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Monthly Archives: October 2011

  • For The Ladies

    With the colder climes of winter fast encroaching, the ladies at Cockpit USA headquarters are scrambling for our signature women's leathers. Of the most coveted jackets is the elegant WWII Amelia. Inspired by the groundbreaking first lady of aviation, Amelia Earhart, the trench is made from velvety French lambskin, flawlessly tailored and belted to cinch in at the waist for an ultra feminine silhouette. Also on the winter wish list is the WASP flight jacket, a beautifully made women's A-2 bomber, reminiscent of the classic men's equivalent and featuring a delicately embroidered patriotic motif followed closely by the vintage lambskin G-1 jacket complete with an on-trend luxurious real shearling mouton collar for extra toastiness against the big freeze! We're firm believers that despite the bone-chillingly arctic weather outside, there is no excuse to let your style guard down... and with Cockpit USA on side, you never have to!

  • A Landmark Day for the American Airpower Museum

    It was another day of great victory in WWII history when it was announced in March this year that the American Airpower Museum was to be saved from certain demise thanks to the dedicated efforts of Congressman Steve Israel and Senator Charles Schumer. The historic gem in Long Island's crown almost almost fell victim to the Federal Aviation Administration's runway safety program which would have seen the site completely demolished. However, with the unrelenting combined efforts of  Israel and Schumer, it was indisputably proved that the FAA had no authority to take such actions, thus saving the museum and preserving the modern day monument to those who bravely fought for the nation during WWII.

    Senator Charles Schumer says: “The fighters, bombers, and transport planes housed and displayed here were vital to the defence of our nation. It’s imperative that our children and our grandchildren can visit the American Airpower Museum and understand role these aircraft played and the sacrifices that were made by these pilots to ensure our freedom.”

    Managed solely by a team of volunteers, primarily made up of veterans and contributors to our history, the museum is home to many relics of a valiant American chapter, including the B-17 Flying Fortress emblazoned with the famous Memphis Belle, a Republic P47 Thunderbolt and the renowned Curtiss-Wright P-40 Warhawk. As proud sponsors, Cockpit USA regard the museum as a testament to American pride and as a treasure trove of inspiration for our designs! The colossal success of protecting the AAM not only symbolically  safeguarded reverence for veterans and the armed forces, but the triumph also paved the way to establishing the American Airpower Museum as a true and official landmark of the nation's proud aviation heritage.

  • Team Cockpit Make Strides Against Breast Cancer

    It was on a sunny fall morning when Team Cockpit USA joined thousands of other sprightly New Yorker's in Manhattan's Central Park for this year's annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer fundraising walk. Led by our favorite girl, Whitney Adele Garlick, Team Cockpit USA raised hundreds of dollars and completed the five mile scenic stride across Central Park in an impressive two hours. Sponsored by the American Cancer Society, the charity event raised $60 million dollars with the help of almost 800,000 walkers in 2010 alone. With breast cancer being the No. 1 cancer that affects women in the USA, the walks are imperative in the effort to save lives and there's nothing more we take joy in than a Sunday morning stroll, especially if it's for a good cause!

    Photography by August Young

  • Tagg: Cockpit USA's it

    In the heart of New York's Hell's Kitchen lies Tagg; a haven of sought after labels, must have brands and a whole host of new designers. Almost a year since it first opened its golden gates, the menswear store has accumulated a faithful following of fashion loving gentlemen. Their rails boast many all American brands including the preppy influenced Gant Rugger, rare denim specialists Naked & Famous, elegant casual wear Barque and heritage leather patrons... Cockpit USA! Recognizing a lack of a luxury men's apparel store in midtown Manhattan, Tagg owner Sean Patrick Ryan decided to fill it. And how. With such an extensive number of well chosen labels housed under one roof, there is very little reason to shop elsewhere!

    Images via

  • Happy Birthday Rita

    On this day in 1918, the world welcomed American femme fatale and WWII sweetheart, Rita Hayworth. Born Margarita Carmen Cansino in New York City, Hayworth was the ultimate pin up girl of the 40s and 50s and one of the inspirations behind the Cockpit USA Pin-Ups collection. Famous for her starring roles in Only Angels Have Wings, You'll Never Get Rich and Cover Girlopposite Hollywood's finest, including Carey Grant, Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly, the flame haired screen siren and dancer soon amassed a nation of admirers. Known for her allure and beauty, Hayworth captivated the hearts of gentlemen and GI's all over the country. She appeared in over 60 films during her career, her image emblazoned planes and jackets of servicemen everywhere and she is even reported to have been painted on to the first nuclear bomb in 1946, literally establishing her iconic status as the ultimate bombshell forever. She was a heroine of glamorous American history and a star to the end. Happy Birthday Rita!

