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Monthly Archives: November 2011

  • The Appalachian Trail Inspires CPT by Cockpit USA

    The Appalachian Trail is the world’s most popular hike; renowned for its unbridled natural beauty and hailed as a ‘super trail’, it is also the major inspiration behind CPT by Cockpit USA’s Spring 2012 line. Designed to emulate the hike’s prestige as the ultimate respite from the concrete chaos of the city, the collection emanates the tranquil yet rugged nature of the wilderness with an array of relaxed fit shirts, jerseys and utility shorts in a geological colour palette of olive greens, stone hued khakis greys and burnt orange accents. Located along the eastern margin of the US, the trail takes an estimated 5 million footsteps to complete, passing through small towns and traversing untamed terrains home to over 2,000 species of rare and endangered plants and animals. Since its conception in 1921, the scenic path has been extended from Maine to Georgia and has been rambled across in its entirety by over 5000 hikers. This number now includes the Cockpit USA team too as the trail served as the backdrop for the stunning Spring lookbook! Each piece in the collection is named after an element of the hike and as advocates of braving new adventures and grappling with the great American outdoors, we at Cockpit USA self-profess to being the trail’s clothing brand of choice.  After all, who would be caught dead hiking through the undergrowth without one of our ‘The Cherokee’ bombers or ‘Water Gap’ jackets on…?!

    Check out this exclusive behind the scenes video for a sneaky peak at what is in store for next season...

  • ABC's hit show 'Pan Am' lands at AAM


    With its historic hangars, sprawling runways and impressive fleet of WWII aircraft and ground vehicles, no other setting is more fitting for period dramas than our very own American Airpower Museum, which is sponsored by Jeff and Jacky Clyman as well as Cockpit USA. After serving as the backdrop for an Ebony Magazine photo shoot with stars of the new WWII George Lucas film, 'Red Tails', the Museum also set the scene for ABC's sensational new show Pan Am. Starring Christina Ricci, Margot Robbie and Mike Vogel, the show tells the tales of the exciting lives of the famous airline's glamourous stewardesses and pilots. However, no crew is complete without its aircraft and it was John Travolta's Boeing 707 bearing the iconic Pan Am emblem that stole the show. There's nothing quite as exciting as a touch of Hollywood in Farmingdale...!

    The museum honors those who have served and are serving to protect our freedom:

  • Behind the Scenes: Craftsmanship of an A-2

    Here at Cockpit USA we take pride in the skill and artistry put into each and every single one of our A-2 jackets. Hand cut, stitched, constructed and finished by our seasoned craftsmen and women, these leather jackets are made to impeccable standards. The thorough and individual expert attention given to each piece upholds the signature superior quality of our brand, and only when this is fulfilled does a jacket qualify as a Cockpit USA product. Have a look at this ‘Behind the Scenes’ video we made to give you a peak into the craftsmanship put into our iconic A-2 jackets. Proudly made in the USA.

  • Stars of 'Red Tails' Movie descend on AAM

    In celebration of the upcoming WWII movie, ‘Red Tails’, Ebony Magazine and some of the film’s star-studded cast went to the American Airpower Museum for the production of a special edition for Ebony Magazine. Produced by George Lucas and starring Cuba Gooding Jr., Terrance Howard, Nate Parker and David Ayelowo, ‘Red Tails’ tells the heroic story of the struggles and triumphs of the Black American fighter pilots known as the Tuskegee Airmen, during WWII. Jeff Clyman, the President and Founder of the Museum, along with AAM Board member Jacky Clyman proudly presented the actors each with a special edition Cockpit USA Tuskegee Airmen A-2 Jacket, designed and produced in collaboration with a group of real, New York based Tuskegee Airmen.

    The action packed and inspirational movie is set to show in movie theatres across the country in January 2012. It is not to be missed!

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