions

    As aviation enthusiasts and prime creators of flying jackets, you could we at Cockpit USA are adventurers at heart and by nature. However, our penchant for kicks is not limited to the skies... Whether it's camping, motorbiking, BMXing or hiking; if it involves rolling up our sleeves, putting our fitness to the test and getting a little rough around the edges - we're there. It's just as well we are in the knowledge of Survival Solutions, an online store specializing in just about everything needed for a venture into the wilderness. From compasses to swack shacks, frog spears and water purification tablets - Survival Solutions really have it all. What's more, all products are entirely USA made. Need we say more? 



  • Stories Of The Jacket: 100 Mission B-3 Jacket

    Don't let the January blues get you down! We may be in the midst of winter and snow storms may very well be on the horizon, but there's no reason to suffer from chills or shivers - especially with Cockpit USA's extensive shearling flight jacket collection! Among our favorites is the 100 Mission B-3 Jacket. Crafted with the greatest accuracy to a combat worn garment that has seen at least 100 missions over enemy territory, this B-3 jacket cannot be distinguished from one over 60 years old in age! Featuring a body of American shearling full fur sheepskin specially treated to give the look and feel of an aged and authentic garment, this jacket resembles a true piece of history. Fine tuned in all its features, it boasts a single horsehide front patch pocket, horsehide covered reinforced sleeves with original Air Force shoulder decal and shoulder tabs on which officers rank may be attached. Vintage labeling, heavy latigo aged leather belting straps on each side of the waist and heavy belting straps around the snap down shearling collar (another original feature) makes this a classic must have. Grab yours here!

  • AAM: Memorial Day Flash Back

    History fans and airplane fanatics alike, we at Cockpit USA always appreciate a look back on the past - no matter how recent! Check out this youtube video taken during our Memorial Day 2012 celebrations at the American Airpower Museum. While the fleet of aircraft were grounded, the WWII and Cold War vehicles took center stage, gliding up the ramp in an impressive parade which wowed the crowds and got the camera bulbs flashing! If you missed out - worry not! Take a look at this amazing footage taken on the day!


  • The Best Of America: AAM Aircrafts

    This video may be an oldie, and pardon the cliche, but it's certainly a goldie! As proud sponsors of the American Airpower Museum, all at Cockpit USA HQ are permanent fixtures at the Farmingdale, Long Island location - checking out the breathtaking air shows and dazzling fleet of air birds. Check out this breathtaking video of an array of the AAM's aircrafts zipping through the skies. Expect more of this type of up in the air festivities over the course of the year! Keep up to date with all happenings at


  • Movie Monday: Kelly's Heroes

    In a shift from the normal war movies we feature, this Movie Monday's pick is a quirky comedy about a troop of WWII soldiers who go AWOL to rob a bank behind enemy lines. Starring Clint Eastwood in the role of the movie's main protagonist Kelly alongside Telly Savalas, Don Rickles, Carroll O'Connor, and Donald Sutherland, Kelly's Heroes follows three rogue soldiers from units of the 35th Infantry Division as they go in search of millions of dollars in gold bars. Told of the booty by a captured German officer, Kelly and his men sneak into enemy territory encountering a whole host of belly tickling and edge of the seat action. One to warm up a cold Monday in January, Kelly's Heroes is Cockpit USA's movie choice of the week!

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