  • Cockpit does California

    The store professes to being an ‘agent for quality’, and with Cockpit USA on the bill we must agree! Located on La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles, General Quarters is a men’s clothing and lifestyle store boasting an abundance of goods loaded with authentic American influence, design and hardwearing workmanship. Frequented by celebrities, stylists and the average Joe alike, General Quarters is heralded as one of the best menswear stores in all of LA. Owned by Blair Lucio, an eager enthusiast of all things aviation, automotive and heritage inspired, the store stocks a constantly changing collection of unique vintage finds along with high calibre labels. With brands like Cockpit USA, Topo Designs, GANT Rugger, Life After Denim and Bridge and Burn on the racks, Lucio proudly displays his appreciation and commitment to American-made apparel in his Californian oasis of home turf manufactured merchandise.

    153 S La Brea Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90036

  • Hammacher Schlemmer x Cockpit USA

    As the oldest catalog in the country, Hammacher Schlemmer are, like Cockpit USA principal facets and purveyors of American heritage at its best. First published in 1881, the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog became the East Coast's go-to source of choice for all things hardware. Since, the company has relentlessly grown, moving home to larger premises and becoming hardware pioneers by being the first to provide every new invention including the pop-up toaster in 1930 to the cordless telephone in 1975! Despite their many years and many expansions, Hammacher Schlemmer's  mission to strictly provide goods of high quality and functionality only stands strong. Naturally, Cockpit USA's Z2567 Army Air Corps Leather Flight Jacket and Z2979N A-2 Cotton Bomber Jacket is proudly included amongst their wares! Indeed it is true what they say, 'some things should never change.'

  • Strawser & Smith Inc

    Strawser & Smith exist by the doctrine 'older is better.' Of course, we at Cockpit USA agree. Replete with American history, each piece of S&S furniture is constructed from vintage components, salvaged and reformed to produce a contemporary look and feel. Unique in their methods of manufacture, Strawser & Smith source parts from the Rust Belt factories of Detroit and Youngstown, once the heart of American industrialisation, and then, using good old fashioned craftsmanship the relics are refurbished to modern tastes in Cleveland, Ohio. Reminiscent of a museum, the Brooklyn based Strawser & Smith store is like a shrine to the golden years of industrial America, including pieces like a U.S. Navy Field Operations chair, hand drawn maps from the 1920s, a turn of the century medical cart and an early Kliegl Bros. stage light. Accomplished in preserving the past, Strawser and Smith disprove the common saying that 'they don't make them like they used to.' Now, thanks to S&S, they apparently do!

    Strawser & Smith Inc
    487 Driggs Ave
    Brooklyn, NY 11211

  • Celebrating 100 Years of NYPL

    To mark the 100th anniversary of the opening of its monumental Stephen A. Schwarzman Building, The New York Library is exhibiting the best of its collections to the public. The richly varied display of 'Celebrating 100 Years' includes significant relics of American history, from the handwritten diary on which Jack Kerouac based his infamous Beat novel On The Road to the first Gutenberg Bible brought into the country and the final draft of George Washington's farewell address. The centennial commemorative exhibition also explores the changing modes of communication, from samples of Sumerian cuneiform tablets, one of the earliest forms of writing to T. S. Eliot’s typescript of “The Wasteland” with notes by Ezra Pound. Divided into four sections, Observation, Contemplation, Society, and Creativity, the free exhibition gives an intriguing insight into the ever evolving face of human culture and upholds the library's philosophy that 'all knowledge is worth preserving'; something that we at Cockpit USA know all about!

  • Come fly with us...

    In commemoration of Columbus Day, the Age of Exploration and discovering new and exciting encounters, Cockpit USA are going flying! While Christopher Columbus once braved blustery seas and the risk of scurvy, the Cockpit USA guys and girls are donning their Vintage Pearl Harbour and Amelia Flight jackets and heading down to the American Air Power Museum for an aviation adventure in the clouds. The "Mission to Normandy" themed flight experience and interactive history lesson offered at the museum in Long Island includes the chance to wear a World War II Airborne Trooper uniform and a unique opportunity to take flight in a C-47 craft that participated in D-Day over 60 years ago. Although the chances of discovering new lands up in the air may be narrow, the experience is one seeped in proud American history. Places are limited, so to get yours get in touch with the museum on 212-843-8010 or email them here. Bon voyage!

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