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Monthly Archives: December 2012

  • Movie Monday: The Blue Max

    Set on the Western Front during WWI, The Blue Max is a British war film which recounts the unceasing determination of a German fighter pilot from a humble background, against all class and status barriers to achieve the highly coveted Pour le Mérite. With his sights set firmly on attaining Imperial Germany’s highest military honor for valor, also known as the ‘Blue Max’, the young German Corporal Bruno Stachel swaps the trenches for the cockpit, joining the German Army Air Service and beginning his mission to shoot down 20 aircraft to win the medal. Directed by John Guillermin and starring George Peppard as the lead along with James Mason, Ursula Andress, Karl Michael Vogler and Jeremy Kemp, The Blue Max is an aviation movie which shows off old school film making at its best, making it perfect for history enthusiasts in every aspect! Cockpit USA approved.

  • Another Satisfied Customer: B-15 Jacket

    "Just received the B-15 jacket yesterday - it is excellent throughout! Very quick shipping as well."

    - K. Leman

    Grab your Cockpit USA B-15 Jacket here!

  • Rockie Blunt

    Of the documentaries we have featured on the Cockpit USA blog, this one about Army Infantryman Rockie Blunt is up there among the most moving. A self confessed lone soldier, Blunt carried out one of the most morally difficult tasks during his time within the army as he battled across Europe and into Hitler's Third Reich. His time during the war, sights he witnessed and experiences combined effectively changed his beliefs and life forever. Hear and see his story...

  • Happy Holidays from Cockpit USA!

  • Movie Monday: The Great Escape

    There is no better way to settle down with the family this Christmas eve than with the iconic The Great Escape, a movie known for establishing Steve McQueen as the superstar we know and recognize today. Set during WWII, the premise of the action follows the death defying escape attempts of Allied prisoners of war from a POW camp in Nazi Germany. Based on a Paul Brickhill novel of the same name, the star studded cast includes James Garner, Richard Attenborough and Charles Bronson. Along with becaming one of the highest grossing films in 1963, The Great Escape was recently voted in the top three movies people want to see at Christmas. With the festive season well and truly upon us we at Cockpit USA will definitely be treating ourselves to this magical gem this evening!

  • History Class: Douglas MacArthur

    Recipient of the coveted Medal of Honor, Chief of Staff of the United States Army, American general and field marshall of the Philipine Army; Douglas MacArthur was an iconic and celebrated figure of WWI and WWII. As one of only five men to have ever risen to the rank of General of the Army in the U.S. Army, MacArthur garnered a worthy and highly acclaimed legacy during his years of service. Born into a military family, General MacArthur's father recieved the Medal of Honor first, paving the way to greatness for his son. Twice decorated with the Distinguished Service Cross and bestowed with the Silver Star seven times in addition to his excess of 100 medals, his awards are testament to his bravery in battle. Earlier this week  Cockpit USA featured the WWII Government Issue A-2, General MacArthur's very own jacket of choice as the ideal holiday gift. More than just a jacket, this is a true representation of bravery and history - who wouldn't want to open that up on Christmas day?! 

  • Cockpit for Christmas: American Tanker Jacket

    It's Christmas! Here at Cockpit USA we've been writing up everything we want this holidays and the American Tanker Jacket is topping quite a few! Originally designed for American armored vehicle crewmen and army tank crews in Europe, the tanker jacket was found to be so innovative and practical in its design that it soon became a popular favorite among air force pilots and airborne paratroopers. Lightweight in its density with a wool blanket lining, providing the perfect levels of warmth and coolness across the seasons, the Cockpit USA American Tanker jacket stays true to the iconic WWII style. Crafted from 100% cotton and boasting brass hard wear of the most supreme quality, this all American made jacket is perfect for fans of history and aviation who expect nothing less than the best - a perfect gift this holiday!


  • Sweater Sale Gift Guide

    The holidays can be very expensive and we at Cockpit USA know that only too well! With this in mind, we decided to put our sweaters on sale for a limited time only. Until the 21st December, you can grab yourself a bargain on any of the knits at 30% off! One of our favorites is the contemporary yet cool hooded sweater. Cashmere soft with a knitted heavy duty hood, ribbed waistband and cuffs and and contrasting color stitching details, this is one fail safe item guaranteed to light up any face on Christmas morning! Grab yours in either navy or orange right here!


  • Cockpit for Christmas: WWII Government Issue A-2 Jacket

    The festive season is here! What better way to show a loved one your love than with a truly iconic jacket. As worn by the iconic General MacArthur, this authentic reproduction of the WWII Government Issue A-2 is a jacket an heirloom piece that can be passed down through the generations. Approved for issue to pilots in 1930, the historical specifications detailed horsehide as the leather of choice. Staying as true as possible to the original, Cockpit USA have recreated this A2 using hardy, military grade horsehide. With natural features in the outer shell such as natural creasing, folds and surface graining, there's no end to the authenticity of this garment. Nothing will say 'Happy Holidays' better!

  • Movie Monday: Twelve O'Clock High

    Adapted from Beirne Lay Junior and Sy Bartlett's novel of the same name, Twelve O'Clock High is a 1949 war movie centered around the US Army's Eighth Air Force who flew daylight bombing missions against Nazi Germany and occupied France during the early days of World War II. Starring Gregory Peck in the most dazzling role of his career, this WWII Air Force drama depicts the star of the show as a staunch leader who creates and governs a bomber unit into a inimitable force to be reckoned with. Also starring Hugh Marlowe, Gary Merrill, Millard Mitchell, and Dean Jagger, this action packed feat was nominated for a staggering four Academy Awards and considering this it became a reel of required viewing at military service academies for decades, Twelve O'Clock High's pride of place in the Cockpit USA hall of fame is without doubt or question!


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