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Monthly Archives: July 2012

  • Blast from the Past: A Victory for the WAVES

    It was on this day in 1942 that the ‘Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service’, also known as the WAVES officially became a WWII division of the U.S. Navy as authorized by the U.S. Congress. Composed entirely of women, the WAVES were entitled to hold the same rank and rating, be subjected to the same military discipline and earn the same wages as their male peers. In just one year the WAVES had boomed into a 27,000 woman strong division working mainly in the administrative, medical, communications, intelligence and science fields. Although initially not permitted to serve aboard combat ships, aircrafts or beyond the barriers of the United States, the WAVES represented a brand new era in the liberation of women within service and today marks the momentous anniversary of that move. They even had a catchy ditty which we at Cockpit USA have been humming to ourselves all morning!

    WAVES of the Navy

    WAVES of the Navy,

    There's a ship sailing down the bay.

    And she won't slip into port again

    Until that Victory Day.

    Carry on for that gallant ship

    And for every hero brave

    Who will find ashore, his man-sized chore

    Was done by a Navy WAVE.


  • Friday Feast: NYC Restaurant Week

    It's an annual gastronomical festival and one of Cockpit USA's favorite few weeks - yes, we're talking about New York Restaurant week! Despite its name, the occasion lasts rather longer from July 16 through to August 10 during which the city's top eateries offer pre-fixe lunch and dinner menus at highly affordable prices of $24.07 or $35.00 respectively. Decadent indulgence need not come with a hefty price tag - we'll certainly be taking advantage! Find a full listing of the restaurants taking part here.

  • Hidden Treasures courtesy of AAM Facebook

    This week we've been stalking the American Airpower Museum facebook page and are happy to announce they have reached a magnificent 2500 likes! Be sure to check the page out for yourself and hit the 'LIKE' button for timely updates on all news, activities and events going on at the AAM here. We at Cockpit USA HQ have been taken by this amazing black and white movie made by Republic Aviation based on the production of the F-105 in Farmingdale, NY as shared on the page. There is even a blast from the past with footage of the Thunderchief, Republic airport and the hangers which house the AAM today! Take a look!


  • Blast from the Past: July 26 1941

    In retaliation to Japan’s taking of French-Indo China, then American naval base Cam Ranh followed by a British base in Singapore, President Franklin Roosevelt made a bold move of pay back by seizing all Japanese assets in the U.S. transferring all financial, import and export trade operations to do with the opposition to the control of the government with criminal penalties for anyone violating this order. With Britain hot in Roosevelt’s footsteps, only three years worth of oil reserves and a gigantic loss of 88% of its imported oil, these actions led to a debilitating aftershock to Japan and became another momentous twist in the proceedings of WWII, making today yet another historic day in the Cockpit USA calendar!


  • See America: National Air and Space Museum

    As proud sponsors and frequent visitors of Farmingdale, NY’s American Airpower Museum, home to a spellbinding collection of operational World War II aircrafts, it is safe to say that we at Cockpit USA are something of historical aviation aficionados! While the AAM satisfies every curiosity we have about military aviation, we are always on the hunt for more in this area of interest. Located in the Boeing Aviation Hangar at the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, the National Air and Space Museum’s World War II aviation exhibition is one which swept us away. With a Boeing B-29 Superfortress, a Lockheed P-38-J-10-LO and a Stinson L-5 Sentinel on show, this display not only enlightens but dazzles with its array of air birds.

  • Date For Your Diary: Labor Day at the AAM

    This year's Labor Day weekend will see the American Airpower Musuem celebrating with a 'Family Heritage Weekend'. Visitors are invited along to the Republic Airport landmark to explore the military legacy of members of their family through an awe inspiring tour of the museum. Along the way such sights as a B-17, a B-24 Liberator and a P-51 Mustang fighter can be beheld along with the chance to have a once in a lifetime flight experience on these aircraft. As proud sponsors of the AAM, we at Cockpit USA have the lowdown that fingers are crossed that the pioneering German Me 262 jet, a great threat to Allied powers during WWII will also be on display. Mark it in your calendars folks - from August 31st to September 3rd the only place to be is at the American Airpower Museum!


  • Another Satisfied Customer: B-3 Hooded Sheepskin

    "I have owned many jackets from Cockpit USA but this is fast becoming my favorite!  Wonderful quality and wonderful workmanship from a great company. It does not get any better than this. Thank you Cockpit USA!"

    -         K. Gering


  • Friday Feast: The Crenshaw Farmer's Market

    Here at Cockpit USA, we make no bones about our love for food. Along with our allegiance to all things heritage, we also boast a secret addiction to all foods grown in the USA which is why our weekends are spent in great part at local farmer’s markets across whichever city we find ourselves in, sniffing apples and trying out home made preserves ready to feast on for brunch on Sundays! Located in Los Angeles, the Crenshaw Farmer’s market takes place every Saturday and offers a whole host of fresh fruits, vegetables, baked goods and sweets sourced entirely from the surrounding areas. With twelve farmers and seven food vendors in attendance every week, there is no end to the array of good old home made and home grown eats available. What’s more, once a month the market spices up proceedings with cooking demonstrations, tastings, contests and live entertainment for kids and adults alike. Open all year round; come rain or shine, the Crenshaw Farmer’s Market is a hub of community spirit and all American camaraderie that we at Cockpit USA cannot get enough of! If you’re in the area, be sure to check it out!

    Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza at 3650 Martin Luther King Jr. blvd, at Stocker St.


  • Blast from the Past: 'Two Ocean Navy Expansion Act'

    It was on this day in 1940 that President Roosevelt signed the 'Two Ocean Navy Expansion Act', an American Act of Congress which increased the size of the United States Navy by 70%. Triggered by the entrance of German troops into Paris, this officially became the biggest naval acquisition bill in the history of the U.S. and the first step in readying America for WWII in the battle against Germany and Japan. Only a month in the making, the request for four billion dollars from Congress was put in by Chief of Naval Operations Harold Stark on June 17 1940. The move not only increased the combat fleet but also resulted in an additional 257 ships, including 2 Iowa class battleships, 5 Montana class battleships, 43 submarines and 115 destroyers making the U.S.N. a true force to be reckoned with and an entity Cockpit USA is proud of to this day!


  • Another Satisfied Customer: 3 Star General Sheepskin B-3

    “Field-tested this jacket in a blizzard shortly after I received it. Wind chills to -40/50 below and blinding snow but I stayed warm. She's a keeper. Beautiful, functional design and excellent craftsmanship. Thanks guys and girls at Cockpit USA. Kudos.”

    - Hanshan

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