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Monthly Archives: November 2012

  • Film Friday: Lincoln

    Directed by the master of blockbuster movies himself, Steven Spielberg has churned out yet another on screen classic. A historical drama starring Daniel Day-Lewis, Lincoln tells the biographical tale of the iconic United States President, Abraham Lincoln. Based partly on Doris Kearn Goodwin’s biography, Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln, Spielberg’s silver screen version depicts the last four months of the great President’s life, focusing on his work towards passing the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution in the House of Representatives which would formally abolish slavery. Met with critical acclaim and already tipped as a contender for many an Academy Award, there’s no doubt this movie steeped in our proud American past would make it as an instant Cockpit USA Film Friday pick!

  • Another Satisfied Customer: B-15 Jacket

    "Just received the B-15 jacket yesterday - it is excellent throughout! Very quick shipping as well." 

    - K. Leman

    Modeled after the leather 1944 flight jackets worn by WWII Army Air Force Pilots, this B-15 jacket is an impressive recreation of a timeless classic. Crafted from 100% oiled deer tanned cowhide, the leather is magnificently supple and hard wearing. This jacket boasts a range of luxurious details including a real mouton shearling collar which can be removed, an authentic oxygen mask tab and a zip-out quilted vest lining insulated with polyester fiberfill for added warmth. The jacket also features two snap close side entry front pockets, interior pocket, a full zipper over a front wind flap, a pen pocket in the sleeve along with knit cuffs and waistband. Available in black and brown. Proudly made in the USA.

  • Chaplain G.I.

    In the same way that we at Cockpit USA preserve history through the creation of WWII leather aviation jackets, Film Corps is an outreach program that collects, maintains and presents pieces of aged film which captures unseen moments of the war. From his beginnings as a minister in Iowa, Bob Marken's father went on to become a chaplain in the National Guard. His interest in photography and relentless bravery on the front line, which awarded him a deserved record, with time resulted in reels of film capturing his time in service in Europe. While maintaining spiritual morale among the troops, conducting church services and providing prayer for the wounded and dying G.I.'s, Marken's father managed to film Eisenhower, Winston Churchill and even a young Queen Elizabeth. Discovered by his son many years later, these many hours of moving image have been transferred from their disintegrating reels onto video, where they have been edited and narrated, creating unique pieces of film specifically preserved in his memory. Take a look at this interesting video taken by

  • Cockpit USA hearts Japan!

    We may be an all American, heritage entrenched company with roots firmly in New York, however, as an internationally celebrated company the Cockpit USA flag just so happens to fly with pride in Japan too! Whether or not you understand the language or lingo, we think it’s really cool to have Japanese representation – check out the shop here and be sure to take a look at the newly translated blog!


  • Stories of the Jacket: ‘Movie Heroes’ Top Gun Navy G-1 Jacket

    This jacket is a Hollywood legend. Originally made in 1985, this unique vintage bomber has starred in the iconic Top Gun movie alongside Tom Cruise and is rightly called the 'Movie Heroes' G-1. Crafted from specially prepared veg tanned goatskin, the jacket is hand cut, sewn and aged to perfection. Based on early 60s specifications, the jacket features a light russet colored antiquated mouton collar, knitted waistband and cuffs, one interior snap close pocket, two outside button patch pockets and a stationary pocket. For added authenticity, the leather has been treated with a special vintage treatment, giving it a worn in, patina effect. Proudly made in the U.S.A. Decorated with all 17 patches and the USN Anchor pin, the G-1 Jacket is an unsurpassed piece of naval, movie and Cockpit USA history.


  • Made In USA: Randolph Engineering

    Established in 1972, Randolph Engineering was born out of the pursuit of the American dream. Set up in Randolph, MA, it originally started out as a optical tool and die company then later became a manufacturer of Mil-Spec Aviator sunglasses for the USAF – no doubt worn with Cockpit USA’s official USAF 21st Century A-2 jacket! Since, the eye wear giants have grown, expanding into the commercial sunglasses and prescription market, providing civilians with their iconic frames. Using the best quality components and machines they have hand built themselves Randolph Engineering cut, solder, press eye pieces crafted for life and entrenched in strong American heritage roots.




  • The Lusitania

    Although she came to be known as the fastest passage liner of her era and was nicknamed The Greyhound of the Seas, The Lusitania was quick but not quite quick enough to evade the German missile which brought about her demise. Sailing from New York to Liverpool in May of 1915 during WW1 and carrying only civilians, German intelligence suspected the transportation of ammunition. Despite pre-warning of trouble from the Germans, the Lusitania went on with her voyage with devastating results. Watch this short and interesting documentary courtesy of for a colorful insight into the history behind this great ship and its story…

  • Movie Monday: Flying Leathernecks

    An action film rampant with vigorous exploits and studded with Hollywood stars, including John Wayne and Robert Ryan, Flying Leathernecks is a perfect film to fire up a quiet, post Thanksgiving Monday evening! From the same producer of the epic Sands of Iwo Jima, Edmund Raymond and director Nicholas Ray churn out a heroic feat focused on the experiences of United States Marine Corps aviators during WWII. Cult favorite John Wayne takes on the role of Major Dan Kirby, a straight talking, little caring squadron commander at odds with the laid back executive officer Captain Carl Griffin, played by Robert Ryan. As the action unfolds and the pilots become familiar with each other, Major Kirby cultivates a softer approach towards his men while Captain Griffin understands the importance of control and integrity. Undeniably patriotic and enjoyable to watch to this day, Flying Leathernecks is a hardy war movie that has outlasted time! Cockpit USA approved!


  • Friday Feast: Nieuport 17


    Named after a French hi-wing single seat fighter plane, Nieuport 17 is the perfect location for aviation and food enthusiasts alike. Established by Bill Bettis, a former naval aviator, the restaurant is a shrine to his flying career. Tastefully adorned with authentic photos, painting and artifacts, the decor reveals a deep seated passion for airplanes and aircrafts. The menu boasts an array of steak and seafood, from 28-day aged and hand-cut beef to lobster tails and charbroiled swordfish alongside an extensive choice of delicious cocktails. Whether for a languid brunch or a lavish dinner, Nieuport 17 ticks all the Cockpit USA boxes!

    13051 Newport Ave, Tustin, CA 92780

  • Cockpit USA Black Friday

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