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Monthly Archives: September 2012

  • Stories of the Jacket: Airborne 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment A-2

    Crafted from the original 1941 russet brown American horsehide and emblazoned with the insignia of 506 PIR, this Airborne 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment A-2 is a grand replica of the 1941 original. Nicknamed the Curahees after the Apache word "stand alone" and made famous in popular culture by American historian Steven Ambrose in his book Band of Brothersby and its television movie adaptation this jacket was issued to officers of the U.S. Airborne unit. First constituted in 1942, these brave soldiers  fought in World War II in Normandy, Holland and held the line at the Battle of the Bulge in December 1944 and captured Hitler's mountain hideout in 1945. After World War II, the 506th became an Air Assault regiment and in Vietnam five troopers from the 506th were awarded the Medal of Honor. In 2004 and 2005 the 506th was deployed to Habbaniya, Iraq and was then redeployed by early 2008 in Operation Enduring Freedom to Afghanistan. The Pair O'Dice insignia which has been displayed on the original 506th A-2's remains a symbol today that cannot be stopped in the cause of freedom. If heroism were recreated as a jacket, this would be it. Proudly made in the USA.



  • Summer Sale: Blue Angel

    Drawing to its final close, the Cockpit USA Summer Sale is almost over and this is your very last opportunity to grab yourself a bargain! With a style that stays true to the classics and inspired by military aviation, all of our products outlast the comings and goings of fashion seasons and are appropriate for wear even years from now. Plaids don’t ever seem to age, and the Cockpit USA Blue Angel is no different! A woven shirt great for every day wear, this lightweight button down is tailored to a regular fit and features a hidden pen pocket – perfect for the back to school crowd! Be sure to take a look through our products for the array of 50% off the regular retail price sale items. Now is the time to stock up on shirts, basics and pieces of outerwear you’ll no doubt be wearing in many years from now!

  • Made In USA: Baxter of California

    As proprietors of American made goods, we at Cockpit are staunch advocates of fellow USA made brands. Launched in 1965 by Baxter Finley, a man in search of facial moisturizer, Baxter of California is first official line of grooming products for gentlemen in the United States. After going in search of a face cream and finding nothing but feminine floral products, Mr. Finley decided to take matters into his own hands and created Super Shape. This moisturizer went on to become a cult favorite among Hollywood glitterati in the 70s and has since spawned an entire collection of toiletry products including soaps and shaving cream and a barber shop! Be sure to check out the website for all your bathroom tending needs!

  • AAM: Photo Album Sneak Peek

    As well as preserving history through the creation of authentic flight jackets at Cockpit USA and maintaining original war aircraft and ground armor at the American Airpower Museum, of which we are proud sponsors, we strongly believe in the conservation of memories. While tales are passed down either by mouth or writing, there’s nothing quite like a photograph to tell a thousand stories. Take a look inside the American Airpower Museum photo album for a sneak peek into their goings on and memories of tomorrow…

    1942 White Scout car joins the lineup

    Airpower Armor presence at the Bellmore Street Fair

    AAM Figher Birds



  • Summer Sale: Man of War

    We have officially reached the final week of the Cockpit USA Summer Sale! Fear not, there are still plenty of shirts, basics and outerwear available at an astounding 50% off the regular retail price. With school back in session and the hunkering down months of Fall in full swing, the time to slowly part with tees has come upon us. In place of these summery staples, classic striped wovens such as the Man of War button down are perfect for all occasions. Tailored to a regular fit and featuring two front chest pockets, this shirt would look great under a dinner jacket or one of our coveted leather aviation pieces. Crafted from 100% cotton, this is a true fail safe shirt!

  • Cockpit USA Culture Fix: Kevin Francis Gray

    At Cockpit USA we appreciate history in all its many forms. Whether an antique flight jacket from which we can draw inspiration for a new piece of outerwear, an American Airpower Museum aircraft that represents the bravery of all those who have served in the name of freedom, an exhibition detailing life during WWII or even simply a dogeared photo from yesteryear – we want to know as staunch history fans! Housed at Haunch of Venison in New York City, London based artist Kevin Francis Gray is currently exhibiting his exquisitely crafted porcelain, bronze and marble sculptures. Inspired and influenced by historical classic form, his works juxtapose all that was with all that is with his subjects focused on popular culture and urban life. Reminiscent of grand Greek statues, Gray shines a light on a form that was once prevalent and still remains completely captivating.


  • Coming Home From WWI

    With our HQ based in New York, we at Cockpit USA have an unceasing love for this great city which is why this mini documentary has a special place in our hearts. Featuring a WWI veteran, this gentleman tells of the Easter Sunday on which he made his return to the Big Apple. Awaiting him and his fellow brave soldiers was a welcoming committee organized by the mayor, but amid the colors, music and pretty girls, the thing that impressed him the most was the Mother of Exiles – the iconic Statue of Liberty. Take a look!


  • Movie Monday: Closely Watched Trains

    Veering away from better known American and British war pictures, Closely Watched Trains is a Czechoslovak film set in WWII. Shot in 1966 and based on a novel originally written by one of the 20th Century’s greatest writers, Bohumil Hrabal, Closely Watched Trains tells of trials and tribulations of a young Czech boy who goes by the name Miloš Hrm as an unpaid employee of a small train station. While the film does not feature big action scenes or heroic air flights, this movie depicts a very true and moving coming of age story of a growing boy living under Nazi occupation. Winner of the 1967 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, the film was well received as a representation of the country’s unique cultural identity and a major success of Eastern European Cinema making it a Cockpit USA Monday movie of choice!


  • See America: Museum of WWII

    Located in Natick, MA, the Museum of World War II is undoubtedly one of Cockpit USA’s favorite places to visit in America – for obvious reasons of course! With almost 7000 historical artifacts underneath one roof, all meticulously arranged in date and geographical order, this treasure trove of WWII relics provides hours upon hours of fascination. What’s more, visitors can actually touch and explore most things on show, giving a multi-sensory experience unlike any other historical organization. Similar to the aviation jackets produced by Cockpit USA which each tell their own individual tale, every item at the Museum of WWII has a distinctive story of human, political and social context. From black propaganda, to an array of photograph albums, diaries written on cigarette paper and much, much more, this is one of those places you’ll go back to again and again!

  • Stories of the Jacket: ‘100 Mission’ Jacket

    During WWII, the ‘battle worn’ look of a pilot’s jacket alone told a tale of bravery. The cracks in the leather, creases in the sleeves and distressed detailing proved to be a visual reflection of courage and heroism. Inspired by and in homage to this particular notion, Cockpit USA recreated this effect in the form of the ‘100 Mission’ jacket. Crafted using vintage lambskin and featuring purposely made surface irregularities and natural graining to recreate a weather-beaten appearance; this piece is as close to the original article without the need for battle as possible! In addition, with continued wear, the color of the leather will lighten and its texture will become richer, adding to the vintage characteristics of the jacket. Proudly made in the USA according to A-2 military specified detailing, this jacket is replete in authenticity and does not contain fibrefill or bulky insulation, making it suitable for all seasons and particularly perfect for warmer climates. Along with being symbolic of the valour of pilots in battle, the aged look of this jacket is also on trend in regards to contemporary fashion. Be sure to grab yours here today!

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