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Monthly Archives: August 2012

  • Summer Sale: Olive Air to Ground Jacket

    The Cockpit USA summer sale is officially in full swing! With offerings of smart and casual shirts, plaid button downs and easy breezy jackets, now is the time to bag yourself a bargain! Last week we featured the wardrobe must have Air to Ground jacket in black. However, while noir may be suitable for all and every occasion, sometimes it's fun to mix it up a bit with an injection of color! Fear not, we're not advising you to start wearing yellows or purples! We mean color, Cockpit USA style. Staying true to the military inspired palette we are known for, the light weight Air to Ground jacket is also available in olive! Put some green into your closet scene, and at 50% off the regular price? It would be silly not to!

  • Movie Monday: Guadalcanal Diary

    Based on the eyewitness accounts of Richard Tregaskis as recorded in his book of the same name, Guadalcanal Diary is a WWII movie which depicts the experiences of United States Marines  during the events of the Battle of Guadalcanal. Fresh in the wake of the battle which took place only a year prior to the release of the movie, Guadalcanal Diary places the lens directly on the marines themselves and their individual stories as told by an off screen war correspondent. Starring  Preston Foster, Lloyd Nolan, William Bendix, Richard Conte and Anthony Quinn, this 1943 action film goes through the motions, from the corps preparing for battle to the landing and initial campaign. Considering the dire times in which it was made and the proximity in time to the actual events itself, this film is an inspirational example of WWII Hollywood. Cockpit USA approved.


  • On This Day: 17th August 1943

    It was on this pivotal day in 1943 that the very first Quebec Conference was held. Codenamed 'Quadrant', the meeting brought together the British, Canadian and United States governments for top secret military discussions and decisions about WWII. Held in Quebec City at the Citadelle and Château Frontenac, the conference began on August 17 and came to a close a week later on August 24. With Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt and William Lyon Mackenzie King in attendance, the three allies discussed the invasion of France, upping the bombing offensive against Germany and the removal of Italy from the alliance of Axis Powers followed by a subsequent occupation amongst many other points which were to change the course of the war drastically. In addition, Churchill and Roosevelt also put their minds together and secretly signed the Quebec Agreement to share nuclear technology and knowledge making this a particularly historic day never to be forgotten.

  • Made in USA: Danner Boots

    If we at Cockpit USA manufacture and proudly wear Made in USA on the labels of our jackets, then we're going to make as sure we can that we're doing the same for our feet. Hailing from the Pacific Northwest since 1932, Danner boots are crafted with the same ethos and to the same standards as Cockpit USA aviation jackets. With no compromise in terms of quality and craftsmanship, these leather purveyors maintain a quality unsurpassed by other boot makers. From alloy toed work boots to sturdy hiking boots, Danner have rigorous activities covered in terms of rugged footwear. What's more, they look great with one of our leather jackets!

  • Summer Sale: Air to Ground Jacket

    With 50% off a wide selection of Cockpit USA's summer offerings, now is the time to grab yourself a bargain. From summery, light weight jackets to poplin cotton shirts and dressy basics, there's a piece of clothing for every man. Despite being August, it has been a blustery rain drenched week in New York City but the guys at Cockpit USA HQ have taken cover in their Air to Ground jackets. Made from nylon with a knit collar, waistband and cuffs along with two front diagonal zip pockets, this jacket covers all bases for functionality and protects against the unpredictable elements of the in between seasons! Available in black, this is one wardrobe staple you're going to want to get a hold of.

  • See America: Smithsonian Institution

    It's officially still summer. The grill is still out and the kids are making the most of the final leg of their vacation from school. What better way to keep them entertained than with a day at the world's largest museum. By museum, we don't mean a decrepit building containing dust covered fossils and old bones - oh no, we're talking about the Smithsonian complex. An organization of epic proportions, the Smithsonian is comprised of 19 museums and galleries, the National Zoological Park and nine research facilities. Explore all aspects of our world and beyond at the Air and Space museum, take in all American art at the aptly named American Art museum or get up close and personal with giant pandas and Sumatran tigers at the National Zoological Park. Whatever you decide to go for, know for sure that all you see and experience makes up yet another great aspect of the heritage we at Cockpit USA are so proud of.

  • Save the Date: AAM Labor Day Weekend

    We at Cockpit USA have officially begun counting down the days until the Collings Foundation descends on the American Airpower Museum for this year's Labor Day Weekend celebrations! With a theme of Wings, Wheels and Tracks, you can be sure there will be plenty going on! From beholding hunks of military metal on the ground to offerings of flight experiences in the bombers and fighters, including the C-47 and T-6's; there will be something for everyone! Put it in your diaries and on your calendars! Advance discounted tickets will go on sale NLT 13 August. Be sure to grab your as soon as they drop!

  • Summer Sale: Throttle Shirt

    As summer tumbles on, so does the Cockpit USA sale! With at least two months of sun left, there's plenty of time to wear your tees, shorts and lightweight jackets, so be sure to take advantage of the amazing 50% off discounts on our wide range of garments. The Throttle shirt is a fresh take on the classic henley. Available in earthy tones of black, dark gray and olive, the shirt boasts brass buttons with two front chest pockets. Great for every day wear but with just the right amount of extra detailing to make for a casual evening shirt too! Grab yours today!

  • Another Satisfied Customer: Tuskegee Airman's Jacket

    "I'm loving my new jacket - beautiful leather, fit and craftsmanship! The cloth lining is very comfortable in our chilly west coast Canadian winter and there's room for a thin sweater too. Sales staff were great - very friendly and accommodating."

    - Peter Z.

  • Summer Sale: Gamesmen D.I.

    To soften the blow of the fast approaching end of the warm seasons, Cockpit USA is holding summer sale! With a wide range of items discounted to an amazing 50% off the regular price, this is the Cockpit USA man’s wallet friendly opportunity to stock up on jackets, tees and casual button downs. Included in the sale is the essential Gamesmen D.I. shirt. Equally great for casual days out when unbuttoned with the sleeves rolled up or formal affairs if teamed with a tie, this shirt is classic and versatile in every aspect.  Inspired by the same type issued to Torpedo boat squadrons in WWII, the Gamesmen D.I. features two chest flap pockets, military spec epaulets and a screen-printed image of John F. Kennedy and the crew of the P.T. 109 Torpedo boat on the yoke. Made from 100% light cotton poplin and available in array of colors from  naval officer’s white, navy blue, light sea blue and air cadet green, there’s a D.I. button down for every taste! Grab yours today!


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